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  1. saw sweetleafs stag on johnson road in bertram about 6pm today
  2. Spotted a Red Series one stag yesterday on the Kwinana freeway near roe highway heading north was for sale. Also saw one this morning on the way to work a series 2 heading down stirling highway towards fremantle.
  3. Spotted a white series 2 yesterday on Stock road in Spearwood yesterday and today saw a series one silver stag on albany highway outside carousel
  4. Inside the trim on the LHS of the boot there is a fair bit of space as the little storage pocket actually unclips from the back of the trim and there is more room either side and below it so you could probably hide an amp in there no probs you would just need to fabricate a bracket for it and if you were using fibreglass and were ok with the box coming out as far as the strut you could build a reasonable size box for a single sub as well
  5. I would say the Stagea replaced the Gloria and Cedric if you asked me
  6. spotted a white series 2 on beeliar drive on sunday you were heading towards the freeway and also spotted a silver series 2 but I for the life of me cannot remember where I spotted it
  7. I have seen a stag with an S15 wheel also and believe the sit stated that it was a straight swap I will be interested in the outcome of this as I need to replace mine it looks pretty worse for wear
  8. cost cutting I guess. So many people buy small softroaders nowdays so the market has been shrinking for a while I guess that with money being tight with nissans profits shrinking some models need to be put to pasture. Pity really as the Stagea is a fantastic vehicle
  9. What company did you use to bring in your Stagea? Was it a local WA company? If you dont want to mention it publicly can you PM me
  10. Spotted a Red series one with a bodykit at the lights on the corner of Dixon Rd and Ennis ave in Rockingham last night about 8:00 looked sweet
  11. I have zenetti kaotic rims on mine is shadow chrome 18x8 but will eventually replace them with something like Volk GT-AV's
  12. spotted a white stag heading up rockingham road about 8am on monday morning going towards henderson tried to catch up but traffic was a bit heavy and it was pretty wet
  13. mcnamg

    Door Trims

    Do you mean that the drivers door doesnt have a grab handle that sticks out of the door like the other 3 doors and that the drivers door just has an insert to grab hold of in the flat part of the arm rest?? if so then mine is the same
  14. I see that one around all the time had to stop and think if it was me for a sec as I was on beeliar road last night about that time but I remembered I was in the wifes Territory so it must be the other silver Stagea thats around the area
  15. spotted a silver series one which was bone stock on the kwinana freeway it got on at leach hwy onramp and off at south street
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