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  1. You are going to have to take out the blown one at some point, might as well do it now and answer this puzzling mystery
  2. Those arrows are something else. As is the bov.. f**ked if I know what it means..???
  3. Is rather see a big skid right past your house. More street kred imo
  4. Something that a magnet sticks to or smells funny?
  5. That's very much camber and you will have bad tyre wear and you will crash and at some stage die.
  6. Bodgy option is set two step rpm to 2500 and see if you can build some boost, then deactivate 2step then trans brake. Should be able to that with a timer setup for consistency.
  7. What ecu are you using? I would be going down a 2step path rather than pulling the converter
  8. If you are happy with a slow car that looks a bit crap then go for it.
  9. Those parts will last long enough for you to put the car into a tree no worries.
  10. rust

    That's just surface rust and would be super easy to sort out.
  11. Push one in gently at first, then a bit more. Gently ease more fingers in.then more.. More. Bam. It's off
  12. Dafuq? He wants someone to tell him. Not to figure it out by himself.