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  1. well guys cop this one I got done doing 163kph in a 110kph zone and was chased by the cops and pulled over and the first thing the fat porker said to me was " what the hell do you think you are doing " SAVE the lecture and write the ticket orificer $427 and 6 points later i got back into my car and went home faster! and my girlfiend told me to boost up my car hehehehehe thats why she stayed and became my wife!! :aroused:
  2. ok man if you say so. WHO DO WE THANK FOR THIS Then?if it wasn't for sum young guy doing ridiculous speeds in suburbia maybe him and the poor innocent ppl he killed would still be alive and we wouldn't be copping MORE grief from the cops. hello wake up and smell the coffee sunshine. :headspin:
  3. hiya man im in adelaide have you sold them?? will they fit on an r34gtt? and will you take $900 for them?? if so ring me peter 0415128693
  4. You Can All Thank Sum Numbnut With A Really Sick Gtr In Nsw.thanks Evlr34
  5. Hey Berin How Are You Does The Side Skirts Look Familiar??????
  6. HA HA HA HA farkin good one.
  7. am interested and in adelaide call me peter 0415128693
  8. hey dude i'll give you $220 you send to adelaide if interested phone pete 0415128693
  9. or send it to my depot in campbellfield.if interested call peter 0415128693
  10. hey champ will you send to adel for $450 will not muck you around.
  11. here here , couldn't agree more, its really sad 3 ppl died BUT 150kph in a 50kph zone WELL! need i say more, cmon guys most of us speed BUT in a 50kph zone with three ppl in the car??? maybe they should restrict p platers to drive mirages,corollas etc. this is:bs!:
  12. I have workshop manual on pdf file on disk if ur interested. $50 and i'll post you a copy.
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