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  1. Don't put being different ahead of wasting heaps of money. Barra swaps make sense on Australia as the engines are common and easy to get. In the states you need to pay a premium, so the obvious choice is to use something that is readily available. If you are deviating from readily available there are heaps of other choices that make more sense. Good luck with what ever you decide
  2. Cams never touch the pistons. But seriously without knowing anything about lift and duration of regrind how do we guess?
  3. Well that is an option for sure. Ine cylinder burning some oil will mean it is more likely to detonate, and considering that is damage you can see I would be cautious of what you can't see. Oil galleries full of junk, bearing clearances wrong etc. Keeping the bores clean is one of the easiest parts of building an engine.
  4. Keep adding boost until it goes bang, then back off 2psi for safety
  5. How does the oil look? I would be concerned with that pressure assuming gauge is correct
  6. they aren't that fast, so maybe the initial inaccurate feeling of speed has worn off. In fact stock they are slow and many cars will dust them easily. it is extremely hard to believe the 60K's on the clock. what the f**k does mean? anyways, welcome to the site, i hope we can sort out your car.
  7. Just because something is rare doesn't make it good or valuable.
  8. Doesn't matter what car, a narrow band sensor functions the same. Under light cruise and idle should bounce around either side of 0.5 v
  9. What real value does a rego plate really have? To who? And why?
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