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  1. Final piece to the car. New shoes!
  2. 2016 Nismo Omori LMGT4 (Gloss black with engraved Nismo logo) 18x10.5 +15 mounted on 285/30/18 AD08’s These have done 2000kms and have no damage, scratches or gutter rash. $4800. Pick up preferred from Marsden Park 2765. NSW
  3. 2019 RAYS CE28 SL 18x9.5 +22 Brand New in Box $3000 Located in western Sydney. Contact via PM
  4. Hehe 10.5 +12 against an ‘18 STI. We didnt actually fit the wheels though. This was the first set in Aus.
  5. MINES Carbon Aero mirror Type II to suit BNR34. These have never been installed and are new. I have never seen a new set for sale since production ended for these. Being discontinued and rare, used sets are selling for over $2k I am after AUD$2500.
  6. Snorkel could use a new foam strip. Pick up only from 2762 NSW.
  7. 76.3mm diameter. Part no: 79015091 Used condition. Was installed on a BNR34 and now replaced by another system. Comes with factory cat. Pickup only from 2762 NSW. Asking $750.
  8. It was a used set. You can get in touch with Top Class Tyres in Sydney. They have good TE37 reps available.
  9. Driver of the R34 GTR mentioned in this thread died on the spot. https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/4956083/man-killed-passenger-trapped-in-unanderra-road-crash/
  10. Thanks mate. This car was modded by Nismo factory with the kit, decals, wheel and tuning package. At that point in time, the Ztune kit was in prototype phase and the body kit used is what you see on my car. I dont have the rear over arches (not a fan of them to be honest) & the CF lower lip..yet. Its a good thing I am not a fan of the current Z-Tune front bar and fenders at all. I love how this car is and my aim is to keep it Z-Tune prototype spec. I now have acquired the final piece to this car which I will show when its installed.. Some more pics of the car below. The last pic is of the Z-Tune "Proto"
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