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    You want to spend 1500 bucks to let you use a fuel that's 20c a liter cheaper... in other words you need to buy 7500L of fuel to make it worth while, which means assuming you're getting 10L/100km thats 75000km to make it worth while. Doesn't make sense to me And you have less power and would actually have slightly worse fuel economy that would mean it'd take even more km to break even.
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    Look down.....on the left hand side of the drivers seat is a thing called a gear lever.....if you master how to use this then you can increase your street response without affecting top end power!!! Seriously you are trying to split the atom....you already have a great motor and setup. If that's not enough then try the std cams and reco'ed VCT like everyone suggests before selling any kidneys and buying stuff!!!
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    So I er kinda forgot to update this thread, but they’re done:
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    Hi made 554 rwkw 6466 gen2 32went 10.4 @140.7mph on a 1.8360foot was happy with mph Done a 1.52 60 foot snapped rear left shaft was really chasing a 9 on stock bottom end Tuned at jem
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    Life of the cops arse Q:Why did you build this car A:to cruise the streets Solution :puts 20k box in that makes cruising a karnt A: take up roll racing with prada man purse to justify box Goes roll racing send box for warrentee
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    Little bit of work today, been so busy ive been unable to work on the car but when I can I do. Fixed up where the front bumper marries up to the fenders, it was buggered on both sides but now sits flush. Took her for a bit of a spirited drive today also and she didn't miss a beat!
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    Hi My new car, I bought it about 6 weeks ago. Since ownership I have installed MCA race prime coilovers with 14kg front 8kg rear springs Performance friction 2 piece front rotors Performance friction 11 pads front and rear HEL braided lines Winmax race spec brake fluid New 18x10 +15 wheels Hankook RS4 tyres 275 35 18 Varex muffler MODIFICATIONS WHEN I BOUGHT IT (completely legal - permits for everything including externally venting blow-off valves). · Nismo 320KM Dash · “A” pillar gauge cluster with HKS boost gauge and exhaust temp gauge’s. · Momo steering wheel, boss and gear shifter knob. · Rays Gram light F57 wheels (18x9) FOR SALE · Trust front bar, skirts and Veilside rear bar (with low drag underbody shielding and brake cooling deflectors). · Exeedy twin plate clutch and flywheel. · Exhaust – full 4” stainless system, with custom cat and Xforce stainless 3” 2 to 1 y piece from dumps. · Garrett Steel wheel turbo’s, Extrude honed and ceramic coated manifolds, Xforce stainless dump pipes with separate waste gate pipe work. · Engine Gear train - OS Giken Adjustable cam gears, · Tomei Cams installed and tuned · Tomei dual feed billet fuel rail, 700cc Sard injectors Sard rising rate fuel regulator with pressure gauge and Sard hi-flow in-tank fuel pump. · Silicone Splitfire coil packs · Crank case ventilation - Rocker cover baffles, Cusco primary and secondary oil catch cans. · Blue ceramic coated rocker covers and valley cover. · PWR 57mm radiator · Earls front mounted engine oil cooler with thermostat, remote mounted engine oil filter housing, Earls stainless braded hose & fittings. · HKS front mount intercooler · HKS Aluminium intercooler piping. · HKS twin Sequential blow-off valves. · Custom intake piping. · New upsize Z32 airflow meters. · Apexi pod filter, aluminium AFM adaptors and carbon fibre filter separator housing. · Cusco master cylinder brace · engine brace/dampener · Apexi Power FC hand controller · Greddy Electronic boost controller · Apexi turbo timer · Vehicle Dynamics Processor installed – ECM with G-force meter · Immobiliser & Alarm system. · Pioneer in dash CD/DVD/Sat nav
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    Man, I really did let this thread go for a while without updates! So first mods: ..... Nope, changed absolutely nothing since the nismo wheels in 2015. Second: Use Well Kel was driving it every day to work in Sydney and it was super reliable, never needed anything at service. Still ran at about $2 per day average to charge it for a 50klm round trip. Perfect commuter car. Then the NSW Hillclimb champs created an electric car class, so we decided the only fair thing to do was enter it and take the car racing all over the state. Kel and I both raced it and were the only electric entrants at most rounds other than a homemade electric "special" that did a couple of them. Since the championship rewards attending rounds, I won that and Kel came second. Whole bunch of vids on my youtube if you like quiet motorsport, eg this run from Bathurst As far as I was concerned, with a 1600kg, 80kw race car I was happy with any round where we didn't come last. At Kempsey we were top 20 in the wet. Last year we did the Hillclimb series again, but this time with a set of soft semi slicks (yokos) to go a tiny bit faster. We did end up with quicker times at every track except Huntley which was flat throttle all the way, even on the road tyres. Again I won the state champs and Kel dished it up to me at one of the rounds too. And we were 11th of about 120 entrants at Grafton in the wet, the car was a f**king ball. Pretty sad I didn't have the camera on because it was sliding around like crazy and you would have heard my laughter for sure the helmet. This year we are not going to be able to make every round although we are entered for r4 at Kempsey next weekend. Also, there is a Tesla Model S racing which is naturally destroying our records from the last 2 years. But we will still go and have fun. We also did a couple more motorkhanas including the nulon nats where we ran top 10 as well. So it's no good for top speed but it is competitive in tight stuff.
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    The VQ37HR is a high compression engine and is built for 98RON. Don't cheap out on your fuel. Be sure to use the very consistent BP Ultimate.
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