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  1. hi all!!!!! i met this chick tonight she was almost as dumb as jessica simpson!!!!! hahahahaha
  2. u will watch the rest u dam bum!!!!!
  3. hello all!!! tom u r 10 arnt u?
  4. u dam silly boy!!!!!!! brakes r girlfriends....or ok other halfs........and then when they become x's they also gain the lovely caring term of hoe!!!! there for brakeshoe or brakes-hoe could also b spelt shareen!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha
  5. ok ther eis no one else in the matrix to spam with so i am off to bed.... bye bye all!!!!!
  6. hey lads since most of u read this or spam here...... tonight was AWSOME fun man!!!!!!!!! shot all
  7. yeah yeah yeah u and dam page ownage!!!!
  8. ok bye bye lads...... see u all lata today......
  9. ok the avartar is now up!!!!! hahahahaha
  10. ok ok let me find a pic then.....give me awhile....
  11. she has 8000 rand boobs!!!!! that is only like $1500 thou
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