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  1. Did it ever run right? Did it start running bad after removing the bov?
  2. In my opinion going from a ve ss to a stagea is a backwards step. It's 10 years back in time, heaps less safety and an engine that's not going to be in as good condition. Your current ls engine will take a beating and keep giving. An Rb26 will spin a bearing, then cost more to fix ( labour etc) massive import tax for insurance and parts. Stageas seating position is stupid high. I am 6ft 3 and with no sunroof just fit. With a helmet on don't fit. Sunroof would be worse.. Perhaps the rs260 seats are lower, and I would hope so as I had to put gtr seats in mine to make the head room ok. They are also heaps smaller than a commodore, so rear seat room is basically non existent. Boot is a reasonable size I suppose, only cos it is a cube.
  3. It's so you can't stick your dick too far into the gallery. Duh
  4. Like a liquid bullet with no gun powder.? Just so I am the same page,
  5. Ok. I shall wait. I am a simple and patient man in the mean time , please accept my premature welcome
  6. Please post a skid vid. Then I shall welcome you
  7. Any1 no how 2 do a hood shaker like an old ford? Jus to b difrent
  8. Launching off the trans brake with a radial is going to be tricky. It will be much better and easier running a proper slick. Great result so far, can still get better!
  9. Glad I checked into this thread. That has to be the most amazing story of a car getting tuned. Wow.
  10. Vl boys have been doing weird shit to plenums for ages, and despite it looking silly they still work pretty good.
  11. You got post offices there? Get it posted to you.
  12. Or get an r34 loom and ecu...
  13. The problem with above is the wire is sort of like a straw. There really needs to be a terminal on there. Something like Would do the trick.
  14. Replace the popped capacitors. Cmon man!
  15. You can easily burn that amount of oil with no smoke.