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  1. M35woah

    spot the stagea

    Spotted my old wagon on great western at reservoir rd at the lights. Certainly looks as though its been looked after.
  2. Parrot and sony head unit sold. Roof racks come down to $140.
  3. yeah still for sale. Still have to double check to see if the sony is a XAV-63. I'll also get some pics.
  4. More items 1. Sony XAV-63 (will have to check model but its from that range) and Parrot bluetooth hands free CK3100 with LCD. These items were not used for long, they will come with ISO plugs and should go straight into an M35. Price $230 for both. 2. CPV35 Coupe Mid Pipe. Smaller mid muffler than stagea. Price $50
  5. To add more info to the turbo kit, the exhaust parts are ceramic coated black. The dump pipe has a bash plate welded on aswell.
  6. Hey Brick, That's a photo I found on the net. It's in pieces atm, do you require more pics?
  7. I have a few items for sale and will have more updates over the next coming weeks. Reason: I've crashed into a financial brick wall and need to get myself back into a better position. Location: Either North Strathfield or Warriewood. 1. VQ35 RWD upper sump Pics will come on monday Price $20 rather not ship this. 2. JWT pop charger I purchased this second hand with a ztube, I havent used it at all previous owner has so probably needs a clean? Comes with a couple brackets, shroud and the filter. Price $20 will ship at buyers expense 3. Prorack P-bars P16 I got these probably less than a year ago, brand new unopened, without fitting kit. Price: $170 obo will ship at buyers expense 4. M35 Front underbody brace Unsure of brand, Dolphin rings a bell, it is the bar at the very top of the pic, I have nuts and bolts to go with it. Price: $100 obo will ship at buyers expense 5. 450kg Supercheap Auto Engine Stand Used this once Price: $20 rather not ship this due to size and weight SOLD. 6. Used HKS 350z Turbo Kit I got it from a member off zclub with plans to put on the stagea, sadly my circumstances have changed and I will not be able to mod the stagea for a while. It is as complete as I could get it, all the parts are there bar some missing bolts? and I've got extra silicon joiners and hose clamps, comes with walbro 255 fuel pump (used off jetwrecks old car), Power enterprise 510CC injectors (used aswell but not for long), boost gauge (brand new unopened), heat range colder platinum spark plugs and a couple other things I've probably forgotten. Unfortunately, there was a threaded bolt joining the cross over pipe to the turbo manifold, which will need to be helicoiled. Turbo is good, extremely little shaft play. spring is set to 10 psi Price: $2500, which is basically what I paid for it. I'm firm on this, if I don't get this I'll just hang on to it. Will not ship this, would rather you come look at it. 7. Recaro replica seat rail I got it of a SAU member with a V35, but no longer require. I believe suits SR series seats? I havent even opened it. Price: $20 will ship at buyers expense. More pics will come.
  8. http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b170748037 Contact Jesse Street with the above link. 15900 yen is a good price, even comes with the controls.
  9. M35woah

    spot the stagea

    Yup, always interesting to see another Stag on the road. Car looks good, top ride.
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