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    Touch football. Friends, Car, Music, Snowboarding, Living life, Loving life :)

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    BAII XR8, '93 RB20 Silvia
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    You get one guess

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  1. Listen to Dan, he is the man. That is all.
  2. no shit? like dan from forever ago? i need someone that will come to me, car needs to be engineer'd before rwc before rego... wish i could remember the dude i used last time
  3. Looking for a recommendation on a 'approved person' who has looked at/worked with imports before. Car already has a blue plate, looking to get some further mods engineer'd
  4. Those cool enough will know.... http://www.dontstayin.com/members/dan-timcke-dj
  5. this thread is no longer what it used to be... that is all
  6. You'd know the company... I'm on roma st, above the transit centre technical side of the business, development and implementation of new technology. just started CCNA ... zzzzz
  7. who do u work for (if u dont mind me asking) we are in the same industry
  8. We have some of the best diving spots in our own backyard.... seen them yet? However to answer your question, no.
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