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    I just drilled the plate on the side of the throttle body to get the extra 5mm i needed to make mine work. I bought a 34 non turbo cable as i was told it would work but too long for my car. Ill measure it and if its of any use to you, you can have it.
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    2019 Updates Sold my Monaro over the weekend but got to buy a Unimig 200Amp ac/dc tig and start making the intercooler pipes. First time welding aluminium and happy with it for now. Hot side is all welded and just need a 90 degree silicon, cold side is have cut the the first 2 bends up. Also started doing a LS conversion in a mates vh commodore so my time is currently split between the 2 cars. Hoping to finish pipe work & exhaust on the sil80 by Friday and going away over the long weekend so may program the ecu & start the car mid next week
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    Hey everyone! I've been the proud owner of a 1995 Skyline GT-R Vspec for almost a year and I'm approaching a time where I can start upgrading and customizing the car to my liking. I also have had to repair a few things on the car including my current problem with the driver side window regulator. I'm and American currently living in Japan. When I move back to the states, this baby is coming with me. I'm hoping to learn more about these cars and share what little I do know with the group. Thanks!
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    QE2 Q7 has docked And i think we have 1 silver car too many now...
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    I'll happily send a container full of parts, if you send me a container full of money, haha. Parts here are EXPENSIVE! I was told that Skylines were pricey but, wow, I didn't expect to be paying $430 for a window motor and $150 for a single trunk support shock. I had to get at least one stereotypical cherry blossom photo shoot in. The train zooming past in the background was a bonus. :-).
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