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  1. f**k. I've got an Albins coming in, which should help I hope
  2. Yep, sounds right.. I had my head CNC'd as well, so thats probably what it is. I just dont want a super aggressive lumpy idle and bunny hop with my triple plate in slow speeds.
  3. Thoughts? I've attached the specs sheet.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a new CNC'd 26 head with the Kelfords catalogue thrown in it, good for 12+rpm. Flow specs: .450" Intake -295cfm Exhaust 214cfm Now my cam specs seem a bit wild/weird? Anyone have experience with the Kelfords split type cams? My specs are: Intake 278mm @ 10.8mm Exhaust - 286mm - 10.80mm Any ideas what it would be like paired with a 3.2 and a 9180?
  5. To the OP - I'd recommend talking to the likes of Herman from PRP or even RIPS(New Zealand) who could sell you a good block, or even do a basic shortblock. At least you'd know they're built right.
  6. I'm not sure, I've been advised that its a 'race only' block, and its not suited for the street. I've been trying to dig up info on this but no-one seems to want to disclose. I also heard that some people advised on pre-heating the coolant prior to starting or some crap. Another thing I found is that billet blocks need lots of oil pressure(dry sump) as apparently the clearances become tight when at temperature. These are just claims I've heard, so I don't know how accurate they are.
  7. Pretty sure you cant run the billet block on the street.
  8. Looks good alright. I went with BrakesDirect kit. I went with the bigger 378mm 6 pot front and 355mm 4 port rear's. Price wise, its pretty decent.
  9. If you can, then that will be an epic xmas gift Nah, I didnt bother starting mine. Too many times have I changed my routes haha. I am here now, almost home time now. Fingers crossed!
  10. I have a EFR 9180. I want to max my turbo and see what she makes. You should be able to hit 450awkw as long as the tune is spot on.
  11. Ah right, so your HICAS will be the return lines then as they are slightly bigger then the fuel lines. I pulled my HICAS out last weekend and appreciated the size difference. Mine hasnt started yet, will be hopefully by end of this month. Power goals, no idea, but limited by my turbo i'd say. You?
  12. Hey mate, I have this exact kit, with twin Walbro's as well. I also have the FPR 2000. What size lines will you be running? I've got -10 feed and -8 return with 1650 FIC injectors. Looks like you've got a similar fuel setup.
  13. Did you pay extra for it? I have a 3.2 but i didnt receive such a report.
  14. You're right, back in the day, most of the GTR's though were either 2.6, or 2.8 only. RB30's werent THAT common. I was in this exact boat when planning for a gearbox. I went with a 3.2 route. I sussed out all my options and talked to a tonne of people around what options there were for GTR's(excluding auto's here): * Getrag 6 speed * Gearset * Sequential Personally, I wanted peace of mind hence why I didnt go for a gearset or 6 speed. I mean, by the time you've done either of those 2 options you wouldn't get much change from 15K right? Plus, I dont know how long they would last with the fat torque of the 3.2...I also scoped out the sequentials out there, and in the end I went with the Albins as to me it seemed like the pick of the crop(Not saying the other Seq manufactures are shit, but its just my opinion). Plus, the Albins kit literally comes with everything minus the clutch.. no faffing around looking for tailshafts/transfer cases etc.
  15. Too late, they have binned all their billet and are now offering a stock 2JZ crank instead in their kits.
  16. BRB.. I'll call Nitto and tell em their cranks should be rated to under 9k, and under 1000hp.
  17. I personally, wouldn't spin a stock rb30 crank to 9k.. but that's just me playing it safe, even if it prepped and has all the supporting mods and hardware.
  18. Cool thanks for pointing out. Will make a point not to talk to you in future.
  19. I've noticed alot of the yanks(it seems) swap out their 25 cam covers for 26 covers. They might as well stick a GTR front bumper and slap on a GTR sticker.
  20. Assume you have a R33? If so, then the torque of the RB30 will most def kill your box(Depends how much power you are actually shooting for).
  21. Tomei all the way(Not saying other brands are bad).
  22. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I ended up going with the Albins as well. Sure was the most expensive but I do plan on pushing the motor to around 12-1300hp hence the decision.
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