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  1. Albus

    That sounds about right. I'm only in it to see retardedness, thrash shitboxes trying to sell for top dollar and the humour.
  2. Albus

    ye. add extra hosepowa
  3. Albus

    Definitely is.
  4. Albus

    Ok so at first I saw it and thought "why put one of the fanboy honda toy hooks on your car you dickhead". Then I examined closer and saw a GT-R Badge. I'm done.
  5. Ouch, Randwick isn't far from me. Only around 5 minutes away. But yeah, there is definitely incompetent arseholes around.
  6. Yeah, I guess you can do is try the best to have the best insurance/alarms etc. I will look into a garage but I'm still a long way from a beloved GTR. But in the next few years want to get a nice clean GT-T.
  7. Morning, As I've been hearing through facebook and and friends that a lot of cars are going missing specifically modified cars. What are your thoughts and opinions of storing cars on the street? As I don't have a garage and it would have to be stored on the street what are some tips to trying to keep it as safe and make it kind of a deterrent so theifs wouldn't want to steal it. Other than having insurance, a good alarm and hoping for the best what are the ways you store your cars and if street storage was the only way how would you how about it? It seems we can't have anything nice these days without jealous pricks stealing our pride and joys. I'm really curious and paranoid because I don't live in the best area to have nice things around and looking to spend good money on getting an immaculate R33/R34 depending if I find the right one. Note: I don't think this is the correct section, if not sorry and please move it to where it needed to be. I couldn't find somewhere to post this, thanks.
  8. Albus

    I don't, just saw it floating on facebook with the number plate already striked out
  9. Albus

    Because I wanna know?
  10. anyone know exact make and year? Looks like R34 GT-T 1998, but not sure
  11. Albus

    Loving the car, looks awesome. What did both seats set you back, and are they genuine.?
  12. Albus

    Buying imported is like 5k on top of what the price of the car is said to be because u need compliance and all that shit
  13. Albus

    Awesome car. How much did it set you back fully compiled and loaded and ready to rock and roll?
  14. Albus

    They would of used imaging enhancing for the professional pictures to get a sharper look, you would have the correct colour.