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  1. So how would one get a new g series on say, the stock manifold? Could it be done and would it work well? It looks like the standard exhaust housing is vband?
  2. Epic! Where do u get ur oem parts from mostly and how do u find the part numbers typically?
  3. Soild plan, keen on either assuming the hks arent rubbish of course!
  4. Can i dibs the outgoing poncams? Very keen to see results!
  5. Oh wow you went with the altrack - post pics when u get it i was very close to going for it but found a hks cast and imported that for a good price (much less obiously) - whats the altrack costing landed? On the hks cams note, loving the convo and in same spot as yourself. I wonder - is there any quantifiable added benefit in the 264 ex. Cam combined with the better flowing ex. manifold (i.e. hks or altrack)?
  6. Atr43g3sat with external gate from hypergear looks to be the goods, best response for that power from what ive read and also for the right price Surprised by all the gtx3071 votes, lots of people talk about using that turbo but ive not really seen too many that do (dyno graphs that is)
  7. I've been running through this same turbo question. Hypergear ATR43G3SAT external gated and BB seems to be the winner for me. ATR45SAT if you want headroom to make more power which with a built engine you'll probs want in a year or 2.
  8. jukic. j, Best of luck with the sale mate, I think that is car looks clean and would suit somebody who is looking to buy a r33 with decent mods, rims look great. However, I wonder why you need guidance on the sale price? I've been watching the sale section of skylineau for the last few months and noticed how active you have been! I can you remember that you posted on a r33 GTR for sale thread not so long ago clearing stating that we are currently at a point in time which is considered a 'buyers market'? Within that post you provided evidence for this stating that you recently bought your 240rwkw r33 gts-t for $8000. I wonder, is this the same car you bought not so long ago? If it happens to be the same one (and I could be mistaken if you have two r33's with 240rwkw) then shouldn't you as a member of the skyline community have a clear understanding of the market, the value of the car? Cheers!
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