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  1. I have a Bel STi-R (remote mount) on my bmw 135i and i usually get about 300m on multinovas. Have turned off k-band for city driving as the falsies annoy the crap out of me. It's great but pricey! As good if not better than V1 from what I've read. Comes with "Euro" mode which allows a narrow Ka band sweep so it's not sweeping the whole of Ka band for multis, which only operate on certain frequencies.
  2. No, this is actually a Nissan gallery.
  3. Glad you all are enjoying some of the pics. Was great to see so many fine examples of the various GTRs in one place. It's hard to describe exactly where the main gallery is but there is a smaller one, which I found first, right at the Ginza 4 Chrome intersection and they have a handout of how to get to the main gallery. The small one is located off the Ginza subway station (Gate 9??) on the Ginza or Hibiya lines from memory. Dave
  4. SeriesIIGTST

    Nissan Gallery - Tokyo

    Collection of GTRs at Nissan Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
  5. Hey all Just had a long weekend in Tokyo and while I was there, i stumbled upon the Nissan Gallery. Took a few pics of all the GTRs and previous model skylines that were on display. Have a look if you like. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...m=1943&st=0 Dave
  6. And as for driving tips, as already mentioned above, monitor engine temps, carry extra fuel/octane booster just in case, drink plenty of water, go at your own pace and give yourself rest stops. Also, load up the stereo with plenty of good music cause you'll have hours and hours to kill! P.S. You drive safely too Ossie!
  7. Carl, have a safe drive over. Shoot me a PM when you arrive and we'll catch up for a brew
  8. Until last week I had "DISCR33T" Self explanatory. Sold to another R33'er. Ceased to be half as clever with my new car...
  9. i have experienced 49.05% of perth pubs. Almost nothing north of the river outside of the usual, scarbs, cott, area.
  10. wgmg As above. Perth drivers, period. can't drive, can't merge, can't kept left, can't negotiate a roundabout, can't park, can't see over the dashboard, can't f*cking see, can't give way, can't get outta my way, can't open car doors without damaging something, can't control their trolleys, can't think, can't understand traffic lights, can't overtake, can't drive without their bloody gay fog lights on, can't read a map, can't think of anything else my gears are so ground...
  11. Back when i had my 'line, i ordered a tonne of parts through Greenline including expensive stuff like turbo kits. Never had any problems. Saying that, it all arrived undamaged so hopefully IMACUL8 will have no dramas. Word of mouth can aide or kill a business quickly.
  12. Perth car, see link in WA section: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...howtopic=119728 PM's welcome but tire kickers/time wasters are not. Cheers! Dave
  13. Some of my efforts Taken with Canon Digital Ixus 50 Sorry if some are large!! (5MP camera)
  14. totally interested in group buy. I also want to replace the bulbs in my driving lights (standard s2 type)...oh oh, and my high beam cause i've done a 4 headlight conversion so my lowbeams stay on with my highbeam and now my HID's make my high beam look shit...
  15. I also installed mine today. Very happy with the lights as they look in the daylight, can't wait to see them in a few hours...Cheers to my bro for the help installing and damono for the install guide. All up only took us about 20-25mins. Too easy.
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