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  1. Started about a week ago, when cold go near boost and I'd hear the loudest whine coming from the turbo and boost would peak at 3-2psi. After 10-15 minutes it'd be back to normal boost back to 12psi fine no noises. Now the is a constant thing, as of the other morning it still makes boost but the smallest amount and that horrible noise. Car basically has no power behind it anymore. Being a standard op6 turbo wouldn't it make zero noise if the comp wheel was blown? As it'd shoot it out the exhaust From a visual inspection the cooler pipes are all on and tight, turbo base gasket maybe? Or is the turbo just stuffed
  2. Awesome thanks guys, just after a quick fix for now so the car is driveable so 10psi will be fine. Gearbox needed rebuilding, turbo went and then got rear ended to top it all off, all in 14 days. So unfortunately the turbo got the quick/cheaper fix for now
  3. Basically my op6 r34 turbo is dead, for a quick fix will the 21u r33 turbo (highflowed) as i can't afford the gtx3076 just yet but need the car on the road. As far as I'm aware it'll bolt on, and being highflowed would assume it'd be same/better than a standard op6?
  4. Hey guys, not sure if this is the correct place to post so please feel free to move it. When my engine is cold my turbo will whine like crazy at the slightest hint of boost, but give it 5-10 minutes and it's back to normal. In those first few minutes, it will boost to max 2psi then after that will boost up to the 12psi. But when I'm not on boost the gauge will sit below 0. The car is stock, other than a FMIC, Coils Packs and Exhaust. (RB25DET NEO, R34 GTT) Is this a leak? Or is the turbo on its way out?
  5. Up for sale is my gaming PC. CPU: i7-2700k 3.5ghz GPU: Geforce GTX 580 Gainwind 2GB Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3R Ram: 16gb Consair Vengeance PSU: 1000w cooler master Storage: 2TB HDD & 240GB SSD Comes with two Asus LCD 26" screens and a razor Lycosa keyboard. $1000 or make me an offer i want it gone soon. Located Hoppers Crossing Vic
  6. Going to Loui's performance tomorrow but I'll check out those guys! I found alot don't do turbos. Most pointed me to loui's
  7. Hey guys, New to vic, moved up from Tassie wanting to know of some good mechanics/workshops around Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook areas. Have a rather large boost leak and would like to get it fixed asap. All help appreciated
  8. I never got mine to fit, after measuring the stock and aftermarket U clip the size difference was just to big, Flush fit bonnet pins and metal safety catch on the U clip so if the pins fail the bonnet won't fly up and smash the windshield/roof
  9. I had a similar problem with a carbon bonnet without pins, unbolted the latch assembly and filed out the bolt holes so it could be bolted higher up gave it the extra height for the U clip to click into place
  10. Hey guys, Just had my R34 coupe resprayed, when pulling the doors apart for the spray we got to the door handles and the rubber seal was completely destroyed. Is there somewhere aftermarket to get them? Or genuine Nissan only? Sorry if this is the wrong area to post, just assumed it was to do with a respray it'd be the best place. Cheers
  11. Wanted: R34 Bonnet (After market or stock. Aslong as it's not damaged) Located Launceston, PM if you have something
  12. I only noticed it a handful of times before the clutch was replaced, not very often at all either. I got the clutch replaces along with a lightweight flywheel and new trans fluid on Monday and I've noticed it alot since, but it's the same noise as before it was replaced.
  13. Hey guys, Lately I've noticed a strange noise/rattle coming from the front of the car at low revs, between 1-2k revs. I noticed it awhile back on and off, but I just got the clutch replaced and I notice it alot more but it still doesn't do it all the time. Example, slowing down for speed humps, 2nd gear just sitting around 10-20kms put the foot down to speed up again and the weird rattle noise appears but hit 2-3k revs and gone car sounds normal. Also does it taking off at lights sometimes aswell, does it through all gears if I let the revs drop to much without changing down gears. Anyone know what it could be? Cheers
  14. The only downside to E85 tune would be the lack of places that sell it close by to me. As far as i'm aware the closest place to me is 2-3hours away. So for now anything i do will be 98 pump tune. So you also think i should stick with the 25det neo and just support mods on that? The engine sits standard at the moment with just shy of 160XXX Kms on it.
  15. I did try the search function, As i said. But thank you for being a smartarse and linking me the page and telling me other places to look. Its Tasmania, We don't have defect stations ever I figure i will want more power down the track its just a starting point, unless you can push the same amount of big power out of a 25neo as a 30/26
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