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  1. +1 motor out did this job only 3 weeks ago
  2. OS-88 sequential 6 speed gearbox Option 1 gear ratios Converted to suit RWD application Can be put back to AWD by swapping the modified transfer case back to a standard GTR item. Includes shifter, gearbox mount, holinger strain gauge gear knob, gear indicator sensor and clutch disc to suit gearbox input shaft using rb clutch pressure plate. Will bolt onto any RB engine The gearbox does have a problem falling out of gear and will require being serviced/inspected before use. Open to serious offers Located Blacktown 2148 Happy to help with shipping but at buyers expense.
  3. I put a brand new HKS hi power recently on a customers car and it quietened it down immensly (straight piped ej25) but still had plenty of rumble. They were quite happy with it. Just ordered one for myself.
  4. Its likely extra long to account for top mount turbo manifolds
  5. I didn’t see any head oil restrictors mentioned in your list. They’re a must.
  6. Will need to be EFI fuel hose. Any type will do, it’s not moulded.
  7. There are rubber lines that join the hard lines from the fuel tank and fuel rail. If these haven’t been replaced they could be brittle and start cracking
  8. Could be a boost leak or it might be pulling timing. Have you checked for fault codes?
  9. Disconnect the afm’s and see if it will start in limp mode. Kind of sounds like a cas issue
  10. +1 mishimoto fans are no good. Been there done that. Also check with an aftermarket gauge or plug into the ecu to verify your temps
  11. I have the NPC single plate, 6 puk. Great clutch, 4 years of abuse at 330kw. Light under foot but very bitey.
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