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  1. Checking out the lap times, some nice cars in there.... the Ferrari 458 GT3 must have been awesome to see and hear down the main straight!
  2. Yeah Calder sucks as far as surface quality and facility upkeep is concerned.
  3. Clearly, you don't know what you're talking about.
  4. Holy Old School, Batman! It's teh Monkehh!
  5. Yes that's old mate Golgo "and then there's this, um, quite juicy STI start button".... lel
  6. Is Nissan motorsport Australia shutting down their operation or are they just clearing out old/surplus parts?
  7. The horns are in front of the radiator. Attached to the bonnet locking mechanism.
  8. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/roadworthiness/get-a-certificate-of-roadworthiness
  9. Can I please request my username be changed to Downforce I sold my R34 a long time ago. Cheers
  10. Unfortunately other priorities for me right now so no the S15 won't be out.
  11. Hah I'm sure you would! You're probably one of only a few people who've seen it on the track and remember what it looks like.
  12. I think they are fork type from memory
  13. I will admit I have been super lazy... the s15 is collecting dust. The answer to your question is I don't know.... I hang my head in shame every time I look at the car.
  14. Impressive time nonetheless. I wonder how much quicker you would be in the R33 on AO50's..
  15. Everyone will have their own preference on ecu and fuel management systems but I agree people like to follow popular opinion, regardless of whether or not it's based on truth. I have seen cars putting out over 400rwkw with a PowerFC doing just fine. Going higher power output some people tend to favour the additional tuning features that come with more expensive systems, such as Motec or Haltech. Each to their own, whatever works.
  16. Nothing wrong with PowerFC. Anyway, if John's R33 isn't road registered then as per the rules it shouldn't be in street class, should be in Modified - bit dodgy there sorry Richo
  17. Very impressive John, especially on those tyres! Would you go to AO50 if you could use them in the same class without putting you in Modified? If your R33 is classified as Street then it's still road registered???
  18. lol this guy.... nice 6 year old thread bump 33silversword if you bothered to read that it was sold years ago, maybe you would not have posted.
  19. In all seriousness, if any new drivers want to get out and have an introduction to club sprint days - this is your event. Likewise, if you have the opportunity for an experienced driver like John to ride along giving you tips from the passenger seat, I would definitely recommend it! It's always better to start off learning the right way, rather than try to undo the habits of doing it wrong.
  20. Can you "couch" me too Richo please..? I'd love a good couch session hahaha lulz
  21. If you don't have a properly accessible tow hook, especially on the front of your car, then you accept your front bar might be damaged if you do need to be towed off the track. The recovery guys are not going to wait for you to take your front bar off. Stickers cost $2. Put a tow strap connected to your factory chassis tow point in the front and then cut a neat incision through the front bar. Modern cars have the tow point already mounted through the front bar, just pop off the front cover plate and screw in a tow loop for the day.
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