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  1. Looking to buy a grille to fit the v35 sedan as I smashed mine this morning with a roo...
  2. So thinking my best bet would be just changing my high beam to HID and leaving the low beam and when in town just drive with foggies on as they aren't too bad
  3. sorry umm what did you mean by a quad retrofit? i am pretty new to this stuff and all i really want to do is just change them so i can get a bit more light out so i can see when driving.. so im guessing low beam would have to be a 35w circuit and im not sure about the high beam on thursday i got my first day off so im going to start having more of a better look into what i need to do.. im hoping its going to be easy as buying a plug and play set and just install them but im still kind of worried about having to take off the front bumper to be able to even access the lights.
  4. yea i was thinking it might be easiest to just buy a new set of the HID's aftermarket and start again and they are D2R and 35W? and also what would happen if i got the wrong ones like would they just not fit or something and if i got too high power like if i got 50w for the high beam could it burn the wiring?
  5. yea what i was wondering about the lights though my mate bought a set of hid's of a website he installed himself and he said like the bulbs have a certain type like H1 or H4 etc.. i was wondering what wattage they pull and what sort of light they are as im not really keen pulling my car apart just for the sake of doing it to try get to the lights unless im changing them out... and how hard the HID's to install after they have been changed out to whatever has been put it with i think are halogen lamps..
  6. well they are very dull and yellowy colour like at night time driving around town i need to have my fog lights on as well as headlights to see properly and with high beam on the highway it can be hard to see much of a distance at all
  7. hey guys im new to this forum and also i bought the nissan 350gt-8 about 8 months ago and noticed that my headlights are pretty dull and im wanting a replacement.. just wondering what the details of the bulbs they are as i would like to purchase some aftermarket HID's another question i had was about the CVT transmission which i know about the fluid it must take and all that im just wondering if i was to start putting some money into it to get a bit more power out would the tranny handle it? like can they handle much higher performance that what the stock engine is?
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