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  1. If I've worked out my rotating 2 week eoster I believe I'm not working that weekend, so at this point in time im in, looking like atleast 2 tanks of fuel for this chariety cruise. The hike from home to the start point is longer then the actual cruise. XD
  2. Saw a white 33 four door at brendale today. Too wet to leave a card
  3. Apparently it's something to do with the dry solders in the mechanism. From what ive heard easy fix (just needs resoldering) mines been doing it for 12+ mths now and I'm more surprised when it works. I've got to the point I just ignore it.
  4. yup struggling to maintain traction atm barney looking good with new rims
  5. Another option is Deren at Tuned Performance at Virginia if your willing to make the drive. He is a certified nistune dealer.
  6. I sent you stickers in your membership pack
  7. Spotted White 33 #plate 151JKR at KFC Deagon yesturday, gave him way and exchanged waved have SAU sticker on window.
  8. Unfortunately no wasn't me. I was under my car all day yesterday.
  9. Did the factory front grill by any chance cheat death?
  10. Series 2 R33 parked in Morayfield Jaycar car park. #plate 165 IJO.
  11. Hwy mate. How much for those floor matts posted to Brighton QLD
  12. Spotted NHR34 in his silver 34 heading back to bribie as I was going out of bribie.
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