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  1. Well the quoted bit on closed loop is a crap description, and you are misinterpreting it. Nevermind. You do you
  2. Needs to plumb back in between maf and turbo.
  3. Pretty sure we are not the right audience for Slap. We are not worthy
  4. Slap, don't you tune with resistors and and a spanner?
  5. Get a garage 7 ipc. Wil do that and way more and better price.
  6. Slap read something about toluene and now we get this nonsense. Cheers Slap.
  7. Slap, looking at plugs for variations is a completely sensible thing to do. It isn't going to be super accurate but will show differences. The best would be 6 widebands, is that what you do? Or second best is egt. But even then thats an indirect measurement.
  8. Adding toluene to petrol is old school . Definitely heard of.
  9. Ethanol is added to make it smell good. 👍
  10. Take the cap off a running engine. Oil doest come shooting out
  11. Considering the oil under pressure has nothing to do with the oil cap, the only pressure will be caused by blow by and will be a few psi at most, yes they are safe.
  12. just to clear things up a bit, hopefullly, a tight gap wont cause problems but it shouldnt be required for the amount of power you are making. .5 mm spark plug gap isnt worthy of the concern on its own. It seems like its the worse thing ever reading through this thread. plenty of guys run that sort of gap when required.
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