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    ------ So you think I could fit: Front - 18x9.5 +38 Rear - 18x10 +38 And have them inside the guards with good rubber? I don't want it to sit too far inside the guards but I also don't want poke-city -_-

    So you think that 18x9.5 +15 will fit inside the guards, with coilovers @ legal limit + rolled guards?
  3. Hey guys, Had a bit of a look on the forum and I did see the wheel fitment thread, however no one was running/I didn't go through enough pages, to see the fitment I was looking at getting for the car I have. Does anyone have pictures of 18x9.5 +38 WITHOUT Spacers on an R33 GTST? Looking to see fitment on both Front & Rear. Really want Enkei RPF1's but I feel like the 18x9.5 +15 will be poke-city... Then again, I feel like 18x9.5 +38 will sit too far in -_- Points if they are RPF1 but any 18x9.5 +38 rim will do. Cheers! & if there is any thread that already has this, please link me to it and I'll take this down!

    Cheers man, can't wait!
  5. I too wonder, they are pretty cheap too ($899)! That paragraph is what they had said from their tests hey?
  6. Hey all, Due to a Turbo upgrade (Going High-Mount Exhaust Manifold) & my Intercooler being a Blitz Return-Flow, I've realised I will most likely be better/should run a FFP. My first pick is Plazmaman but I've since come across a new (I think) Manifold made by a company called Otaku Garage. They claim to out-flow a genuine GReddy but idk the legitimacy of that. Anyways, just wondering if anyone has heard of/used these Inlet Manifold's and can let me know what the go is with them. They do look like good quality from what I can see, but I don't want to have to spend money twice cos the product is bad etc. Car is an RB25 R33 (S1), although would be good to hear back from anyone that has used the Inlet Manifold Link is here - Thanks!

    Yeah, getting it Twin-Scroll CRG Twin-Scroll Manifold & Twin-Scroll GTX3076R w .82 Rear Housing Only running one gate, so yeah being merged
  8. Hey guys, So on Thursday I got the call from HyperDrive to advise The Black Pearl was ready to be picked up. Photo of her loving life and being at home below: ------ ------ HyperDrive did advise some issues were found though. SO, here is my Exhaust Cam Gear (which you all knew about from a few posts ago) not loving life so much: ------ ------ HyperDrive also advised they found this issue, my Inlet Cam has had the Dowel (think that's how it's spelled) pushed into the Cam! See photo's below of the Inlet Cam: ------ ------ VS's how it SHOULD look (Dowel on Exhaust Cam included for comparison), how the Dowel should look (Left) as opposed to how it was (Right): ------ ------ Let's talk about some good things now Loving the Tomei PonCam's, so much responsiveness with the stock Turbo & absolutely LOVING the tune! First time in at least 6 months she's actually been running well. Video of idle: - AND Dyno-Graph: ------ ------ One final thing before I go, since the head-swap (well at least that's when I started noticing this issue) there's this noise I can't explain unfortunately. Pretty much when inside the car there is this loud noise that can be heard. It isn't always there, usually after I've turned the car on, it appears 5 minutes later. For the life of me idk what it is.. it's loud though, to the point where it almost hurts my ears haha. That's the only way I can describe it. I'll see if I can grab a video of it actually Until next time!
  9. Smally,Hit up Spool Import's. They sell rebuild kits such as this one: - Hope this helps
  10. I'm v excited! Dyno graph probably won't change heaps though but still hoping for better response, especially on a stock turbo Yeah, not sure how it happened haha. Even HyperDrive was amazed!
  11. MC-WOSHY

    We are going to LA! Awesome, would b good
  12. So unfortunately I didn't come home to find these goodies waiting for me BUT my mum did deliver them to my room which was just as good! Also quite surprising given the fact they came around 5 (idk about you, but I've never received a parcel that late). ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- Will be calling HyperDrive tomorrow to book The Black Pearl in for installation & tune ASAP
  13. MC-WOSHY

    Where abouts are you in the USA? I'm going there in November. Might need to come check the 32R out (Assuming it's a 32 as you guys can't get the others yet)
  14. Not sure why you're having a go haha. Yes, I am saving for a house, did this come out of my house money? No, it didn't. I also know the detailer, so had it done cheap
  15. Hey guys, Still waiting for my Camshaft's, there was delay from Nengun due to the earthquake in Kyushu (only 100kms from their office). The staff took some time off to help make food for the victims of the area, which is awesome on Nengun's part! They shipped my Camshaft's yesterday though, so hopefully they arrive shortly. Then I can have them installed and the car tuned AND HOPEFULLY, no more issues, so I can enjoy driving The Black Pearl -_- In other news, had my engine bay spruced up by Optimum Touch Detailing, I don't have a before photo but I can assure you it looked terrible, still had dry coolant everywhere from when my Water Pump snapped, the bay looks a treat now! ------- ------- ------- Will update again as soon as Camshaft's arrive