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  1. I have the full Holden service info pdf set, it is massive. When iam able to operate a computer correctly I will pm a Dropbox link to you. Few beers in so could get bad athe moment
  2. That keep left sign is next level retarded
  3. Oh yeah! Now you are talking. Get a new plastic power steering resorvoir, they are cheap as and then you get rid of that yellowy plastic crap. skid vids please
  4. How would a meet occur when there are extremely clear limitations on gatherings my dude?
  5. More important than the size of the bov is what ecu you plan to use?
  6. It is a pretty funny argument though , good job boys. one based on actual experience the other on theory. Who will win?
  7. Don't do it. If you need a complete hand holding through the process get someone to do it . I would seriously doubt a complete guide for your engine on how to replace valve stem seals exists, (and it isn't required. Its same concept regardless of anything)
  8. If the cam is on the bench I don't see how it could push a valve open
  9. You are looking at the wrong cars if reliability is your top concern
  10. It is weird they bothered drilling and tapping then plugging it, but that's what they did. What's even stranger is they did the same on rb30 blocks. Good on them for helping us out though !
  11. Dfco. I have it off, man I am bad. Oh the theoritacal savings out the window..
  12. What the f**k,? Just drive it. You don't need a map of the engine
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