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  1. Looks tidy. Need to get fan shroud back on there, as it is the fan won't work well
  2. Just remove the bolts. Sounds like you reallly want to! Yes you will have to remove them to attach the pod, that should be fairly obvious. then sit back and enjoy the pointless mod you have just implemented.
  3. If you are poor you should sell it. this will cost thousands to fix, assuming you know what you are doing...which based on that post doesn't appear to be the case
  4. Anything. Considering a genuine gasket has lasted this long surely that would be a sensible choice, reality is anything will work fine though.
  5. What is the China option you have found?
  6. Well that just won't work. There's a reason they vent to in front of the turbo. Also turbo won't "foul up"
  7. https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/182-Mazworx-SRVG-Adapter-Plate.aspx There's one. Just search for Sr vg adaptor plate
  8. Nice. What's the stubby thing sideways before the rear muffler? Little resonator?
  9. I think there it’s one in the for sale section now
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