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  1. Some more pictures. Have some small marks from removing them. Asking $1500 with free shipping within Australia
  2. Hey guys. I have a set of wheels from a 2012 R35.No major marks or rushes on them but the paint is a bit rough as they have been resprayed.Tires are not included and wheels will be available after the 5th of August.Looking for $1600. I am in South Sydney. I can post for free Australia wide as well. Thanks
  3. Bump! $1800 and free shipping Australia wide. This weekend only! 🙂
  4. More pictures...better and cleaned 🙂
  5. BUMP...? anyone any RESONABLE offers? need them gone
  6. Bump guys! any reasonable offers? i need them gone 🙂
  7. Here are some pictures. Looking for $2000 with free shipping Australia wide.
  8. Hi everyone. I have a set of front stock calipers from a 2014 R35, and I would like to know if there is any interest on these and how much people are willing to pay for them. They have 26k kms and they are in good condition. How ever the outer bleeder of the front right caliper, was broken inside while bleeding the brakes and it has been re sleeved. No leaks and works fine. With the brembo cap on you cant even tell. The only difference is that you will need an 8 spanner instead of an 11 if you want to bleed the brakes. I am located in Sydney but I am happy to post Australia wide for free if I get a good offer. The calipers are still on the car but I will replace them tomorrow so I will post pictures on Saturday morning. Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me or reply to this topic. Thanks
  9. Hey guys as the title says I am looking for a front right caliper for a 2012 GTR. I know it’s hard to find just one but just in case someone has one please let me know. I dont mind the condition (scratches, fainted color, pots, seals) as long as the structure of the caliper is solid. I am in Sydney. Thanks John
  10. Thanks mate. Sorry for the delay on replying. Look for a 2012+ as they are better value for money. Do all the checks that you would do before buying a car. Check the bell housing for any rattles and TBH take it to a Nissan dealer for inspection to plug it to Consult 3. Good luck if you haven't bought one yet!
  11. Thanks mate so it doesn't need the high flow one? i am afraid that the engine will not lubricate properly
  12. Oil filter question Hi guysI am an owner of a 2012 GTR and on Saturday I did my first oil change.I got the oem oil filter with part number 1520 831U0b but the filter on the car had part number 1520 831U01-t1.The first one is slightly smaller and I also noticed that the holes inside the oil filter are much smaller, so I guess the flow won't be the same?Will that cause any issues?Any input would greatThanksJohn
  13. Hi guys I managed to find a paint that's very close to the rims. It's testors tt1253t. costs 5 bucks from hq.com.au Thanks
  14. Nissan GTR 2012 Alloy Wheel Paint Code Hi all Anyone knows the paint code for the 2012 GTR wheels? Tried K11 but its too dark. Ive asked Nissan and they told me that there is no paint code... Any help? Thanks
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