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  1. Also cost wise would be looking around the 10k mark and don't have to much background knowledge on cars as I am a heavy plant mechanic but always planned on getting into performance and motorsports after some time up north
  2. Hey guys sorry about taking so long to reply I have owned a 2001 s15 and loved it but have always had a thing for sedans and rb's so when I found out about the 33 sedan looking so good my heart was set! Idea was for a daily and then when I buy a house a few years down the track turn it into a drift car 32 4door to old to maintain 34 4door to expensive and hard to find manual 33 not to expensive but still reliable
  3. Hey guys I'm new to this forums stuff and don't quite understand it yet but anyway to the point. Next year around may-juneish I'm gonna be looking at my first skyline to buy . I'm wanting a r33 4 door cause I love the way the rear lights and light garnish looks. So I was wondering what series I should preferably go for and and why and also how much I would be looking around ? I know I want 5stud hubs and would prefer as stock as possible if anyone knows of anyone thinking of selling one next year would you please let me know:) Thanks Shane
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