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  1. Busted! I like how they need to special order some distilled water and coolant.
  2. My thoughts have changed. Car made so much power and was so impressive the shop wouldn't let it off the dyno. They can't believe it is possible and are getting dyno checked over for faults.it it is made harder because everyone is deaf because of the extra noise caused by special 2into 1 exhaust merge and no squish pads in the head that or they are still trying to figure out to strap it down
  3. Normal cars yes they have issues, this is not normal. NASA spec aeronautical aluminium etc
  4. Crankcase sensor will let you know when engine has let go. Pile of stuff on floor and smoke also tells you.
  5. Is the head so special it will hold the bottom end together? Hope you don’t run out of fuel
  6. That has to be the stupidest spot for a kill switch
  7. How the actual f**k do brake fittings work! Here is the short version. True pipe threads seal on the threads. Other applications use a standard thread then use a gasket/copper washer ect. And then you can also seal on a tapered bit but thats another story.
  8. I used to drive a Ford econovan, which I ended up welding the diff then putting in a v6 from a VN commodore. When it was was a carby 4 cyl that did the best key bangers and could keep on driving at full throttle up a hill with ignition off. Good times. Funnily enough it also blew a head gasket. No forum posts involved just fixed it and continued to ping its tits off. I miss that heap of shit So yeah I know how diesels are cool
  9. The actual answer is If you need to ask what engine you can easily swap, you can't do it.
  10. I would have thought 6 ft flames goes without saying in this case. Merge arrangement technology is amazing thanks for sharing.
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