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    Made some important shed upgrades this week... Now I have one less reason to get out to the shed at night. Going to need to think of new ones now as cold is now off the table... After lots of stuffing around with numerous different pullers I've got the arse end of the gearbox stripped off. Not super hard but just tricky. Going back together could be a different matter however... Now also migjt be a good time to admit that the front end gears of the transmission don't fit between the deck of the press..... As you kiddies would say FML!! More mods now required on the most modified hydraulic press in town.... Ahhhh the joys! 😁
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    Dick measuring contest, false advertisement at 4bar base pressure. Shortfall with running high base pressures is that you put enormous strain on your fuel delivery system to keep up. 4 bar base + 2 bar boost = 6 bar of fuel pressure. As you add fuel pressure, flow rate drops & current draw increases. Both increasing fuel temperature and reducing fuel density.
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    My advice is if you have a lazy tuner, don't get the Bosch 1480cc aka 1550cc aka 1650cc (they're actually 1480cc but everyone likes to call them the 1650cc). Their true code is 0280158334 Reason why I suggest against it if you have a lazy tuner? they're sensitive to fuel temperature and if you don't build out that fuel density vs. temperature vs. ethanol content table they will run like shit. Most tuners don't bother with this, however a silver lining is that if you have a Link ECU that table is pre-defined. Also Nismo injectors, FPR, etc. are overpriced and dated. It's 2020 no 1999, imagine trying to use Instagram to look at instahoes on a Nokia E61.
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    Not entirely that simple. The 33 and 34 GTR is essentially rwd like the 32 until it is told to actuate the transfer. There's only a 1 - 2% of torque transfer under normal conditions if that, as this second failsafe solenoid allows about 30psi to the transfer actuator just to preload it. Under a 50:50 torque split the pressure applied is upwards of 230psi. The whole idea is that having this slight preload allows the torque transfer to be initiated much faster than having no preload like the 32.
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    And if you want some inspiration, heres a playlist of one being swapped into an Aston Martin
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