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  1. hmm makes me sad how dead this is now. oh well.
  2. WTB: R33 or R32 rear drive axles - non active lsd type Chasing a pair of drive shafts from a 32 or 33 gtr. Non active lsd type Located in brisbane but will pay shipping Cheers
  3. Set of Racing Sparco NT-R wheels Bronze colour, very light. 5 x 114.3 17x9 35 offset 17x8 30 offset Had them on my silvia with 5 stud hubs, fit a 33 skyline rather nice as well. The 8s have two good tyres on them (pretty much new) the rears are shot. Wheels are in good nick. No buckles etc. Price is $1200. Price is firm, cash only. Located near Brisbane Queensland. Will ship at buyers cost. Contact via here or zero407 37 47 41
  4. Set of 6 "Greddy" injectors. Price: $450 Located: Brisbane, Qld Note that these are denso part number 195500-0830. They are however sold as Greddy/sard/hks Top feed. 720cc. Low impedance. I ran these in a trust fuel rail. (Note: no fuel rail included) They have seen about 30 000ks in a r33 and pushed around 450rwhp on bp98 with a gtx35. They were removed from the car on 29th march.
  5. I should have worded it a little differently. Please retract my previous statement in favour of the following: I enjoyed my morning of posing in a semi stationary manner in order to have photographs taken of my car and to gain valuable track time experience. I should note that it was only barely able to reach 115 by the braking zone at the end of the straight.
  6. Incidentally you were full of it on that one.. FYI
  7. Pass, I have nothing to do with the club and am likely unwelcome anyway. Enjoy.
  8. PS. you are sharing the track day with supras... there will be no cornering and a tug boat and pilot on hand for all supra maneuvers.
  9. Actually QRs stance is that if you run out of talent and punch it into someone else's car while overtaking they will put the onus on you and back the owner of the vehicle YOU hit. Diving down the inside under brakes on happy laps is strictly prohibited. I see no reason why a roll on from 60/2nd gear cant be had down the straight. Your argument that "if you want to go to the drags use the strip" is about as valid as "if you want to do hot laps go to the time attack weekends". It is a safer, more legal alternative to what used to happen every saturday night on the m1 and to be honest if you are running the national track and doing 60 all the way around you would probably fall asleep out of boredom.
  10. Fair few skylines out at QR for the downshift happy laps event
  11. Cusco RS 1.5way centre in a r200 housing out of a r33 gtst 4.11 gears 5 bolt shafts and hubs to suit. Shafts are freshly rebuilt After $1200 for it all. Not negotiable. No swaps. Located in QLD. Will ship at buyers expense
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