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  1. Thanks, i will pass this info onto the mechanic
  2. @The Max - stock rotors but painted. ( i will get aftermarket non slotted soon) @DashyyPC - ya that what i ask the mechanic to do this week.
  3. Help!!!, i don't know what to anymore has someone with the same issue been able to fixed this. i have tried; performance pads (squeals @ low speed when hot) normal pads (u guess it squeals at low speed when hot) Thanks.
  4. Thanks anyway, ill have a look online once i get the diameter measurements. If its too hard, i probably get an exhaust instead
  5. Thanks guys, i will measure the rotor on the weekend and then check with DBA. @nickcorr - body style coupe
  6. Hello, I was wandering if anyone on the forum knows where i can buy front/rear slotted rotors for a 2008 370gt base model. I have not had any luck and have contacted DBA Aus but they do not make em. Any help, will be appreciated. Cheers.
  7. V36 Cover-Front Fender Left-Hand - Nissan (66895-JL00A) Hello, i am having trouble finding a replacement cowl cover left hand side, i have no idea how its missing. Only just noticed it: Part number i am looking for: 64895JL00A any assistance will be much appreciated. Cheers
  8. And not to mention somebody has spray painted underneath the car with solid dedner / balck paint to cover it up.
  9. In hind sight I should of got the car inspected before purchasing it and now I am paying the price, RAA in SA has condemned the vehicle as chasis has severe rust issues. I have made a formal complaint to the NSW Far Trade, hopefully they can help.
  10. Hi All, This dealership sold me an unroadworthy S15 spec R, which turn out to be a complete rust bucket. If you're dead set on buying a vehicle from be sure to get an independant inspect prior to buying as i dont want anyone else to be dupped by these guys.
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