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  1. Wow, that’s a sweet result. About 300kw st 3800 rpm!
  2. They are pretty slow standard.
  3. I'd Reccomended a power glide.
  4. Get a spacer made on the flange if you don’t want to involve a hammer
  5. Be fine to drive to tuner.
  6. Why would you have to do it all from underneath? Are you going to make the car get up so high and not be able to reach for the whole job? I can understand wanting to do it all from the top if for some reason you had no jack or lived on the side of a hill
  7. , that has a voltage output. Not the weird frequency afm's.
  8. Why did you buy rb25 pistons? Pretty sure there are differences in the pin height.
  9. Buy a timing light plug lead and a spanner. That would cost less than 65$
  10. Fully forged? The whole thing? Or just pistons? Genuinely curious.
  11. He said completely standard bottom end.
  12. He said completely standard bottom end.
  13. Forums are for spoon feeding people. f**kedif I know how these people think people figured shit out before the internet was plastered with how to guides....
  14. Wow, that's awesome I always thought you like women's shoes, didn't realise that is what your name means! The ecu seems to know stuff about the coils, so even if the primary resistance is the same, the dwell requirements may be different and giving different feedback, causing the code