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    Hello Blakeo, This is probably the most important part of the question. I can't speak for Kaaz equipment but living with a 1.5 way diff is definitely noticeable. Alot of people say that it is impractical for street, personally I don't really mind but it does get embarrassing when you're carting around the inlaws etc. What annoys me about street driving a locking LSD is the wear when you try to compromise for driving compliance. Wear on tyres, wear on clutch, wear on diff. Power delivery, especially through turns become so much more affirmative than a worn out VLSD. Also you may need to factor in cost of installation and maintenance. Mechanical LSDs need alot more attention than the VLSD - periodic oil changes and eventual rebuilds. First 500km wear in period is quite harsh though. Hope this gives some insight and helps you make a well thought out decision.
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    Quick Update: Custom Catch can installed to the right of the radiator. 1000cc injectors dropped in and idle set up. Bought an AEM IAT sensor and moved it to the intake piping next to BOV. Installed the seats back into the car (Need to install the Shift/E-Brake Suede Boots) Car should be with the tuner before the month is out. Gonna do the pump gas then e85. Dyno and road tune for drive-ability. Jun Style front lip installed and fenders pulled and rolled. Also, got the old Optima Yellow Top battery out of their for a more suitable choice.
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    As above, only replace it if you have the headlight switch switching a relay coil. I had a brand new switch fail in 1hr of use (1 headlight would turn off) with no relay in the circuit.
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    Before you buy another engine, pull the head off your compression problem could be just valve related (ie sticking valve) or simply head gasket, diagnose first, spend money second.
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    That's because it's not an American car. You guys like kits. We like fabricating.
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    The thing is, ultimately if "I have to get a dump pipe/exhaust fabricated" removes the thing from being a viable choice... then sad to say it/budget is not ready. The rest of it requires far far more time, money and thought than the dump pipe fitting up. "Just get a dump made up" is about as much as anyone thinks about this particular issue because it is a 1 second throwaway, obvious answer at no/minimal cost. I get that it may be harder to obtain in the USA or find a fabricator where you are, but that just means all the more expensive, more complicated stuff is going to be equally hard or harder to find.
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    On November 22nd 2018, I put an order for a GTX3576R Gen 2 supercore from Sparesbox. Sparesbox then went all quiet for about 3 weeks, I then contacted them and they advise there will be a delay (thanks for telling me anything). Due to the lack of communication, they offered me a $35 voucher. Sure whatever, it's end of the year not like I'm going to work on my car anyhow lol Fast forward a few weeks, Pxxx (trying to hide names) called me and she advised me GCG (their supplier) is unable to provide me the turbo bought, so the alternative was to bump me up to a GTX3582R Gen 2. A bit hesitant at first, I eventually agreed to go a tad bigger. So, last week I received a package on Friday, excited I opened it and look what arrived 🤦‍♂️ So yeah, I got what I wanted nearly 2 months ago, but... I've ordered a 0.83 housing because I thought I was getting a GTX3582R Gen 2 not a GTX3576R Gen 2. If I was definitely getting a GTX3576R Gen 2, it would be a 1.01 housing not a baby 0.83. So f you Sparesbox.
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    Should update this threaD nothing much to report Should help with stance as it I’ll be close to the ground... in hindsight should have went smaller as it’s f**ken huge Should sound like a plane ps I only did it cause the internet told me to buy a x force pos
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    Looks more like an orangutan got at it with wire cutters and a soldering iron
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    Well Done Benny! Your patience has paid off to the highest level - so hard to get top quality GTRs now - and those who have the special ones rarely sell 😉 Really happy for you mate - looking forward to seeing / reading more - following your thread with great interest - please keep us posted..... and there is no such thing as to many pictures....... so get them up! Congrats again mate. Dan
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