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    Okay, all black, no oil leaks, now to go through a few tanks of fuel then clean all the filters, new oil and see what this T3/T4 eBay turbo can do on 98RON.
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    Mate, don't talk shit about these guys, they're the Wiring Specialists.
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    Well f**k, I thought you were still working on it. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here with my stock bottom end wasting more money on dailies and doing nothing to my race car.
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    Funny you write this now D I've been thinking about what to do for the 20 year anniversary!!! 😮 At the risk of sounding emotional, Its people like you and the others in this thread (sans slap) that make it worthwhile. 👍
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    Good plan, I'll go hang a big shit and get that quick wash cycle on with the rpm set at 1400
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    By drove it last night he means he ran a load of washing through it...
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    Bingo. Old man style, I rather these forums stay in the format. Easy enough to search through. If you want to type incoherent shit with a random picture that has nothing to do with your post, do it on shitbook.
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    It was a very nismo christmas this year! Lu spoilt me rotten by buying me a Nismo speedo cluster I also treated myself to some Nismo goodies from Nengun and Yahoo Auctions Spent Boxing Day afternoon fitting it all Which brings me to my next mini update, engine cover stickers! Keeping with the Nismo theme, i purchased an R33 strut brace with brake stopper on eBay. The brace had certainly seen better days so i started to refurb it. And heres the finished item Another little change I made was to swap the bulb in the ignition barrel to an amber one, to help match the red/orange illumination in the cabin
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    In August I ordered a new set of wheels, I wanted a set of these for the MX5 but they don't make them wide enough in a 15. So i'm very happy to be able to have a set on the Skyline Choosing a wheel design was difficult enough, let alone deciding which fitment to get. I decided on 18x8.5 ET30 and 18x9.5 ET30, playing it safe due to the arches are original and mint, would be a shame to ruin them because of the offset being lower. I believe Nismo recommend this fitment for the GTT, so that was some reassurance Colour choice was also another challenge, the current bronze wheels look awesome against the pearl white and I had my head set on that. But then i saw the GT Silver was an option and well....you can see from the photos that i made the right decision (or did i?) This is one of the rear wheels to help show the concave, the fronts are alot more straight spoked due to the width I wont be getting tyres for a couple of months, show seaon is over here in the UK and the car won't be driven much when the salt starts to be spread in the coming months.
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