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  1. It's not hate, it's fact. Look at them all you want but don't assume they are actually working properly! 2 years no job is a solid effort
  2. 4.5 v at max throttle is normal. 5v sensors showing above 4.5v usually indicates an error of some sort.
  3. Ben C34

    Actually I will add to the good info now that I think of it. commodores had different tapped holes in the caliper depending on the year. Can't remember what size or when it changed..... not a dealbreaker but something to keep in mind with brake swaps
  4. Ben C34

    Very nice . In case people don't realise these are the same as the brembo brakes fitted to VF commodores.
  5. Ben C34

    It would be pretty special to get the oil and coolant lines wrong on a turbo but did you? I don't know. My powers aren't that good.
  6. Ben C34

    Start a new thread, don't turn this into chat. Anyway, literally the post above yours answers your question.
  7. nope, non turbo neo head has substantially smaller ports. like tiny small
  8. Probably not, there will be a wierd gap where the traction control cutout is, and the na neo have the weird double intake to plenum so will need some cutting.. Does Google image not work for you?
  9. Ben C34

    Car looks sweet. It is amazing that they make the gate path like that, considering there is enough space to put a bend in rather than a sharp Junction.
  10. Ben C34

    You are confusing rotating and reciprocating mass. nevertheless the speed at which an engine can increase in revs when it matters, ie accelerating a car, is really dependent on how powerful the engine is, (keeping gear ratio, car weight the same)
  11. Imitate? seems like an odd choice, but there are certainly worse choices out there... its got some sweet upgrades. Larger alternator and bespoke wiring loom! wow.
  12. Ben C34

    Slap, this makes no sense. your posts are a mix of sensible helpful statements, confusing bits, and complete nonsense. This for example. if the rpm is the same how on earth can the piston accelerate or decelerate differently with a different compression ratio? the factors deciding piston speed are RPM, stroke, rod length. not compression. not possible.
  13. Nope you want a rolled thread for strength not a cut one
  14. Yes you have to bypass the igniter. It’s done by bypassing it