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  1. Ben C34

    That's a factory boost solenoid with factory wires that will lead back to the factory ecu. Hardly worth chasing, certainly don't pull your dash apart to solve this non mystery.
  2. Ben C34

    That's stock crank territory
  3. Ben C34

    I would think so but I'm not a bearing expert. Can't see the construction being different, but give a bearing place a call to confirm
  4. Ben C34

    Cant you just pull the seal out?
  5. Ben C34

    I admire your desire to help, but there is literally no way, ever, that O2 sensor wiring will affect the steering. Never ever.
  6. They are both advertised duration. I would think at this stage more development has been done by kelford than tomei.
  7. Not even close with that guess man........ It's likely going to be a switch or relay issue so you are on the right track. Intermittent problems are the worst
  8. Aussie vin. I take that as being an Aus delivered car in which case they do care.
  9. If your car is an import Nissan Australia won't give a shit. That's how it works.
  10. Or just tell em no and go about your day Don't stop, keep on boost and they will be long gone. Cos turbo
  11. I would be trying a different cas to see if that helps. With heat they can get worse. First thing that's easy as is clean the maf, but that's not likely to help in this case. A video won't help, and I can't see what an exhaust related issue would be, but hey it's up to you.
  12. Ben C34

    No don’t do that. Unless it is part of a big single turbo conversion