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  1. Good work son! Got your msg last night! Congratulations!! All the best for the future! Happy new year all!
  2. Yeah I hope so too man! Thanks for the kind words guys!
  3. Serial Number for the Laptop is: X4073862H Hope this helps a little bit more...
  4. Hey guys, My old mans SS commodore was vandalised and broken into last night in West Perth. Right across the road from the El Principe restaurant. Not yet sure as to what exactly has gone missing as forensics now have the car. The list as it stands is as follows: - Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC (Laptop) - Telstra GSM Card / Modem - Big Tumi Leather Bag - Bel 990 International Radar Detector - Leather Wallet full of cards - CDs (not really phased) A few other little bits and pieces went missing but what we're only really concerned about is the Laptop as it had some pretty "sensitive" information on it. Everything is insured thank god. If anyone has any information what so ever in regards to this please contact me on 041 231 0980. Cheers people, Dan
  5. Jeez pete. Everyone is selling up! My baby is for sale as well
  6. Charger no worky? I've heard bad things about Odyssey batterys anyways. Ive been told to go for an Optima? Yellow top something or other. Retail for about $360 though. Ouch. Hope you get it sorted champ.
  7. JiMiH is correct. "dark side" meaning Subaru. Car is sold as of today James! ***Updated list***
  8. www.pbase.com/boosted_rb26/inbox Motor is only 8,000kms old. The perfect car for someone who wants a good quality GTR without the thought of having to rebuild the motor!!
  9. Hey all, I've decided to sell my car and move on to the "dark side".... Therefore I have some crap I need to get rid of... - Power FC suit R32/R33 GTR with hand controller - SOLD - Apexi RSM with G Sensor - SOLD - Trust/Greddy Twin Gauge Pod - SOLD - Apexi EL Series 2 Mechanical Boost gauge (white face) - SOLD - Apexi EL Series 2 EGT Gauge - $250 - dropped to $185 - Apexi EL Series 2 Control Box - $100 - dropped to $80 Also.... As new Alpine IVA-D300E!! 7 inch touch screen, plays mp3, dvd, wma etc. Sell this for $1700 Alpine MP3 6 Stacker - $250 All offers considered. Parts are located in Perth W.A Cheers!
  10. 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - [bANNED] plates. 155,000 Genuine kms. First owner in Australia Immaculate Condition Thousands of Dollars spent…you wont find any better for this price…. 5sp Manual Gun Metal Grey. Modified… makes 402rwhp on Ovaboost dyno, or 410hp at all four wheels on another dyno here in Perth. I have graphs to prove this. The car has also run back to back 12.00 @ 120mph down the ¼ mile with 1.9sec 60ft times. Engine: Engine recently rebuilt – Cost 12k and have receipts. JUN Piston Kit JUN Multi racing rings Forged I Beam Conrods Rebuilt Head with new seals etc. Balanced Crank New Bearings HKS Metal Gasket kit (Head gasket, inlet mani gaskets and exhaust mani gaskets.) N1 Oil pump Brand new R33 GTR water pump Tomei sump baffle kit Nismo 600cc Injectors RB25DET 80mm air flow meters Nismo N1 Turbos Other Modifications Include: Greddy Profect B Spec II boost controller Apexi Pen Turbo Timer New Ferodo DS2500 Pads DBA Discs Hotbits coilover suspension (all bushes have been replaced) Cost ~5k all up. Xtreme 9puck ceramic clutch with 2500lb pressure plate. 35% Tint Momo Race steering wheel SARD in tank 280 l/hr fuel pump All up there has been close to 30k spent on this car modifications wise. Need to sell this car soon so I am open to offers. Car is located in Perth W.A Priced to sell at $30,500. Call Daniel if interested. 041 231 0980 [email protected]
  11. No comment. If you want my rundown on what they did to me then send me a PM.
  12. Aftermarket piping is beneficial however it isnt required so to speak. If you dont have the funds they do sqeeze into the factory rubber piping. I did this with mine! Piping is expensive. The Greddy suction kit is $1,100 odd delivered from nengun! I have removed the rear screen on my afms. Not the front as I've heard conflicting rumours.
  13. I was told they are the same (RB20DET from the R32 and the Rb25DET afm that is). They have the same part number. pnblight had them on his car and cracked 500hp at the tyres with them so they'd be fine.
  14. Each increment = 2 deg at the crank. Pretty sure thats what it was. Hope this helps.
  15. I had one. I sold it. Had nothing but problems with it. Wouldnt hold boost properly and liked to fluctuate lots. In the end I bought a Profec B Spec II. Far more simple to use and does the job. I don't know why my AVC-R didn't work so well. I've heard so many good stories about them. Ah well...
  16. I've heard a lot about these Jim Berry clutches. They really seem to be the shiznit. Are they mainly big singles or are they multi plate clutches? DIRTgarage: Are you using a single or a twin for that application? Surely a twin? Custom clutches sound expensive though!!
  17. As for the 4wd problem. Check the ATTESSA resevoir in the boot (located on drivers side). Could be running low. Is the brake fluid topped up and all good? I.e no leaks?
  18. My only advice is don't get carried away. Yes you can spend 10k on a motor, and yes it will be cool. But why build an 800hp motor if your only aiming for something like 500hp. Spend the money you save on other important bits like a fuel system etc. My 2c.
  19. I wired mine up and just left those three wires as they were. I.e. Connected to nothing. Still works fine haha. God knows what theyre for, but my G Sensor is only plugged into the RSM.
  20. Shit, if he's done that god knows what its been hooked upto haha.
  21. Hi all, As topic says. I am desperately trying to source a twin plate clutch for a BNR32 (push type). Needs to be in good nick! Preferrably in Perth, but if not, then not much I can do about it then PM me if you've got anything! Cheers, Dan
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