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  1. str8g

    Just reviving an old post. I managed to get some 350z 18 track wheels fitted on my v35 before she goes to a beautiful home.
  2. str8g

    Love it! it will look stupendous after you lower it!!!
  3. str8g

    Very nice rims :-)
  4. str8g

    Nice fit and looks neat!
  5. str8g

    You got the ride hight and offset spot on mate! White V's look awsome!!
  6. str8g

    Im usually not a fan of 4 door V's but yours looks tight!
  7. str8g

    Nice wheels mate! they suit the car
  8. Hey, nicely done. Clear and easy to read. Now i feel like doing up my car. I promised not to touch the engine but now im tempted.
  9. My mate got one of them from Alberts car stereo. Not sure how much but looks pretty decent.
  10. str8g

    Sorry dude.. There are some idot drivers out there that dont care/dont know how to drive. Good thing you did'nt catch them in the act.. shit would have gone down!
  11. Well.. not too sure about a V36 but i service my V35 at Glide Auto Newcastle street for the last 4years. Haven't had any issues with them
  12. str8g

    285x30x20 is a good tyre size for 11inch here's a pic of 275x30x20 +25:
  13. str8g

    Good stuff. How long does it take to arrive? and how much is the shipping cost?
  14. str8g

    Good pick already moded.. stage 1 complete