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  1. Genuine Nismo blank key, new in box. Bought this around 12 years ago and couldn’t bring myself to cut it. I no longer have any cars that use the 10-point key, so might as well pass it on to someone that needs it. KEY01-RN010 Suits S15, R34, and a host of others (see photo). Can also be cut to suit the R32/33 (shorter). $600 Pick up from Wetherill Park during business hours, or Schofields out of hours.
  2. Where are you located? What height ranges do the collars give?
  3. FYI, R33 arms don’t have the hole w/cup for the S15 swaybar link. Bump stop is also slightly different.
  4. This isn't a group buy in the traditional 'get an existing product cheaper' sense, but more a 'please please please let us own these arms' - as such, I don't have a minimum run time (sooner the better?) or delivery information. So please, bear with me. GKTech recently put up their design for an R32 GTR/Z32 front upper control arm based on the Group A design. Unfortunately, he has shelved the project due to it being prohibitively expensive - so I want to get some arms raised to get these on the market. The issue with most camber arms flogging out bearings is that the inner and outer bearings are locked parallel to each other - however when you add caster, the bolts are no longer equal. To stop the bearings getting flogged out, the arm needs to be able to rotate. The only arm currently on the market is made by Unique Autosports. UAS's design has the rotation, however is very expensive ($595). Speaking with Greg at GKTech, in order to get the ball rolling he will need a minimum of 30 sets @ $399. Who's keen?
  5. That BSB is the Commonwealth bank in Martin Place, Sydney.
  6. No dude. I bought them two years ago.. ..then sold them, and that person has sold them, then THAT person sold them, and now they are on a mates' car :lol:
  7. I have been asked for pictures of the mesh and filament. In case this was of interest to more of you, I'll post them here.
  8. For sale Item: Genuine Bosch Z32 AFM's Location: Bowral, NSW Willing to post: Yes (at buyer's expense) Price: $250ea (firm) Condition: Brand new, still in original boxes. Bought from Kudos Motorsport for my GTR, however I have decided to keep the factory air box and piping, so to make it easier for myself I'll be coughing up the extra cash for Nismo AFM's. http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/bosch-mass-air-flow-maf-sensor-bosch-f00e000202-nissan-300zx-z32-vg30de-vg30dett-p-287.html
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