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    Actually I will add to the good info now that I think of it. commodores had different tapped holes in the caliper depending on the year. Can't remember what size or when it changed..... not a dealbreaker but something to keep in mind with brake swaps
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    Pardon me for being a wet blanket but I knew it was going to end in disappointment. Today's cars have the infotainment system so deeply and intricately embedded. Unless someone is serious about analysing each and every packet of data entering and leaving the OEM systems, they will always be piles of absolute shit. The reason why the OEM systems are faster and more reliable than aftermarket is because they use operating systems designed for embedded use. Android is not that type of system. Never will be a replacement for embedded systems such as QNX, among a few others. And with all the variances between one car model to the next, good luck finding a manufacturer who is prepared to produce software modules to cater to them all. They're designed and produced by people with only a small amount of knowledge, a desire for fast cash and with compromises, from the tablet lacking in computing horsepower, to the limited functionality of their software. I'm not saying my solution is the ultimate but with the compromises I've taken, I'm not going to run low on computing power for the GPS and I'm not losing any of my car's functionality, with the exception of taking over the touch panel of my screen, not that I ever used my touchscreen to dial my phone numbers anyway. I'll be happy to divulge the details once I've integrated it into the vehicle but I need time, which I don't have right now because I'm working overseas. No, I'm not selling anything. I'll be freely handing out all the information and you can do with it as you please if you decide to make it a project for yourself as well.
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    I spoke to phoenix on Facebook, Supplied pics, part numbers etc. told them no Bose system etc, They just said yes itll still work but some people with nissans lose the middle screen (he exampled a maxima losing its middle LCD)
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    One more result to share: Rb25det NEO Stock engine HyperGear high flowed Turbocharger ID 1000cc injectors Walbro 460L fuel pump Power FC + Z32 AFM Greedy Profect B EBC 600x300x81mm PWR Cooler kit 3inches turbo back exhaust 4inches intake pipe with Pod Split fire coil packs Turbosmart 45mm external gate welded on exhaust manifold. At higher boost level we've reached 340rwkws before experiencing ignition break down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgz8Wzyc6X0&t=6s
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    Thanks man! I am going to put a build thread up soon, but for now, you can check out my instagram if you want @kaiju_r32
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    I won't go into detail about those coloured coil packs, but just do a few searches.
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    If you do get a meet going, I'm happy to send some stickers over for you guys. I'm super keen to help the NZ community get more active again.
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    I wish I listened to my wife at times when she told me to sell up the shit box and all the crap around the house and treat myself to a E90 335i BMW, but I said nah I'll finish off this project. LOL
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    The adapter I used was from Street Faction for the Z32. Total cost was under $500 us
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    Thanks mate. I got a reply from 6boost via golebys. He said this design generally doesn't start flowing through the gates until around 22psi due to the turbo not being in it's efficiency range yet. So we're gonna throw her back on dyno this weekend and see what happens. If that's correct then we should be able to get it even more responsive as the gate is cracking at 14psi, not that I think a great deal would be escaping atm. Hopefully all goes well and we can tune it to 25psi if we can get traction on rollers and maybe throw a highboost switch in for 30psi.
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