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  1. SAU Jacket 3XL Hi Peoples, I've pulled out a jacket from storage and hoping it would go to a new home. Purchased this many moons ago here. Had been worn for one winter season and that's all. The fluorescent white piping as pictured at the front is just showing signs of wear. $30 pickup or $40 delivered. Cheers
  2. 5. If you have multiple items for sale, post them all in a single thread! - do not create new threads for each item. A single thread is much easier to manage and helps reduce the amount of clutter in the classifieds section! 10. Multiple Threads - If you have more than one item to sell, use one thread only. DO NOT create one thread per item. If this is done, Mod/Admin will merge your threads without notice/warning. Having half a page of single item sales is pointless and clogs the forum.
  3. As title states, both front floor mats for a R33 with the secure hole for the drivers side. Slight bit of wear on drivers side but great condition for age. $30. Can post for extra but no s that it won't be creased. Adam 0450 492 883
  4. PM sent, Im also in Perth, South of the river for pickup
  5. an AFM is now organised, thankyou to all the responses ADZ
  6. If its not listed then ask if i have it as i have plenty of stuff. Canon S3 IS 6MP camera 12x Optical zoom, taken approx 3000 pic and perfect working order, no scratches on lens or lcd display paid $650 3yrs ago, only $230 Computer In Full Tower used as a server Gigabyte board with IDE raid P4 1.7 1GB of ram 5x 80gig WD IDE Drives USB 2 16x DVD Player No OS Comes with original Box with original manuals and drivers $250 or $280 with a scratched 15" acer LCD screen P4 intel 2Ghz 512Mb ram 64M video card 20Gig HDD 300W power supply DVD RW keyboard and Microsoft Mouse 17" CRT monitor $150 All 478 pin CPU's 1.5 P4 256/400 $8 1.6 P4 256/400 $10 1.7 Celeron 128/400 $8 1.7 P4 256/400 $12 2.6 P4 512/800 $35 ALL for $45 with a genuine intel heat sink and fan HDD's 2 x Western Digital IDE 40gig $15 each Both for $25 HP 2100 Laserjet A4 Printer, Parallel and Ethernet Connection, Old but more reliable then the new ones With almost brand new toner, excelent print quality $90 Joysticks Microsoft Force feed back pro, comes with all leads, its game port style not usb $5 Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - USB, works perfectly, been playing Flight sim X with this $25 Saitek X52 The most wonderful stick to use ever. comes with throttle control and joystick $120 FIRM KVM Switch for up to 4 pc's, No power supply is needed. I have all cables for 2 computers $15 Linksys SD2008 8 port 10/100/1000 switch, Has been running for approx 1 year with no problems. This is the fanless version which is silent and more reliable then the fan operating version $80 NetComm NB1300 Plus 4, 4 port 10/100 router, hardly used, I bought this a while ago as a spare $20 PlayStation 2 chipped, sometimes not working, 8M memory card, 2 controllers, about 50 games $100 firm
  7. As title says after a: R33 Series 1 AFM needed Im not sure if the S2 AFM is compatible Prefer Perth but let me know how much you want inc postage. Adam
  8. are you using the AFM if not how much?? Cheers
  9. Has the AFM gone?? If not ill take it Thanks Adam Edit: Ohhh i should had read pickup only, well if willing to post ill give you $65 posted to perth
  10. just to let everyone know, i just done this tutorial on my car as it was almost un-driveable and it has fixed it better then when i first got the car back 5 years ago. My issues were: 1. Stalling when slowing down 2. Miss-fire every second or two 3. Cant rev over 3000 without making lots of backfire and smoke out the exhaust 4. And every now and then entering limp home mode when first starting the car. I suggest everyone should try this if they have 2 or more of these symptoms If this didnt fix the car then i was going to get a Auto-Sparky to look at it.
  11. my guess is coil packs as well, if you back off the accelerator abit then it should reduce the stuttering.
  12. ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG Ill be coming as long as I get rid of my head cold
  13. can you get sizes in 18's ?? Cheers
  14. ROFL i must agree with HIPSI Gossies is pretty bad, one of the worst places to leave ANY car... haven't parked at Midland train station and i dont intend to either... Back on topic Best method ive found is to use Tooth Floss. Its worked 4 times for me in the past, maybe fishing line could work as well
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