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  1. froggy88

    Thanks for the responses guys! Hopefully it's just a bad solder instead of the LEDs dying. I did notice that the left side of the speedo is flickering now as well,sorry not as bad as the tacho tho. Any idea where I could get this looked at in Perth? This isn't something in willing do myself!
  2. Hi Guys, My 08 V36 Sedan has developed an annoying issue with the dash lights. Part of the dash had started to flicker, specifically the 7 - 8 rpm section of the tacho. I see a few people in the US have had this problem but all the threads I have read the person just had it replaced at the dealer. Has anyone had something similar and know how to fix it? Cheers
  3. froggy88

    Yep FM band expander. While they are not perfect they will let you listen to the radio!
  4. I recently installed the stillen gen3 in my V36 350GT. It sounds a little deeper and a little louder. Its not a huge difference however.
  5. froggy88

    I ended up having a mobile company fit some curved glass. happy days!
  6. V36 Side Mirrors Hi All, So my 2008 V36 sedan has flat glass as its side mirrors. I don't really like them and am wanting to get it changed to curved glass but it seems like nobody does this in Perth. I have emailed/called several places and so far nobody can help. Does anyone know of a shop that can do this in Perth? Cheers.
  7. froggy88

    Update - So it definitely the chair. Sitting in the back and moving the front chair I dont get any creaking. When im sitting in the chair, the further I put the seat back the less the chair creaks to a point where it does not happen at all (the seat is almost all the way back). Any ideas?
  8. froggy88

    Hey mate, I have not had a chance to look any further into it yet. Ill take a look on the weekend but i'm pretty sure its the chair.
  9. Hi All, So recently I have noticed that my driver's side chair has started to creak when I shift my weight on it or go over bumps etc.The noise seems to be coming from the rear of the chair. Has anyone else experienced this and knows what the cause and fix is? Its been like this for about three weeks and is driving me insane! Cheers.
  10. So I managed to get the bulb out and from what I could see it looks like the the silver bit that plugs into the bulb (ballast plug?) is restricting movement. As a reference i used this guide to get to the headlight. in the video @ 3:25 his silver plug is vertical, mine is horizontal.When I pulled the plug out the light had a greater range of movement than with it in. I'm guessing this is my issue? Is there a way to "reset" the system so the headlight works again (and ill make sure AFS is disabled!). Cheers
  11. Hey thanks for your detailed post! Is there a way to reset the system so the light turns on again? I have disabled the AFS system using the switch on the dash. Edit: after doing some research its probably part of the bulb wiring harness thats caught somewhere. Guess ill see if I can sort it when I get home...
  12. Hi all, So I finally took delivery of my 2008 V36 SP sedan with 73,000kms on the clock. Absolutely love the car but I have a few questions: 1) I have the sticky dash issue which is apparently a common issue with the G35/37 when its been left in direct sunlight. Does anyone else have this issue and if so, what are you doing to prevent it / stop it from getting worse? I am planning to get some armor all and use a sun visor when its parked outside. Any other suggestions? 2) I have the AFS light blinking on my dash and the passenger side headlight decided to turn off. I checked the back of the headlight and it looks like all cables etc are plugged in properly. Anyone had this issue and know what to look for? Attaches some pics of it when it was still in Japan...waiting to get it detailed before I take some here Thanks for the help!
  13. froggy88

    Hi Guys, all sorted! Please delete. Cheers.
  14. froggy88

    I'm using Bespoke, a Melbourne based company that use KYP here in Perth.
  15. Hi All, So I have recently imported a 2008 V36 sedan. The car came with coil overs and the compliance workshop tells me that it wont pass over the pits like that. Im wondering if anyone has a set of stock rear springs and shocks in WA that I could borrow OR know of any for sale? I have called several wreckers with no luck...the search continues. Cheers.