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  1. Yeah it's a PS of benny's car.. nice base car photos help for decent chops. not sure if i want aero sides and rear yet, I have them here but wheels always look bigger with no aero, and don't mind the grey plastic finish. i have the grille, s1 foglights front bar, hid lights on the way... Am guessing the HID's should fit the s1 bar (no shape change?).. grill might be a little work. Once it all arrives we will see how it all fits up- im not really a fan of getting a later model front bar unless it's the nismo aero, which might take a while to source one, so the grille might have to wait..
  2. might as well post a pic of mine... got a late model front end & some 20" VSKF's coming in a container.. here is a photoshop mockup of what it should hopefully look like in a couple months ...
  3. Hey, just been working on this tee design and thought i would offer it to some SAU'ers as well (there are only 10 left for sale) The photo- captured by legendary motorsports photographer Mark Pakula , and i came up with the design - mixing a bit of Movie Poster and Retro Advertising style to come up with this! http://www.hardtuned...ted-edition-tee
  4. Have just made some massive updates to the document ! re-download and keep a copy in your car! : V36 Skyline Navigation Manual (NOW UPDATED!!!) http://www.skyline-gt.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=287435
  5. OK all done : V36 Skyline Navigation Manual (NOW UPDATED!!!) http://www.skyline-g...howtopic=287435
  6. ^^^ yeah cheers, fingers crossed should be a good night....! SAU guys are also welcome obviously! (i'll be taking my skyline to the cruise)....
  7. Hmmmm thats weird because we were asked last week to organise a cruise by the owner of nando's for this Anzac day .... with approval from centre management (the owner of nandos drives a RX7 series 8) :
  8. Almost finished writing the new step-by-step process. Will be adding it to the manual i have written in the next day or two! (along with steps on how to update your music box albums from the net using gracenote / compact flash, more translated menus and some other stuff!)
  9. I'm not sure if they are straight bolt up (do your research) but you might be lucky to grab some V36 upgrade calipers from the US - check myg37.com, ebay US or other g owner forums for a upgrade brake kit. We stock a big brake kit with PMU but they are $4400 for just the fronts, so honestly an OEM Brembo or Akebono upgrade is much better value. The V36 Akebono's are a big upgrade, and larger than the Brembo and are cheaper since Akebono is a pretty unknown brand to Brembo (but they are awesome) I would recommend : Akebono V36 Calipers : $1300 + Shipping Project Mu Club Spec Rotors : $999 Braided Lines : $99 Decent Fluid: $75 Decent Pads: $500-600 (try and scheme some free pads with the calipers first up though) Couple of pics of the club spec rotors:
  10. When i was looking around the main options i have found for 35/37 are Brembo, Stop-Tech and PMU... unless you wanted cheapies like DBA or something which are around $750 for a set... Depends what the car is being used for... ! If you wanting to upgrade to some decent pads though you will find the life of some rotors to be very limited. (ie. Decent PMU Pads such as the HC+ and Club Racer are known to mulch stock rotors very quickly given their compounds, so need to be matched to a decent rotor such as the brembo or PMU)
  11. yeah the V35/350z (brembo only) are in the next shipment, ring Racer Industries in around a month for details. For the V36/370z : Pricing for these has been set at $1198 for Front & Rear rotors... For these couple of airfreight sets we will do them at near-cost for $999 Usually we would do this for a newly released product, but they sent us these sets accidently so we just need to move them. (lucky for me lucky for you!) haha sizing is 355X32 front / 350X20 rear We wont be separating them either : at this price the are only available as a full front-rear set. Anyone that has bought PMU before knows they are the best brakes out there -there is a reason every winning team in the V8 Supercars, Australian GT, Nascar, JGTC all run PMU Brakes now.
  12. Hey Guys, Just been told the new Club Racer rotors we are just unloading from the latest shipment will fit the G37/370z.. ( I work for PMU Racing / Project Mu ) We will be fitting them to my G37 this weekend should be a decent upgrade... Will post pics / details once they are fitted!! The club racer model sits in between Project Mu's SCR and SCR-PRO range of disks and are a massive upgrade on stock, and would be far better than anything currently available here in Australia. (coupled with a nice set of pads, would be more than suitable for track work) If your keen to get a set on your car, PM me - we have brought in 3 sets from what i am aware (they are a full front & rear set) and one of those sets is going on my car! haha -loz Mods - if this breaks the rules let me know, just figured there might be a few people on here keen since they are new to the market. PMU_CRD_ROTOR_web.pdf
  13. hey guys , see you all there tonight! we are with the Motive DVD guys at the moment featuring some cars, so for tonight we expect to have at least 3 photographeras from Fast Fours and Hot4's, 2 camera crew from Motive (+ Andrew the presenter) and hopefully a tonne of nice cars!
  14. Brissy meet: 6:30 at springwood mcdonalds http://maps.google.c...=Mozilla-search Goldy meet: 7 at clive peeters varsity lakes/burleigh http://maps.google.c...F-8&sa=N&tab=wl final meet: ferry road diner, southport http://maps.google.c...=Mozilla-search
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