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  1. Hi mate, i just had a measure up, the master cylinder is about 80mm in length. Its 5/8 in diameter and the hose exits straight under the cylinder. i took a couple of pics if you pm your number I can txt you them. Cheers
  2. Have a look at the Gtst stuff, they don't have a booster. my OS twin plate is not overly heavy on the pedal, but I'm not sure if they have a different leverage ratio on the pedal assy. I can take some measurements if you need of the pedal box, it might be a straight swap if they are different. cheers
  3. Awwww, time to buy a 4wd or tow car then, you will run out of mates pretty quickly if you keep breaking their tow cars.
  4. NutR33

    Carzon alarm

    I had exactly the same problem with my R33 and it turned out to be a faulty actuator in the drivers door. Most systems just have 1 alarm actuator in the drivers door which in turn moves the factory actuator and locks and unlocks the other doors using the factory actuators. The problem with mine was that my alarm actuator was sticking and moving enough to trigger the factory system to lock, I lubed it with silicone spray and it worked for a few more days but the I replaced it with a new one. You can remove it and match it up fairly easily at autobahn or jay car, normaly either a 2 wire ( slave ) or 4 wire (master) . They are mostly held in with 2 screws and a little block arrangement that connects them too the factory door lock.
  5. If it's still got the foil seal on the top it will be ok. If not, get some new stuff.
  6. Come out to DECA on the 14th, that will get your motivation going again!!!!
  7. Try VSpec performance / Raceline in Ringwood. You can find their details in the classified section at the bottom of the forums. Best bet is to ring them first thing in the morning, if they don't have one they may know of someone that will.
  8. I nominate Anna for treasurer
  9. Hi Taylor, I believe you will require a vl 6 cyl subframe. There is a power steering and non-power steering version of the sub frame( different rack mounts) available, stick with the ps version and I think the vs rack will bolt up to it. This should allow you to bolt the engine to the sub frame with factory mounts and sump and bolt straight into the car. I would look at a lot of vl parts (ps hoses)for the conversion as engine bays are similar . Cheers Luke
  10. Have a look at the valve stem when you get home and see if it looks new, a lot of tyre shops will replace the rubber stem and valve when they fit a new tyre.
  11. What time does the market traffic get bad?? Will we beat the traffic at 7:00 to 7:30?
  12. Brake cleaner is what I use.
  13. Have a look in the build threads, it's on the second page, I think the guy is in the NT.
  14. I have run a 10.91 on a std gearbox, but I think there was a r33 a few years ago in the 9s with a manual
  15. Hi guys, I have been reading the supp regs and the cams manual and just want some help with one thing. Do I need to run an extra bonnet restraint cable or is the factory latch ok?? Cheers Luke
  16. Me to please Ash. I will bring the esky with drinks left over from last time
  17. The mini wang was on the basketball court out the back and I think it was either the first or last cone a lot of people missed
  18. You missed out last night Plattsy, Rob had a cool looking Micra sitting in the back corner with a set of what looked like panasport wheels and a front lower lip on the bumper. I could certainly see your attraction to them, it looked a fun little car.
  19. Don't forget guys, tech night is this Wednesday. Please try to be on time for this as we are having the talk first then pizzas afterwards.
  20. Where are you in Melbourne? Rob at Sabbadin automotive in Mulgrave is good with skylines and is hosting our upcoming tech night too. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/445014-sau-vic-tech-night-discussing-e85-thanks-to-wolf-motorsport-sabbadin-automotive/
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