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  1. Yes my mate who I've built this patrol with has a wideband 02. Will pm you the current map I have which another member has kindly sent (But not currently firing up the car).
  2. Hi mate, was hoping for someone to have a map that mimics the factory full map (my old factory ECU is not useable atm) or lightly modified map that I'll analyse/ compare in the wolf software before thinking to use. Purely to use the car for basic duties until getting full tune (5 weeks wait at Sabbadin etc). Also have tried temporarily using two other Series 1 factory ecu's with no luck, the wolf however fired up straight away.
  3. Gents, as per the subject is it possible that i can be sent a Wolf 3D V4 base map to suit an RB25DET? Ive got an RB powered Patrol GQ and have just chucked in a Wolf 3d with a start up map, but would love to have a complete map to compare and have a play/tune with. Would be really grateful if anyone can help with this PS: Ive got 3" exhaust, hi flow filter, PWR intercooler etc. My email is [email protected]
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