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    Update on the build EFR installation finished off. I decided to install a WMI kit in the car for the hell of it. Not really for added performance but more to keep intake temps down etc. I went with an AEM kit and added the fail safe flow gauge which monitors flow and alerts if it detects flow outside of an expected range, either high or low. I made up a frame with some bar I had in the workshop. Then mounted it to the rear strut brace Final install came out neat enough for me. The injection nozzle was installed in the factory IC pipe I installed the flow gauge fail safe on a small carbon panel where the ash tray would sit. I wired the gauge 0-5v=V output into the link so we can see flow in the logs. Car then went back on the dyno to get the EFR tuned. Results were good, on wastegate spring (14.5 psi) the car made an extra 40KW over the old BW SXE setup. On high boost we made 403kw KW with 3 psi less boost, SXE was 380 on 22.5 psi. Response is a lot better and it drives nicer than the dyno graphs look so over all I am happy with the outcome. We didnt play around with cam gear timing in the end so that could always happen down the track. Remember this in on a completely internally stock 2.6 on 98. Here is plot of response between the SXE8376 (Yellow and Green lines) and the EFR8374 (Pink and Blue lines). Power plot 19.5 PSI - 403 KW 14.5 PSI - 346 KW cheers
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    Finally had my r33 on rollers again. 2 years ago dynoed 440 hp @ 1.6 bar of boost (328kw @ 23psi) with what turned out to be a significant boost leak (vacuum nipple on/under throttle body wasnt blocked). Anyway now with the boost leak sorted (and new bypass etc) I hit 553 hp and 725nm at 1.55 bar (412 kW @22.5 psi)! Over 100 more hp with less boost! Wohoo 4 years ago when I started designing my setup my goal was a responsive 500-550hp so Im super happy hits full boost somewhere around 3500 rpm from what i can tell while driving. Rb25/30 (refreshed bottom by garage-d) Athena head gasket Arp bolts Reimax gears on stock pump Baffled sump oil cooler with thermostatic plate, filter recolation Holset He351w 14 cm with iwg welded shut Turbosmart progate 50 Sinco twin scroll manifold Freddy intake with stock throttle body 3,5" exhaust (wg joins exhaust after downpipe) 600x300x80 mishimoto intercooler VAG coils 1100 asnu injectors 450 walbro Gfb 33mm bypass Pmas hpx n1 MAF in 3" intake Pipe Nistune Gfb ge-force 2 ebc 98 pump Fuel Im sure Im forgetting alot. Was running into some issues with the ebc not reacting very well to duty changes (0 duty cycle gave 1 bar and 100 got us 1.05 bar). Had to install a restrictor before ebc solenoid and even with that now running 99 duty cycle. Well, it works and I dont think any more boost wouldve helped. And with stock pistons/rods it better to be on the safe side.
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    Here it is. Beautiful, but still requiring a little bit of work. At the moment runs rough and idles at high revs. I'm assuming needs a new set of coils but won't know for sure until i get it checked out.
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    Again, I guess most people have seen this on Facespace, but these are the details for the funeral, from Rosie: Nick's Funeral Details Thank you all again for all your kind messages. We welcome you to join us in celebrating Nick’s life on Tuesday the 2nd July, 2019. The details are as follows: 10:30am - Funeral Service St Pauls Catholic Church 40 Buckleys Road Winston Hills We will then travel in procession, following the hearse to be at the Cemetery at 12:30pm Kemps Creek Catholic Garden Cemetery 230-260 Western Road Kemps Creek 1:30pm - Afternoon Tea Toongabbie Sports Club 12 Station Road Toongabbie There will also be a viewing for Nick at Guardian Funerals Blacktown on Monday the 1st July 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. In lieu of flowers, we would appreciate a donation to The Heart Foundation in honour of Nick. *If you are a member of the SAU Car Club or Stagea Car Club, please share this to the club FB
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    Very small update, nothing too exciting unfortunately. I just got back from holiday and I'm trying to find time where I can. I knew I had to get bigger injectors and unfortunately the VQ30 comes with side feeds, the biggest stock ones I could find were 550cc I think and possibly 700cc de-capped and neither of those really fit my needs or what I wanted. So I decided to go for top feed and I chose 1000cc Xspurts. This also meant making sme top feed fuel rails, so I ordered 1 meter of blank fuel rail, cut it to length and so far I have only center punch the holes for the injectors. I need to go buy a 13.5mm drill bit tomorrow to drill the holes. After a small lapse in judgement I am back on track, I bought some twins that came off a GTR. I got the dyno sheet for the car these came off, it did 631hp on 1.4bar and apparently they had more left in them. I just had to rotate the CHRA around to make it work as it was pretty much 180 degrees out being off a gtr.
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    This is very sad news indeed. In 2005 I purchased my GTR and I joined SAU not long after. This was my first introduction to Nick as he assisted me through the membership process and started my friendship with him. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Nick and he was always there with advice whenever it was needed. In addition to all of the cruises and SAU events that we attended with Nick he will always be remembered for his green Stagea. So much so that I also purchased a C34 Stagea and then spent two years finding a set of the same Nissan wheels as Nick had on his to put on mine. The picture below is of Nick and Clinton at the drags. Clinton is just sitting there smoking up the tyres going nowhere while Nick has just put the power down and is off down the strip for the win. This is a sad time and I am honoured to be able to say that Nick was my friend and I will miss him.
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    so....the earth wire was switched with the power wire in the loom you bought, and now the ECU is fried. Perhaps talk to the people that made the loom, it is reasonable important to have the right wires in the right places
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    Braided lines, DBA T3 rotors and Intima SR pads all combine to be a very capable performance / Street packed with excellent pedal feel. If you spend most time on the street then go the SS pas as the SR’ can have some sqeal occasionally.
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    New result to share. This is an ATR45SAT ball bearing bolton turbo running of an external gate from factory exhaust manifold. Car is an R34 GTT with a freshed up Rb25det NEO engine. Car made 420rwkws @ 25psi of boost E85 fuel, 240rwkws @ 4000RPM, Nice and responsive.
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    OK I'll bite... got a 2007 V36 350GT sedan type SP. what's it like to drive? Handles extremely well, a bit twitchy around bends at anything above 150km/h, but otherwise it's exceptional for a sedan. The car sticks to the road like an equivalent 3-series, IS and C-class, if not better IMO (tested all models). Steering is not too heavy or light, weighted well, very good turning circle and things like the side and rear view cameras really help a lot with general parking. It's a very good daily driver, VERY comfortable seats (drove from Sydney to Melbourne non-stop and it was better than the Maxima, that's for sure). what options to look out for? Get a type SP - they include 13" rotors on the fronts, pull up the car unbelievably well. Also this model includes the paddle shifters behind the wheel standard. Also, definitely get one with the rear and side cameras, very useful. I'd be trying to get one with adaptive cruise control technology (sadly mine doesn't have it, read up about it if you don't know what it is), make sure it has Bluetooth (which is excellent quality, compared to my mates Bluetooth in his 2008 VE SV6 Commo which is rubbish quality), try to get one with electric heated seats or a sunroof, the latter is very rare. Also I'm not sure if they all come with keyless proximity sensors (mine did), very cool, and memory seats. Also try to find one with the optional Bose sound system, includes sub in the front dash and amps in the rear parcel shelf. what's the tiptronic / paddles like? responsive? does it have the revmatch on downshifting? Awesome, it's good because you only have to downshift using the paddle shifters and it automatically gears down without having to shift it across to Dynamic Sport (DS) mode, so it's good for a quick gear change. Reverts back to normal auto mode after a while too, so if you need to overtake or take off quick you just have to downshift using the left paddle shifter and take off. As to responsiveness, it's very good and smooth gear changes, a bit rougher in DS mode but that's because it likes to hold the gear changes out longer and it feels rougher. As to the revmatching, yes it does (exactly the same as the 370Z), it's a VERY good feature, you'd be surprised how useful it is. how big is the boot? It fits two average sized luggage bags in the boot OK, compared to my old MY06 Maxima, which fit 3 similar sized bags, so it's a bit smaller. are the seats able to fold forward? The rear seats? No, there is only the middle section of the rear seat which folds down, and that then can open up a small cubby-hold to the boot so you can get access to the boot and fit long, thin things through. I think they call it a ski-hole? Other things I'd mention; - Interior: it's amazing, everything feels nice, looks great and the buttons feel like good quality. Compare it to anything locally made and you'll see what I mean, very comparable to a C-class Merc, which is a touch better inside I'd say, but they are the class leaders in that segment I'd say. - Space; very roomy inside, more roomy than competitors - Suspension; very good and works well on our roads, driving over potholes etc and it's very smooth, good balance between comfort and handling. Maybe more biased towards sporty-ness but that's expected from a sports sedan IMO. - Fuel economy; got 8.5L/100k between Sydney-Melbourne. Getting around 10.5-11L/100k driving mostly in the city with a little freeway, pretty good. - Bang for buck; compare it to a 335i BMW or IS350 Lexus or C350 Merc, and tell me what wins? Anything else not covered guys? Feel free to ask, happy to share anything else with you guys.
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