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  1. Is there still a VIC Members section of the forum? reason i ask is i have paid membership got my membership number but dont seem to be able to view it on the forum
  2. Just got suits from here Better then some of the brand name $1000+ suits i have and will be going there again.
  3. How long from payment before we can expect anything regards to SAU membership? I thought i read something on the website but i cant seem to find it.
  4. Blue R33 GTR having fun on heatherton rd e-hills with a white commodore ute I was in the work car (Black FT86) 100% put a smile on my face
  5. Universal front splitter made from fiberglass Location: Melb Price: $300 Willing to post
  6. brake speed Motorsport Pedal box for sale Location Melbourne Price $300 5:1 ratio comes with master cylinders to suit 4 pot front 2 pot rear set-up with brake bias control comes with reservoirs all unused just plumb up set bias and use Approx Dimensions: Width 260mm Pedal Height 280mm Box Depth 140mm Depth Including Master Cylinder 250mm Master Cylinders 2 X .625 1 X .700 Willing to post.
  7. Yeah i use to have a EVO 6 the stopping power of a stock EVO system with a good set of pads was awesome. this could be next level and more then enough for most people (Cyber evo use to run this same setup on there evo)
  8. What are the rotors off? is there any size increase in these as well? from the stock 298mm?
  9. Item: Federal FZ201 Semi slicks Location: S.E Suburbs Melb Price: $1000 Size: 255/40/17 2 Are in wrapping other 2 have been trail fitted and i could not fit these under my guards and that is why they are up for sale. they have been stored under my house in basement in cool conditions so have not turned to shit. Picture is example of what you will be getting. happy to post more pictures if need be but just like any new tire they are round in shape and made from rubber
  10. Posting for updates. Where is everyone getting there HTA wheels from? States or someone in Australia?
  11. Would love just one of these turbos. Good luck with sale.