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  1. Ben C34

    That's some nice work.
  2. That would be the result of the loose converter, so it’s not real. No way would that be of any use if the car was a manual.
  3. Yeah man make flames. Seconds of silence then flames. This build will be sick. Get a t51.
  4. Ben C34

    27 what? 4 what?
  5. It's going to be hard to find the coolant leak with that attitude!
  6. Find the coolant leak
  7. Ben C34

    It should be newton's, not newton/meters. I suppose it's just so common to say Nm he got confused. So it's not a pressure value but a linear force. That's how they designate gas struts.
  8. Ben C34

    If it hasn't exploded it is all good. Don't waste time with a comp test. Just thrash it.
  9. Ben C34

    Pull engine out into the bin. Ls1 swap.
  10. Ben C34

    Less time flicky flicky more time fixy fixy. {fancy photo reference}
  11. Ben C34

    Lube brake rotors?
  12. Ben C34

    Replace the booster?
  13. Ben C34

    Koya give out bjs for favourable reviews. Every one know that. All the Chinese companies do it. They can interfere with me all they want.