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  1. yer forgot to remove the fins in the back of it, forgot all about it untill i re-read this forum. cheers guys
  2. well finally got car running, i blocked off rear port off, and connected the vacuum lines up from the r34 power steering lines. When i start it up u can hear the pump working, then when u turn car off power steering fluid comes out of the cap on the reservoir. Any one got some ideas how to fix this? Cheers Justin
  3. doesnt matter, found out there was no wire's going into the ecu for afm's, now running sweet
  4. ne one know how to test if afm is stuffed?
  5. Thanks mate, didnt have one, but got some resistors from jaycar and made one up. It now runs YAY. Just think its in limp mode, sounds like limiter at 2k or just over. Cheers Justin
  6. Just been doing some reading in the service manual, And im not sure if i plugged a resistor pack in. Does any one have a pic of where it is and what it looks like? Cheers Justin
  7. Hay guys Finally got a RB26 into my car, but it wont start. I checked spark and thats fine. Im not getting any fuel out of the injectors (there is fuel in rail thou), I put multimeter on at the ecu to check if power is sending, and its only getting 0.3-0.5volts. Im not sure what it is spose to be. Will also be getting a timing light tomorrow to check timing. Any one got ne ideas for me to check? Cheers Justin
  8. Hi guys wasnt sure where to post this but almost finished putting a rb26 into my car, but gtr power steering pump has 3 connections on it and im pretty sure the r34 one has 2, Is there a way to make it work or do i need a R34 one? if i need a r34 one is there ne other pumps which fit? Cheers Justin
  9. filled cylinder with fuel, would run fine, then all of a sudden would stick wide open
  10. any one know if RB26 water pump is same as 25 and 30's?
  11. For sale: Power FC d-jetro R32/R33 GTR Condition: Still in box Price and price conditions: $1500 Extra Info: comes with map sensor's and wiring also has controller Contact Details: PM or 0439 944 836 Location: Thornlie Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: pickup or post
  12. dont think so, as different plug to start with, and 34 has traction control plus many other things r33 doesnt have.
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