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    R33 4 door , sun roof 1993 106 thou ks on the car Rebuilt 26/30 with standard rb30 pistons and rods Acl race bearings balanced crank ,npc rings Has less than 1500 kms since built ,95 %+ of kms on the dyno Have dyno sheet for 302 kw on 14 psi The turbo is a to4 with a 76mm front wheel 1.0 rear housing non ball bearing turbo Power fc with hand controller ,z 32 airflow meter,walbro intank pump,catch can 60mm v band gate and screamer pipe, stainless steel 3 inch v band turbo dump Straight through 3 to 3.5 cannon exhaust R34 gearbox, Nizmo twin plate clutch Hsd front shocks ,section 8 rear shocks both height and damper adjust ,hard race caster bars , hicas lock bar Slotted front discs R32 Gtr front seats Volk racing 18 s on the front ,r32 stockies rear Comes with a spare diff,spare front knuckles and uprights ,spare pair of r33 stock wheels, 25 mm spacers ,4x 17 inch wheels no tires spare rear cut ,Spare damaged car striped out 2 defi gauges not installed cooling plate and more bits n pieces This car is complied but has been unregoed for a long time I was going to drift it unregoed but I have toooo many cars It has been hit in the rear , has been pulled but has not been painted Just in parts this is a good buy at 8500 but I am open to reasonable offers to sell fast located 5 mis from KKs at orange grove Pm if interested or want to come check it out
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    This was a very good idea Ash, I actually think this will help me a lot as I can not only watch how I've changed but it will also provide some drive in the sense that I've now got to show you f**kers my progress and not let myself look lazy Alright so more or less I was always a very fast fit kid. Never quite the top of anything, but definitely well above average in most areas of highschool exercise. I had been playing soccer since I was 6, and was always in a midfield position thanks to my ability to chase any motherf**ker down. I had immense leg strength but not much more. I had not an ounce of fat on my body, and could eat bloody well whatever I wanted and as much of it as I pleased. Downsides was I was skinny as shit, absolutely nothing on my upper body. Could easily feel the ribs through what little pectoral muscle I had. Come end of season 2005, I'd been playing soccer for 12 full years. Though things soon changed, as that year on the 28th of December I received a late Christmas present in the form of a blood clot in my occipital lobe. I had a stroke at 17 and a half years of age, which rendered the left side of my body completely useless (for only a short time mind you). It took me a few days to regain movement and feeling, and I was released from hospital a week later, walking etc again - albeit a bit f**king uncoordinated. Unfortunately, even the thought of attempting to play soccer again that year was a joke, and so the constant exercise almost came to a complete halt. Later that year I take up playing WoW, and the next thing I know I'm a lazy turdchild spending 5+ hours at a time in front of the computer each evening, still eating whatever I please. Thankfully, I'd also purchased myself a nice hardtail dirt jump bike and was at least getting SOME exercise from that. Still started to put on fat. Sadface. Skipping the rest of my life story, I more or less got convinced to take up going to the gym with a (former) friend. I enjoyed the exercise quite a lot since it had been so long without it - I'd long forgotten the feeling of those endorphins. Without details of my past progression (since f**k me it was slow, I had no idea what I was doing hey) I'll skip to where I am now and we'll go from there yeah? Recently I've been a bit iffy with it and not really heading for gains leading up to my current Europe trip (yeah, I'm writing this from the lobby of a hostel in Berlin, whattup?). Once I get back to Australia, I'll be sorting myself out with the right (over maintenance) diet and getting back to spending at least 2 hours most days lifting. I'm in this mostly for physical appearance with a bonus of strength (like Birds really) so here I am now:
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    Hey mate, I get the impression you are being serious... So I will give you as best a response as I can. The above guys are actually correct. Your problem is your ECU. The ECU is not able to cope with the change to the new turbo. To put it simply, pressure (boost) and volume (actual amount) are not relevant to each other. That means that 10psi from the stock turbo will be far less compressed air (power to be made) than 10psi from the T04Z. Your car is literally a ticking time bomb, and I can assure you that if you persist you will blow the motor very soon. You will need the following items ASAP: 700cc+ injectors A good fuel pump (if you dont have already) A map based ECU (running a Z32 AFM wont cut the mustard for a T04Z) To all experienced forum members, can you please simply +1 my post if you agree. I believe the guy is being honest and is not long off wasting 3 years of hard work on his car and motor. GL
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    I have found a buyer for the tyres, someone buy the rims for $400...
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    Item Summary: Stich Evolution 18x8.5" +11 (5x114.3) with 215/40/18 Kumho ECSTA KU31's Location: QLD: St.Lucia, Brisbane Condition: Very Good Reason for Selling: Found a pair of VSKF's for the front Asking Price: $900.00 Delivery Methods: PickUp or Free local delivery to Brisbane suburbs otherwise $20 to deliver to Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, or can post interstate for ~$80 Contact Info: Michael on 0413 504 084 Extra Information: Hey guys, I've found a pair of VSKF's to run on the front so I'm going to sell my Stich Evolutions. They are 18x8.5" +11 (5x114.3), almost the perfect size steer rim for a silvia/skyline with stock guards and the offset to make them sit tough on the car. They currently have Kumho ECSTA KU31's on them which I bought new a few weeks ago. I have had these rims refurbished - lip sanded & polished, centers powdercoated and new nuts/bolts throughout, so they are in very good condition. These really are a great looking wheel and the only reason I'm selling is to make way for the VSKF's, which look even better
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    Item Summary: 2002 NISSAN 200SX Spec S Location: QLD: Brisbane Postcode: 4067 Odometre: 220,624 kilometres <- chassis mileage, NOT engine km's (see below) Asking Price: $23,990 Condition: Good Reason for Selling: Want to start a new project! Delivery Methods: PickUp Contact Info: Michael on 0413504084 Extra Information: I have built this car up from scratch and it has served me well. I don't really want to sell it, but if the right buyer comes along I may let it go to make way for a new project. All the mods done on this car are purely performance based. This car was made to be driven, not posed in McDonalds carparks. I have listed the cost of all the mods next to them in the list below to give a better understanding of the amount of money and time put into building this and how much of a bargain this is going for. The only things left to do are T518z, Tomei Step 1 Cams, and HPI Intake Manifold. 2002 Nissan 200SX S15 [ADM] - $17,000 Odometer: 220,624km's <- chassis mileage, NOT engine km's (see below) Seating Capacity: 2 Mod Plate/Engineered: LK1, LA3, LA8 - $500 - 2 seater - Fixed back seat - Turbo system with front mount intercooler - 6 Point Rollcage with Braces & Padding Engine SR20DET - 127,000km's - Compression tested 140-145psi across all 4cylinders 170RWKW (230HP) on only 11psi on basic tune Garret T28 bush bearing (replaced) - $450 Braided Turbo Oil & Water Lines - $250 Z32 Air Flow Meter - $200 Sard 550cc injectors with Sard Collars - $660 Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump - $120 GFB Manual boost controller - $70 GKTech Rocker Arm Stoppers - $50 Apexi PowerFC with hand controller - $1100 Koyo twin-core copper radiator - $300 Front Mount Intercooler 600 x 300 x 76mm - $300 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - $300 Stainless Steel Intercooler Piping - $300 Stainless Steel Intake Pipe - $50 Stainless Steel 3" Catback Exhaust with HiFlow Cat - $700 Stainless Steel 3" Twin Pipes - $400 Stainless Steel 3" Dump Pipe - $120 Stainless Steel 3" Front Pipe - $160 Battery relocation to the boot with fuse & in-cabin isolation switch (2GA) - $500 New 480CCA Century Battery - $120 Neodymium Magnets on the oil filter and sump - $50 Drivetrain Brand New Exedy Hyper Single Clutch rebuilt by Jim Berry with 4 puk Carbonic Button solid center and 3600lb pressure plate - $3000 6speed manual Tomei 2way diff (4.1 ratio) - $1100 6 bolt half shafts R33 Diff housing Suspension/Handling/Steering Section Silkroad RM/A8 Base Height Adjustable Coilovers with camber tops and damper Adjust - $1300 KKR Tie Rods & Rack Ends - $150 KKR Extra Lock Spacers - $20 D1 Caster Arms - $160 Section Silkroad Camber Arms - $170 Cusco Toe Arms - $160 Nolathane bushes throughout - $150 Cusco Strut Brace - $150 Brakes New Rotors - $150 New QFM Brake Pads - $50 Wheels/Tyre 18x8.5" +11 Stich Evolution's with Kumho ECSTA KU31 215/40/18 - $1100 18x9.5" +26 WORK VS-KF's with Federal 595 235/40/18 - $1800 Interior Velo GP-90 seat (Brand New) on Bride Lowmax rail - $650 & $250 R32 GTR Passenger Seat - $250 Cusco Safety 21 6 point Rollcage with braces and padding - $1100 Apexi Rev Speed Meter - $350 Apexi PowerFC Hand Controller AutoMeter Pro-Comp Boost Gauge - $50 Battery Isolation Switch Fire Extinguisher - $30 Central Locking Double Din 7" Touch Screen DVD/*everything* player with reverse Reversing Camera - $400 Sony 6" speakers - $80 InCar Camera Mount - $20 Chassis Rolled/flared/pumped and repainted guards all round to fit epic wheels - $900 No damage to rails or undercarriage and no rust Paint is ok but needs a respray to be perfect - can be organised/negotiated into the price.. Notes 1. Prestige number plates do not come with car. 2. I drove to Melbourne and back, and was getting 600-650km before the fuel light came on - that means 700km's on a full tank - and around town 450-500km's when driving conservatively. 3. If you are wondering about insurance, Full Comprehensive insurance through JustCar Insurance costs me $1100/yr and is insured for an agreed value of $24,000.00. 4. Vehicle is not under finance or on any register for repaireable writeoff's or stolen vehicles. Purchase Procedure Buyer inspects vehicle. If buyer would like to proceed with sale, a non-refundable deposit of $600 must be placed and within aproximately 3-5 working days I will have a RWC organised, my personalised plates removed inplace of standard ones, all paperwork drawn up and the vehicle ready for the completion of sale. Pictures
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    Bump. You people are mad not to buy these... Price breakdown: $175/rim x2 and $175/tyre x2 = $700 You couldn't even buy chinese copy shit for that cheap....
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    First and only Price Drop - $700 Rims are mint with near new 215/40/18 Kumho KU31's
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    Ad was better without pics
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    Oh yeah, I am willing to keep the wheels and knock $2k off the price..
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    R33 Catback Titanium Exhaust System - Jap, 3" & 4.5" tip, 2 mufflers, no cat, very deep note, not too loud. This came off my R33 GTR VspecII. Not sure if it will fit GTST's. Pickup from St.Lucia Brisbane, call Michael on 0413504084. Price: $900
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    Ok pretty sure this is s/s piping with Ti mufflers. Price drop to $700
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    Ok pretty sure this is s/s piping with Ti mufflers. Price drop to $700
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    Can you confirm what it is from the numbers stamped on it (shown in the pics?) at all. I am not 100%. The muffler bits have that blue titanium shine but the pipe section just looks like s/s?
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    Just rang my friend, he said it will fit a 33 GTST, but he reckons the length/hangers will probably be wrong for 32, but it might fit a 34.
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    Mate your from Adelaide and you drive a stagea I wouldn't go around callin things gay.
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    Ok whilst the "newbie" section is under the "wasteland" - Enough is enough. You lot need to have a good hard look at yourselves, behaviour and comments towards new people coming into the community - especially females. New members come here to introduce themsevles and half of you cannot contain yourselves when a female posts and then proceed to degrade the threads and clearly offend and/or take them highly off topic within the first page. If you do not stop this behaviour - you will recieve the punishment swiftly as per below: 1st offence - 7 day ban & warning 2nd offence - 1 month ban & warning 3rd offence - Perma ban, no questioned asked. No-one "gets away" with anything, state club member or not. Show some maturity and respect to new comers, simple as that. -Admin
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    http://www.speedhunters.com/2015/10/king-of-the-mountain-the-rarest-gt-r-of-them-all/ * Great pictures by Stefan Trajkovski * Great write-up by Blake Jones * A couple of embellishments - but more sorry that SAU and JLM got lost somewhere 1 of 48 out of 228 * Many Thanks to JLM for completing a "special order" for this VS2 N1 * Many Thanks go to Skylines Australia; for without this club, I wouldn't have the cars I have now, to play around in.
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    Hi guys. So, never made a build thread for my first get, and have had some people say they wish I had. The one decent mod I done, I placed in the appropriate thread. Now I have a 2nd gtr, I'm wondering if there is any interest in a build thread for it? If so, I will continue this thread. If not, I'll leave this thread and just do what I do. Hit like or comment. If there's a few interested, it shall be done. Thanks, and have a great day
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    Here's some photos after detailing my R34 GTR M-Spec with newly fited 18 x 10.5" Nismo LMGT4 rims.
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    fking awesome, stayed on the right lap and out of trouble all day. and definitely had the pace in the last 15min when it mattered. go nismo! and also, sucked in v8s. couldn't have been a better result for Nissan and free to air as you piss off to foxtel. especially after moving your dates around and deliberately banning supercar drivers from Bathrust
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    MissGTR34 intro Hey just doing my intro, Erin from melbourne GTR34 white XEY483 So hey, ive only had my gtr for 9months still loving every second of it. Looking forward to reading some handy info and help when i need it CHEERS! -Erin
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    R34 GT-R Z-Tune #1 Bobby kindly offered a private viewing for SAU Members this morning. He also gave out generously some appreciated quality eats and refreshments. Now for pics... It was a very memorable morning with a few SAU.NSW mates!
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    Hi All, First and foremost, I am overwhelmed with the support shown from SAU NSW Members and friends. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for even thinking of me and my family to organise an event to support us. That is something that I will never forget and appreciate greatly. This community has given me many great times in previous events, long lasting friendships and much more. I can now add this support to that list. Unfortunately I hadn’t kept up with the events forum in recent times and missed that this was on even though it was in my own backyard! But it looks like it was a great success and everyone had a great time. Congratulations to the organisers. My daughter Olivia is an amazing young girl that takes everything that's thrown at her in her stride. I have learnt a lot of things from her during this time. Patience, caring, acceptance and many other great qualities I would not have had it not been for her. She is currently in her 4th month of Chemotherapy and has 2 months to go. As explained in the first post, Olivia had surgery to remove her kidney tumour and a couple of weeks later started radiation and chemotherapy. Looking on the bright side, we have a beautiful 4yr old girl to cuddle at night and to that end we thank Sydney Children’s Hospital, the Oncologists, Surgeons, and Nurses for their amazing hard work. Without them she would be here to brighten our days. I am sure most of you have somehow been touched by the disease that is cancer. Some more personally than others. As a father, I sometimes struggle to understand how and why a child could be diagnosed with cancer, but the same feelings as a father help me cope with the events that have unfolded over the last 5 months. 600 parents of children get told each year in Australia that their child has cancer. While that number seems small, it’s 600 too many. Your support is amazing and greatly appreciated. TL:DR Thanks a bunch guys! Jason & Family.
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    Richard needs to stop pulling himself. Jumping over a ripple strip and hitting someone that is in the pit entry lane (a good 3 or 4 car widths off the main circuit) is not "would have made the corner". Greg now you need to stop pulling yourself. Regardless of the situation the car behind is always at fault. Eric had exited the main circuit in the correct manner, was on the pit entry lane (had to slow for a 90 degree corner on the pit exit lane) and was taken out by an out of control car that was out of his field of view from mirrors. So who will be paying for the damage caused to the SureFlo car? Greg? SureFlo? Jason? Richard?
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    Hello, My name is Eddy and i’m from the netherlands! I’m sorry for my english, it’s not the very best[emoji85] Name : Eddy Country : netherlands Age : 26 Car : R34 GT-R omori R-tune #001 Since i was a little kid, i had 1 dream! A dream to build the skyline form 2 fast 2 furious, and yes i buld my own version of it when i was 19 years old! But first when i was 18, i bought a R32 GTS-T. After 4 months i sold that car an bought myself a R34 GT-T. It was a R34 GTT automatic (tip tronic), and it was complete stock. I bought a GTR conversion kit, and build it to a GTR replica! After that it got a respray and i finished it with the livery of the R34 GTR of paul walker in 2 fast 2 furious. Also the striping was painted, not stickers. I had that car for 5 years, i did a automatic to manual conversion, i swapped a RB26DETT, it was a great car and the new owner loves it! After that 5 years, i sold the car and bought my first GTR. A R34 GT-R V-spec, with a complete Z-tune body! Red leather interior, Nür spec RB26 engine etc etc. The car was sonic silver, but @ the vin plate it was the color code LV4 ( midnight purple ll ). I wanted to let it respray back to that color, but when we checked the car what we needed to do, we saw that the car has had a lot of damage. So i parted it out and sold it. The same day i bought my new love! The R34 GT-R Nismo omori R-tune #001 ( 1 of the 3 concept cars ), it is a very rare car and i love it so mutch! This is the Nr. 1 of the 3 concept cars that nismo build in the factory, and tested them in 2003 on the nurburgring (germany) with the Z-tune concept car. I have all pictures of it and it’s amazing to see. Also of the build in the factory. There are only 2 R-tune concept cars left, 1 is crashed[emoji22] But when i bought this car, te previous owner told me that the owner of the 2nd R-tune lives in australia and his name is justin beeche. Maby someone know him? I can tell a lot of my passion of skyline’s and my R34, but pictures are better then talk a lot i think?[emoji57] I hope you like it, here are some pictures. Greets eddy
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    Mrs gave me this for my birthday and we got it back from the framers today
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    First time Garrett has released something which has given me a flicker of excitement in a long time, at least based on the information they've given so far and the clear effort that they've put in. Those maps look awesome, the work they've done on packaging and reliability is very promising, and the flow for the wheel sizes basically is insane. Mar-M doesn't seem any lighter for size than the EFR range but at a quick quick glance at the flow maps etc, if you were considering a turbo upgrade and EFR and Garrett turbos are options - you have all the data for these so you can actually compare. The G25 fits between an EFR7064 and an EFR7670, so I'll pick a point which is in between (really RB25s would like a turbo between those two sizes) so I'm going to compare a .92 EFR7670 and a .92 G25-660. With a mega-rushed attempt at working how well matched they'd be at 6500rpm on 20psi on a stock RB25 (I'm using ~51lb/min as a target) .92 TS EFR7670: Compressor inducer: 57mm Compressor exducer: 76mm Compressor efficiency: 67% Turbine wheel OD: 70mm Turbine inlet pressure: 3psi above boost pressure Turbine speed: 103,000rpm (74% of max) .92 open scroll G25-660 Compressor inducer: 54mm Compressor exducer: 67mm Compressor efficiency: 67% Turbine wheel OD: 54mm Turbine inlet pressure: 3psi above boost pressure Turbine speed: 137,000rpm (83% of max) So, the G25 is working slightly harder than the EFR to achieve what it's doing - however doesn't have a fragile Ti-AL turbine wheel to deal with, has a much smaller compressor and more importantly a WAY smaller turbine wheel... like way way smaller. It doesn't have the fancy light Ti-AL material the EFRs have, but moment-of-inertia has a huge amount to do with how much of the mass is how far from the rotational centre. I don't know how the materials compare weight wise but this turbo has a significantly smaller turbine wheel than ANYTHING in the EFR range, if they ended up weighing the same as the comparatively giant EFR7670 turbine wheel then they'd still have a much lower moment-of-inertia... which is where your response comes from. Going by the turbine flow map this doesn't mean you are going to choke your engine, in fact - at the hypothetical 20psi & 51lb/min point that I picked, the turbine flow is very comparable with the .92a/r EFR7670. The trick is there is much more to it than just the wheel sizes, it depends on how they've managed to get such huge flow from such small turbine and compressor wheels - they could be coming at some other cost but I am VERY interested to see the real world performance of these things. I wouldn't count out the possibility of these being something that put the BW EFR range on notice performance wise, but with better reliability than the previous Garretts - let alone having to worry about turbine overspeeding as a thing.
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    Harro, (please note, this is not a sponsored review and I do not have any affiliation with MCA) So I did a quick search on SAU but there really isn't any proper discussion and/or review with MCA coilovers or specifically X-Series coilovers. Without being able to locate any reviews on the X-Series coilovers, I took the plunge and went straight into them and purchased the X-Race coilovers. MCA says the X-Series coilovers are valved more aggressively than the MCA Blues which are destined more so for the everyday street weekend warrior, stanced up hard parked vehicles that generally want comfort and adjustability. Neither of the previous is what my R33 GTS-t is destined for, it's a track slart and a track slart it will remain. Best time my car has ever achieved at Wakefield Park by my friend has been 1m12.7s for myself 1m13.5s - this is the benchmark! So taking the product advertisement (as above).. I went on and purchased a set of MCA X-Race in 10kg front and 7kg rear springs, knowing that any softer for the track would result in undesired body roll, weight shift, etc. I know this goes against all the information with other suspension gurus but I've tried those setups and cannot get the optimum handling performance I wanted (Whiteline 24mm ARBs, Bilstein Shocks, Lower Springs, Adjustable castor rods, Adjustable rear camber, HICAS eliminator). At Wakefield, the car would roll too much, the front would dip too much on hard braking and ultimately flicked the car around like a rag doll. Coming out of corners, the car would shift all of it's weight to one side (and front when braking heavily) which ended up sideways. I knew I needed stiffer spring rates to combat this. So, the coilovers came and I installed them the same weekend they were delivered, so far so good.. very good build quality (however the brackets to hold brake lines looked to be universal and made to fit these coilovers, not a big deal - however if you look at BC ones they look nicer but this has nothing to do with the performance of the coilovers). They also appeared to be preadjusted in terms of height and also damper. I just installed them as is which resulted in the car looking a little wonky, the rear was heaps higher than the front but that could have been caused by the new harden subframe bushes I put in which sit a little different to the OEM product. I dropped the rear by 15mm which resulted in a more optimum height. At the same time, I purchased the extenders, shorten them and let them poke through the parcel tray for ease of adjustment. Nearly looks cool LOL Moment of truth...... Comfort: With dampers set to 4 Front and 6 Rear, the bumps and oscillations are absorbed very well. No bouncy feeling and actually very streetable. I would dare say the comfort is nearly the same as my previously Bilstein setup, of course when you hit a pothole or reflector on the road it will be more harsh than the Bilstein setup but I try to avoid hitting those things in general. Comparison: I will compare these to BC BR in the standard 8kg/6kg flavour (unknown damper settings) the MCA X-Series in 10kg/7kg actually is more comfortable on the street.. even I was surprised, I was ready to smash my spine to bits on the street but I am also amazed and pleased with the shock's ability to articulate different bumps and dips in the road like the Bilstein shock did. Street Handling: Not much has changed really, but then again at street speeds I can't really tell the difference as I run full semi-slicks on a daily basis (Nitto NT01) and also I'm not going fast enough to really benefit from the the coilovers. Track Handling: TBA - have not gone yet, but will update this thread once I hit up Wakefield Park again.. might do a Speed off the Streets session before EOY. More to come!!
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    Car has just been recovered. The cops spotted the car around Mt Waverley and chased it down. The pricks tried to get it on the freeway, but got stuck on the corner of Huntingdale Rd & Waverley Rd due to oncoming traffic, so they ditched the car and did a runner. At the holding yard now getting dusted for finger prints, so with any luck it should be out in about 48hrs. Will line up the boys @ Racepace to give it a once over. Thanks to everyone who helped with the spotting...very much appreciated. Pics of car as it was getting offloaded (was lucky I got to the holding yard just as they were offloading it) From the quick look I had on the outside all I can see it the rims are badly kerbed...but if that's all that is damaged I will be over the moon.
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    Annnnnd done! It's been fun folks
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    Whoops, yes i did mean catch can, corrected it now. Yes i understand that now. The two goals are to reduce the amount of oil entering the head, and equalize crankcase pressure. The oiling issue is solved by selecting the appropriately sized oil restrictor/s that vary with each engine set up. What must be taken into account is the head that you are using, and the oil pump that you are using. Heads with hydraulic lifters (IE R33 RB25) require more oil in the head than heads with Hydraulic lifters (RB26, RB25 NEO) and as such larger restrictors (IE providing less oil restriction) are used in those engines. Here is a slight update on the original Skydneykid table created way back in 2006. It is pretty much exactly as it was just more user friendly and now includes the NEO. I left the RB20 off the table as nobody seems to be interested in them RE oil control issues, questions about them were asked nowhere near as frequently as RB25/26. They can be added back in if you wish. The other issue is that of crankcase pressurization. The steps taken to achieve this are drilling out the oil returns in the block to 10mm, and giving them a chamfered edge to promote oil drainage. To displace the oil that is in the head, air must be moved into the head allowing the oil to drain (I am going to use the 'turning a drink bottle upside down' analogy here even though its not 100% accurate i think it gives everyone a good idea of what is going on) Increasing the oil drain cross-sectional area by drilling not only promotes oil drainage but gives air a larger path to travel up into the head, which increases drainage yet again. A Combination of these two mods is a very good start to sorting out the problems associated with RB oil control, and should be the starting point for anyone looking into this. A good catch can setup will help even further by acting as an equalizer for crankcase pressure and catching any oil that would otherwise be making its way back into the engine. I will use the method that KiwiRS4T has mentioned and others seem to be using with success. Both cam covers are individually run to a catch can mounted at approximately battery height in the engine bay. 2x -10AN fittings are welded onto the sump above the oil level in the sump. One is run to the highest point in the catch can, and the other run to the lowest point. The catch can can then be either vented to atmosphere, or run to another catch can that does the final oil/air separation before being piped back into the turbo intake. All of the things mentioned above should be supported by other basic modifications such as Baffling in the cam covers, whether it be mines baffles or something similar Trapdoors in the sump to keen a consistent oil pickup Increasing the capacity of the sump Using an oil cooler Even better control of oil would be done by having A Nissan N1 oil pump, or any aftermarket item (Nitto, Tomei etc) Fitting your standard nissan on N1 pump with billet gears (Reimax, Nitto etc) Fitting a crank colllar to your crankshaft to widen oil pump gear engagement Running an ACCUSUMP accumulator to control split second oil pressure loss and for the benefit of pre-oiling Pics below of what SimonR32 has done with his catch can, which is what i was trying to explain in the diagram above. If you cannot be bothered reading through the entire thread then read these posts, as i feel that they are some of the most important in the thread to get an understanding of what is actually happening inside the engine, which in turn is able to help us create a way in which to solve these problems. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-49#entry6798597 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-49#entry6798648 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-50#entry6929479 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-53#entry7157413 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-54#entry7159347 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-54#entry7181463 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/110680-oil-control-in-rbs-for-circuit-drag-or-drift/page-55#entry7208766 All the information in this above guide is purely my own thoughts/experiences on the whole RB oil control issue. Please do not take it as gospel and follow it to the letter. As always do your own research and come to the conclusion of what will suit you best based on your own setup. Big thanks to everyone who posted in this thread.
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    Dinner this weekend with the legend himself and his former boss. Oh it's good to be an SAUNSW member There is a handful of seats available from a few guys in the army not being able to make it (being sent away), so check the NSW Events area!
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    Well the decision was made not to go with another stock NEO as the risk of failure again with the new EFR setup was too high! It was OK belting around the track on 300kw with the old setup but the bigger turbo is pushing high 300s on gate pressure with a worn out engine, so time to step it up a notch... Making space to get the engine out... Fills up quick once everything comes apart - Prior to removal - Just jacking this thing up with the aero is a pain in the ass - Removal is methodical and time consuming - Fabtech's work of art, not so user friendly when it comes to removal, but should be one of the last times it comes apart - You can see where the paint burned prior to the turbo heatshield was fitted next to the EFR, its pretty well hidden when everything is together. Once the new setup is complete i will clean up the engine bay back to its former glory! Just cus its a race car doesn't mean it cant look good! Evidence of engine issues... I can shift the crank back and forth by hand... This was actually unexpected but does explain a few issues i had over the past few months. So much room for activities! Super Cheap Auto had a half price special so got myself a new engine crane and leveller! Making a fkn mess Clutch is off getting a freshen up. Its done years of hard work and still performs faultlessly but while its out i might as well! Can finally access all the lines that have been run over the years with the engine fitted and the mess just got more and more... Will spend some time routing stuff and cleaning up to make it easier to work on in the future. Was a pretty painless removal. Used whatever i could find laying around work to get it transported safely to our stretch wrapper. Stretchwrapper did the trick! It wasn't going anywhere in a hurry! So i just got an email as i was uploading these to inform me the engine had already arrived at Racepace (Bayswater VIC) which was under 24hrs... Not bad TNT! While the engine is off getting built i have a long list of changes to make to the car for reliability as well as performance. I am not sure if we will make Round 1 of the NSW Super Sprint series as yet, really depends on the engine build time... We will do our best no matter what though! Once the engine is back and in the car it will go to DVS TUNING for a run in and base tune... We will run the first few events pretty sedate to ensure the engine is sweet before we run it up properly. Suspension has been upgraded thanks to Josh @ MCA Suspension Brakes have been ordered and will be all new and fresh for 2018 Clutch is up with Jim Berry getting a freshen up, its run since 2013 as is without a hiccup. Tyres will have to be replaced... For those that were interested this is what i ran the 1.39 on - More updates coming soon!
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