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  1. Older engine into newer car no go with rego bro
  2. Always a great plan to not choose the logical option.spend heaps more cash for a worse result. But at least you will be different!!!!!
  3. get a clutch from an Aussie clutch company. Tell them what you want it to do. Buy what they say will work.
  4. Good work. For lighting get a decent head torch. They absolutely rule.then you don't need any other lighting at all! Even though the halogens do a good job keeping you warm with the amount of heat they put out.
  5. What! After all the work on your manifold you arent going to use it. Were you worried it would explode?
  6. Because they are 6.5 s, and no amp. They aren't subs mate
  7. Hi mate, we are now friends. Thanks for asking. Renting a small garage to pull car apart does seem daunting, do you have the required tools?
  8. Best reason ever to turbo something
  9. @Kinkstaah should be able to answer some.of those questions.or all of them.
  10. If you have specific information on that you should report the post and get him banned.
  11. You can still make full boost with a leak . The turbo works heaps harder to do it.
  12. Cool plan. How much money do you have? Road trip to Perth and some other states sounds odd, considering driving to Perth is literally driving the furthest point away from other states....
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