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    Panel & paint all done !
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    You want to spend 1500 bucks to let you use a fuel that's 20c a liter cheaper... in other words you need to buy 7500L of fuel to make it worth while, which means assuming you're getting 10L/100km thats 75000km to make it worth while. Doesn't make sense to me And you have less power and would actually have slightly worse fuel economy that would mean it'd take even more km to break even.
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    That’s a list of some f**ker getting overcharged for shit
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    Recently acquired a second set of track rims not as light etc as the Ce28rt's but good none the less Works MRO's 18 x 10.5 +20's in Matt black After having another session of issues / misfire and putting the car on the dyno worked out had a blocked injector. No other damage luckily. Banged a new set in and finally ready to go and hope thats it for the mechanical issues for a while ! Went to a Sprint day at Barbagallo - went well new PB by 0.9sec at 60.7 first in class and 3rd overall to a crazy radical and an F3 with a V8 in it which were both great to watch More seat time now with the aim of a 59 sec lap Video below is a 62.3, 61 flat and 60.7 chasing Simon around with his 700hp R32 GTR build thread on here we basically doing same lap times (cant seem to embed it ) https://youtu.be/kpXBp3IDJYw There is a time attack series on in W.A next year so will be competing in that, should be fun
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    i lost interest in modding a long time ago, luckily before i had the chance to pump mass cash into any of my cars. over the years, and following many many builds, it becomes pretty obvious that heavy modding is a waste of time and money. many fully built cars spend their time off the road with breakages, never ending upgrades or being moved between different shops and the end result, while fun, is pretty much pointless for road use. it all usually ends with the car being parted out or sold for a lot less than it cost to build and the owner wondering where all their money went these days im more keen on well set up factory cars, keeping them stock and in mint condition
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    Hi made 554 rwkw 6466 gen2 32went 10.4 @140.7mph on a 1.8360foot was happy with mph Done a 1.52 60 foot snapped rear left shaft was really chasing a 9 on stock bottom end Tuned at jem
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    Little bit of work today, been so busy ive been unable to work on the car but when I can I do. Fixed up where the front bumper marries up to the fenders, it was buggered on both sides but now sits flush. Took her for a bit of a spirited drive today also and she didn't miss a beat!
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    Confirming that these hoses are excellent quality, and the transaction was very smooth. Super fast shipping, arrived in a couple days, UK to west coast Canada.
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