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About Me

RIPS built Race spec RB30 with Nitto 3.2 Stroker kit
RIPS Billet block brace + main caps
RIPS Extended sump with baffles
Tomei Oil Pump
RIPS Catch-can
Horsepowerheads drag spec RB26 head - CNC'd and fully built head with 286/278 cams
Nitto head drain kit
Greddy 4 inch Intake
6Boost Exhaust
EFR9180 1.05 Turbo
4 inch Titanium full exhaust system
Hypertune Gen2 intercooler
PRP Crank/Cam trigger kit
PRP R35 Coil kit
PRP AC Bracket
PRP Alternator bracket
Albins R32 Sequential transmission(circuit spec)
OS Giken R3C
CWC Alternator kit
TurboSmart Pro 60mm Wastegate
TurboSmart FPR 2000
TurboSmart turbo Oil pressure regulator
TurboSmart EFR Blow off valve
-10 Fuel feed
-8 Fuel return
Frenchy's performance twin intank kit
2x Walbro Hellcat fuel pumps
Aeromotive PWM fuel pump controller
Alpha Omega race spec tail shaft




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