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  1. Anyone here do modeling with NURBS? im starting to learn modeling with nurbs which is more complex than poly anyone have any car modeled in nurbs i would like to see some pics thanks
  2. Hi can you explain a little about billet blocks? Are they the exact copy of an already OEM block but made with a different material? Are they street legal? What about engine number? Do they weigh more? Are they feasible to have in a street car aiming for high horsepower? Can any engine be made out of billet?
  3. Hey last year i went to a farm somewhere in the hills about hour n half from adelaide. Forgot to get the name of the place but they were advertised on TV sometime ago. Anyone know the place? Basically its a cattle farm and you could buy directly from the place.
  4. Items: Set of Black R34 GTT Rear lights R34 GTT Indicator and wiper/washer stalks R34 GTT automatic dash with 80k Item Condition: Set of Black R34 GTT Rear lights - Has some scratches on the black surround R34 GTT Indicator and wiper/washer stalks - Fairly good condition can send pictures if needed R34 GTT automatic dash with 80k Mint condition Contact Details: Send me a private message if you are interested or would like to offer Price and price conditions: If you would like pics of the item i could take some and message them These parts have been laying around for approx 2 years now and need them gone so message me an offer on a part and i will most likely take it up Pick up for all parts with cash payment Located at 5010 post code.
  5. Can this be done with any car? ETC a merc or bmw from the UK