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    R33 4 door , sun roof 1993 106 thou ks on the car Rebuilt 26/30 with standard rb30 pistons and rods Acl race bearings balanced crank ,npc rings Has less than 1500 kms since built ,95 %+ of kms on the dyno Have dyno sheet for 302 kw on 14 psi The turbo is a to4 with a 76mm front wheel 1.0 rear housing non ball bearing turbo Power fc with hand controller ,z 32 airflow meter,walbro intank pump,catch can 60mm v band gate and screamer pipe, stainless steel 3 inch v band turbo dump Straight through 3 to 3.5 cannon exhaust R34 gearbox, Nizmo twin plate clutch Hsd front shocks ,section 8 rear shocks both height and damper adjust ,hard race caster bars , hicas lock bar Slotted front discs R32 Gtr front seats Volk racing 18 s on the front ,r32 stockies rear Comes with a spare diff,spare front knuckles and uprights ,spare pair of r33 stock wheels, 25 mm spacers ,4x 17 inch wheels no tires spare rear cut ,Spare damaged car striped out 2 defi gauges not installed cooling plate and more bits n pieces This car is complied but has been unregoed for a long time I was going to drift it unregoed but I have toooo many cars It has been hit in the rear , has been pulled but has not been painted Just in parts this is a good buy at 8500 but I am open to reasonable offers to sell fast located 5 mis from KKs at orange grove Pm if interested or want to come check it out
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    Ad was better without pics
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    My gtr got broken into 3am Saturday morning, thanks to my alarm calling me and smsing me I woke up went down stairs and herd someone trying to open the door so I quietly went back upstairs and got my wife to call the cops I then went and sat in a spot where I could keep an eye on the car, I thought to myself if I go rage and run down he might have a weapon or run off and return a later day Somehow I kept my cool to sit and wait for police, I then herd "get on the floor don't move don't move!!" And people running so I jump down the stairs and see 6 cops slam this scum to the floor and handcuff him He was taken to the local station where he is known for theft My previous gtr was stolen back in 2012, with this gtr I went all out on the alarm/pager/gps and I did all I could to really catch this son of a bitch Thankfully no body damage to get into the car but the obviously the ignition barrel and wires under the steering are all fudged I first got the call from the alarm at 3:10, cops were there at 3:25 and he still couldn't start the car, suck shit Can't stress how important a good alarm system is people, spending $1200 on a alarm is cheap compared to loosing a gtr
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    FULL DETAILS HERE: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/365953-s-a-u-n-s-w-texi-sos-3-september-2011/page__view__findpost__p__5839052 Event: SAUNSW Texikhana, S.O.S. proudly supported by Unigroup Engineering Location: Nirimba Airfield/Tafe/Skidpan/same place as last time (yeah its got a few names) Location map: Click HERE Date: 3rd September 2011 What is it: Skidpan + Go-to-whoa Lunch: BBQ and cans of soft drink available on site Spectators: Free to watch, BBQ will be $4 snag sandwich and $2 cans (selection of flavours available) Passengers: Free, MUST sign on, wear wrist to neck/ankle clothing with enclosed shoes and approved helmet same as drivers Courses: Released on the day at sign on First timers: Don't be shy, you'll love it. First timer F.A.Q. (Thanks Owen) available HERE (Click me baby)
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    R33 farmcar. Who like's no-fuks-given builds? Gday Blokes This will be for the boys who enjoy backyard crap, not full blown nice builds. So we have a farm, that farm has a race track and each year we run a few events and buy shit cars to race, now if your quick you can pickup a few imports cheap...last year i went out with a stock sr20det 180sx that i later turned into a full drift build......a few months ago I picked up a crashed and shit R33 skyline. friends The car was pretty molested and shit, after tidying up lots of things I tried to get it started......long story short it had been sitting over 5 years in the weather and the engine was full of water/rust and all sorts of bad crap....i measured 0 compression on cyl 1 and 2 - then gave up testing. * rusted fuel pump / replaced with a spare walbro had sitting around. the fuel in the tank has melted all the seals and gone off. Pulled the motor out and went and got another 25 (because im sucker for pain) Clutch was u/s but i had a new one around for another project..so that went in. installed new thermostat, lower temp tridon one, i think its 70deg open. Installed a r32 rad i had lying around, had to remake the bottom mounts, make it sit higher + different rubber mounts type. Installed an intercooler on the front reo bar Made up some nice short pipework, to go through the front light cutouts. bonnet was bent, so threw it out made a short "dose" "snorkel" pipe or whatever you want to call it. made a twin top exit exhaust got a r32 ecu nistuned for the rb went out to farm for a test run So pretty excited for Australia day weekend, as that is race / play weekend! and there it is, shitty r33 for your pleasure.
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    Finally got my new baby!!! I'm now a proud owner of a bayside blue R34 GTR V Spec[emoji1]. Low k's, good condition & sounds & pulls like a dream at 306kw-(thanks a lot to Milan for his time, money & effort put in car). Milan was awesome with helping organise process & helped make my Xmas & year by eventually agreeing to sell me his pride & joy-I promise to look after her mate. After loosing my dad & best mate this year, was hard to be happy......but now that I've truly experienced(& own) my dream car, I can honestly say I'm optimistic & truly happy again! I now believe Passion can overcome misery, and GTR overcomes all haha[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji1419][emoji1419]
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    March is a great time of year. AFL is back, and so too that of the F1 Season. 2012 is an interesting season for F1 for a number of reasons. More rounds and with it more restrictions around engine and gearbox life. Break an engine it could potentially ruin your season. With this reason the technical partnership between Shell & Ferrari is being forged ever stronger Before reading on, if you remember past write ups I have done then sweet – if not then check them out as once again. CLICK for 2009 CLICK for 2010 CLICK for 2011 F1 moves to 20 Rounds for 2012 20 round for 2012 - WOW. A record number for F1. Throw in the engine development freeze until 2014 and so the challenge has been set of not only sticking with what you have, ensuring it does not fail being more important than ever. Cara Tredget, Shell’s Formula One Technology Manager said ‘I’d say that our challenge is all the harder as we have less parameters in which to work and that make any performance advantage we can give Ferrari all the more rewarding." Here is some further commentary from Shell on the work and development Within the car, much work has been done on the new engine. Amongst other elements, the Maranello engine specialists have been working on performance drop off, with the aim of maintaining the highest possible performance level throughout each engine’s cycle of use, which has now reached an average life of three races. Sums it up perfectly really. F1 Race engines lasting an average of 3 races, potentially more. So Shell provide the fuel, engine, gearbox and other oils... Something I didn't know is that Shell also provide Ferrari with a bespoke fluid used in keeping the KERS battery system in running order. Perhaps not as cool a s cucumber however temperature is important to help prevent electrical charge escaping. Time for some fast facts once again: Fast Facts • A Formula One car has a minimum weight of 640 kg, including fuel and driver. • A Formula One car can go from 0 to 100 mph in 1.5 seconds. • Over a race weekend, a driver will change gear about 8,000 times. • Formula One drivers experience forces up to 5g when taking sharp corners • The average cockpit temperature is about 50 ºC, rising even further at the hotter races. And slightly more technical... • Every year, Shell blends more than 200,000 litres of fuel for the Ferrari Formula One race and test teams – enough to last a road car for 50 years. • Shell’s Formula One V-Power racing fuel contains up to 200 different components. • Pistons can exceed temperatures of 300 °C The Pit Tour This year was a little different. Due to extra teams and Ferrari's season last year the pit area the team had to work in was about 1/3 smaller. McLaren were close by next door with staff from both camps essentially rubbing shoulders when leaving the pit area's. Certainly hard to keep any secrets in this environment. There is limited pictures this year as we were not allowed to take our own pictures. A bit of a change compared to previous years however there are a few none the less. Shell Corp Tent & Ferrari Drive Day After the pit tour there was a opportunity to go on a Ferrari drive day... Unfortunately not being 30 meant I couldn't attend and had to send a proxy in my place. This will be the only time I wish I was older. So I asked if I would like to stick around in the Shell Corp Hospitality area down on turn 1... After twisting my arm so severely it resembled a Chinese burn, I succumbed and agreed On a more serious note this was a great opportunity to find out a bit more about the inner workings of Shell as a company, the people behind it. Who knows what else might occur as well. My host for the afternoon was Paul Zenarro, Shell Senior Media Advisor. After some rather great food, Dick Johnson dropped in for a quick Q&A in-front of the guests present. His Fav car - The old Sierra Cossie (that one was for you Brisby!). Later on in the day whilst talking about all things Shell, Paul advised it was a possibility organise tour(s) of the Shell refinery down in Geelong. Both on foot and via mini-bus. As SAU users are generally quite technically minded I thought this to be a great offer to look into further. I'll continue to work on that so keep a keen eye on the Victorian section over the next month if this is something that tickles your interest. Enjoy Part 2 Cheers Ash SAU Admin
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    Finally had some time this weekend to take my new acquisition for a spin, wash it and find a car cover for it. Here as promised, some pictures. Cheers!
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    Hey Travis, interesting post, what prompted you to decide that 2017 would be the year to add a $1000 bucks to the price?. Whilst I'm in the market for a GTR and yours is somewhat of a reasonable price, don't you think you might actually clean it before posting such terrible pics. Mate have a look at the centre console and the passenger seat, did someone piss themselves and nobody bothered cleaning it up. If you have since detailed/cleaned it have you any new pics, oh I see no pics of the boot area, those would be good, as well as under the car, ie chassis rails, under the front and rear. Did you have the car painted when it got here or was it done before your purchase?. Do you have receipts for all the engine internals purchased and the engine building?. I am concerned that you spent all that money on the engine and then used a tee-piece boost controller and cheap air filters. It's just not making any sense to me. When I look at a car with the sellers price, I start to add and subtract money as I look at the pics, Yours for me started at $28000 and hasn't got much above that, the bonnet lip and N1 bar vents are cool but thats about it. Why no side indicators, surely in Victoria it's part of the compliance, it is in NSW and would have to be addressed for rego. That rust in the rear 1/4 panel is not minor, that a double panel and a pain in the arse to fix, seems it was not when you bought it and that leads me to wonder what actually got re-painted when the lower 1/4 was repaired. I'm not even going to ask who painted the wipers blue, that's an easy fix. Please don't get me wrong as I am in the market and have the cash, you need to enlighten me on some worrying things on the car. Cheers Neil.
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