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  1. Ps. Swap coils with known working ones .
  2. It's not really a worthwhile swap. What do you hope to gain with Rb26?
  3. Radiator fan shroud looks weird. Along with everything else. Would not bang
  4. No solder, just twisted together?
  5. Ben C34

    Do it. It's only double the rating.
  6. Ben C34

    A Nissan Rb rocker cover gasket.
  7. Does it run good? What fuel are you using? Do you not beleive previous owner for some reason?
  8. As above, I would suggest you have missed the little bolts that everyone misses first time around without a manual to guide them.
  9. Ben C34

    Search for re4r01a temp sensor. Here's a vid on how to test it. (haven't watched it, it could suck!)
  10. Ben C34

    It should be noted that it is not required or a good use of money buying iridium plugs for Rb engines, or most for that matter when cheap as copper plugs work perfectly fine
  11. Ben C34

    You searched and couldn't figure out of single or twins are better? I find that hard to believe. Any way, the more the better, why stop at 2? 3 would be sweet. Imagine the looks on peoples faces when you tell them.
  12. That's assuming he is listening to the factory sensor. Ask if he used it or his own sensor when tuning to rule out this possibility.
  13. Ben C34

    The vac line to the bov tells it to open, however when under boost also pushes it closed. Doing that will allow it to leak on boost. The obvious thing to try is plumbing it correctly. If you wan a non functioning bov you either need to block it off properly or use a one way valve on the vac line