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Toyota Echo/Yaris Coil pack conversion for RB25DET
This is a full conversion guide from RB25det to Yaris/echo coil packs.

In this guide, i'm going to try and include as much information as I can but please forgive me as i'm an electrician and not the best at writing.

This is an insight how I did it. Please treat this as a guide, and don’t crucify me if you don’t agree on something I’ve done cheers.
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s13gtr AWD S13
s13gtr AWD S13

Gday guys,

Here is my s13 i have been playing around with for the past few years, started out as a cheap drifta but got bitten by the drag racing bug and have chased that path for a while, but i still want the car universal as i want to do local circuit and motorkhana days. I have been slowing increasing the power, increasing turbo sizes from gtx3076-gtx3582-gtx4088-gtx4202 to currently having precision 7675. As i made more and more power it was getting hard to put it down so i was searching for a R32gtr and then they became unaffordable for me so i bit the bullet and went AWD on the s13. Slowly gathering parts for the conversion, i didnt want to commit until i had everything.Tinkering away in the shed i got my hands on a frontcut for dummy assembly, once i was happy with engine position i just started stripping my car apart and threw it in... (well not that easy.... but it works!) anyway here is a few pics of the cars journey.

rb25/30 built by Matt Sims Performance

PPG H dogbox

Precicion 7675 turbo

haltech elite 2500

ets pro awd controller
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Daymo's R32 GTS-T
Daymo's R32 GTS-T

Hey everyone,

I thought i'd start a build thread, just so i can keep a log of everything i'm going to do to the car, and keep track of how much i'll no doubt spend on it in the next few years.

I'll give a brief introduction, i'm from the U.K. but currently on a sponsorship with a goal of getting permanent residency further down the line, located in Griffith NSW, and there isnt a great deal to do here so im gonna spend my time and money on a car ive always wanted, an R32 skyline!
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