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  1. Good luck mate, nice car but no one wants to spend money at the moment, you do need to show some serious HP though to sell it as who knows how good the build is until you lean on it?
  2. I cannot believe that there is not a person who is cashed up out there that loves HP and realises that this is an absolute bargain ???/!!! Lots of dreamers but no one thus far with enough cash or balls to take her on.
  3. I have had a few interested parties over the past month or so but were unbale to raise the capital. NOW - $40k - firm and a steal! This car has been done right and is a very serious machine that has had all the bugs cleaned out and is ready to race, have fun and be competative. This GTR is a all Nissan GTR and does not run other manufacturers box's or major mecahnical components as my intention was to compare GTR with GTR and I was and still are not interested in a GTR with say a two spead glide etc. The car has not even been seriuosly leant on yet as she has been built with precision and will cope with what is mentioned in the following. Any way here goes with the basic run down - all gear is less than 12months old and we have only conducted 2 serious passes and I did not even go to the track this current season. I will consider a tough street car as a swap but it would have to be something special. http://s584.photobuc...ent=gtrtest.mp4 Three years of work , lots of money spent and tons of hours to get to this stage.Only ran a couple of times last year and pulled some great early results - ready to run some low eights this year , nothing to spend and ready to rock and roll. 1:28 60' and 136 miles per hour half track and shut down 3/4 as I blew a cam seal - small issues now sorted. Heaps of reciepts for parts and thanks to a couple of buddies all the labour was done by us three as ateam. Over $140k spent on this car with no labour content, is and will be a serious contender, currently quickest GTR in WA with it;s firsts pass od 9:2. Very genuine reason for her sale and it's not money! Open to all sensible offers and i will not be giving it away. This car is straight as a dye and the undercarrige was mint when a street car - still have the v spec tags from when she was originally registered. The car has been totally gutted and started from scratch and is all in ANDRA Spec. Launches like its on rails. Nissan GTR Skyline Drag Car ( Super Sedan class DYO handicap or Sports Modified Class where the index is 7.75 sec) Engine : RB26/30det Hybrid (RB26 Twin Cam Head on a Australian delivered RB30 Block) RB30 Block:- chemically cleaned, sump rail drilled to suit RB26 AWD sump/ adapter plate, front drilled to suit adjustable and idle pulley for twin cam head, head bolt holes drilled to suit 12mm head studs, block 1/2 filled with Hard Blok, bored and honed to 86.5mm, decked with receiver groove to suit o-ringed head and copper head gasket. 10mm Adapter plate for rb26 awd sump to rb30 block. Sump modified for larger capacity with extra baffles and external pickup for oil. Jun high volume oil pump modified for external sump pick up. Jun crankshaft collar RB30 crankshaft nitrided, polished, balanced and oil holes chamfered. Ross Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancer. N1 Nissan water pump. Nitto straight I beam con rods with ARP 2000 series bolts. ARP Mains Studs Mahle 9:1 forged pistons with modification for inlet valve clearance. Remote oil filter with Canton 3L Accusump ACL race series main and big end bearings ARP 12mm 2000 series head studs Tomei oil restrictors to the head RB26 cylinder head:- chemically cleaned, extensive port work, combustion chambers de-shrouded and matched, decked and o-ringed to suit copper head gasket. Supertech 1mm oversized stainless/inconel inlet and exhaust valves Supertech double valve springs with titanium retainers and bronze/manganese guides with viton stem seals. Tommei Pro camshafts Tommei adjustable cam gears Tomei cam studs Tommei cam followers to suit small base circle cams. Ridgecrest copper head gasket Custom Tubular Exhaust Manifold (ceramic coated) BorgWarner SX80 turbocharger (rated at 1300hp) with 1.1 a/r ceramic coated exhaust housing with oil supply filter Innovative 50mm indy style waste gate 4" side exit exhaust with separate 2" for waste gate Custom alloy inlet manifold with large plenum and single 80mm throttle body 12 1600cc bosch methanol fuel injectors 2 Powerflow anodised billet fuel rails with dual entry and centre exit Aluminium intercooler pipes with 120mm thick intercooler and 50mm Tial BOV. RCI plastic fuel cells 2 x Magnafuel 2500hp efi fuel pumps (methanol) 1 x Bosch 044 fuel pump for NOS fuel supply(vp109 or race E85) 4 x Magnafuel pre and after fuel filters Annodised hose fittings with lightweight black Kevlar hoses 2 x Magnafuel fuel pressure regulators 6 x Mercury outboard CDI ignition coils 2 x M&W Prodrag CDI units Magnacore ignition leads EMS Engine management using Staged injection 6x6 @720deg, 2 step launch control, NOS control, Thermo Fan Control, 6 ignition outputs, Tacho output Water & Air temp inputs, TPS input, CAS input, Lambda input, transbrake/launch input, Full datalogging. Innovative Boost Controller with twin solenoids and adjustable boost ramps Innovate 32 Channel data logger with 8 channel exhaust gas temp unit, lambda unit and gauge, RPM input, TPS input, Engine block vacuum pressure sensor, Boost pressure input, 6 x Exhaust Gas Tech thermacouples. Stop/Start logging button with onboard SD card memory. NOS direct port system. Initially this is to be used to spool the turbo whilst the transbrake is on. Using around 200hp of nos and race type gasoline separate to the methanol fuel system. Eventually the NOS will be used for full passes. Greddy 50mm aluminium Radiator and 14" thermofan Tuned on C&R Powerflow Engine Dyno 1000hp @7500rpm with 29psi, 1200hp @7500rpm with 43psi, approx 1400hp with NOS activated (not tested) Approximately 1200@6000rpm with 43psi on the transbrake with 200hp of Nitrous activated. BMS built RE4R03A Jatco transmission bolted to Standard GTR transfer case, featuring Full manual reverse pattern valve body assembly with transbrake and attessa control, all shafts and planetary sets softened and rehardened and chryogenically treated, carbon band, raybestos plates and kerwen steels, Vasco shaft from box to transfercase. This gearbox is the first of its kind to be setup for drag racing. The size of the clutches and shafts indicate that the box will be capable of handling over 1500hp. B&M Quicksilver 4 speed shifter Large transmission cooler with dedicated thermo fan boot mounted. TCE torque converter with 9 ½" housing with 8" stator and mechanical diode setup for 6000rpm stall on the transbrake. Cusco 1.5 way front diff Standard centre diff with 2wd/4wd switched via solenoid using gearbox line pressure Custom fullspool rear diff. 1 piece large dia, large uni tailshaft and forward shaft by Final Drive Custom Billet EN26 axles allround by Terry Stacy Standard GTR brakes with DBA rotors 15 x 8" custom Advan lightweight drag rims (made for Tomei r34 drag car) 26 x 10 x 15" M/T drag slicks HKS Prodrag Fully adjustable shocks and springs allround Full rose jointed and adjustable suspension allround (adjustable lower and upper and castor) Urethane mounted cross members Stroud Parachute Velo carbon fibre race seat with 5 point 100mm harness and arm restraints Full 6 point roll cage Defi gauges and controller with shiftlite and lambda gauge Lightweight aluminium dash Dry cell Battery, Tetzel wiring Aluminium Bonnet and gaurds Fibreglass doors Carbon Fibre Boot with custom aluminium spoiler Polycarbonate windscreen and side glass Painted in candy purple with flake and extensive airbrush work Theres more of course and there is a snazzy custom drive on trailer with built in tool box's, work bench and fuel racks, mag wheels and can be discussed with the potential purchaser.
  4. BorgWarner SX80 turbocharger (rated at 1300hp) with 1.1 a/r ceramic coated exhaust housing with oil supply filter file://localhost/Users/davidbarrow/Documents/curve.jpg
  5. lnsSearch 8 sec GTR in this forum for details - did it this way as I am unable to edit original post
  6. SOME ONE OFFER ME SOME MONEY OR A TUFF STREETER - try your luck as you never know - Missus wants it gone!!!!
  7. Gents, brand new in box with all that is required to adapt your 26.30 to the GTR sump , has integral girdle brace , billet mains with series 2000 studs. Complete Kit - Cost me around $3500 .00 - Grab a good deal $1800 LOTS OF COPIES , GET A PROPER ONE , RIPS STUFF IS PROVEN - need it gone. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/112882-rips-cnc-billet-mains-kit-suit-rb25-rb26-rb30.html PM me please WA
  8. Sorry have been off air for a month - whos interested in this genuine kit?
  9. Surely there is some one out there that wants the best quality kit ? $1800 and its gone
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