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  1. Don't they just need power? What is your actual question?
  2. Wowowow quoted for reference from strong opening post.
  3. You have been lured in by the man's satirical comment. He does not have that many horsepowers
  4. Drive it down a a strip, put it on a dyno. who says your speeo is accurate, if you want a chest beating session stories don't cut it around here Save them for the kids at work.
  5. Sick story bro amazing formatting. Sounds like your world is amazing. PUT IT DOWN A DRAG STRIP AND POST SLIP stories don’t count for shit. Even if it was what you claimed it wouldn’t be that quick
  6. A fast car with many stories to back up fastness doesn't need pics. He can hold throttle down for longest and win!
  7. 3 weeks? the old called the previous owner.... I wouldn’t answer, deal done 1 2 warranty.
  8. No they won’t snap. They will not clamp the head with the same clamping force and that can lead to blowing a head gasket
  9. As time ticks by the ks matter much less of they aren't verified. Does the car you are looking at have full history to verify the ks? Did your previous car?
  10. Have you set the power fc to be happy with the z32 afm?
  11. So based on that extremely vague info of model and issues 1000 bucks if you are lucky and can actually prepare an ad that makes any sense.
  12. An internet diagnosis of a noise is pretty hard, especially one that doesn't seem catastrophic or even to be concerned about. Hopefully it all checks out when you dig deeper. Typically straight after doing things you tune into noises that were normally there, but your mind makes you think the worse. opposite of when people change their oil and feel like the car is heaps faster!
  13. Reported. If I want to protect my car I wrap it in glad wrap, or on hot days alfoil
  14. Well there goes my first theory. Here's a silly question, did you previously drive at low speed in a high gear? Or are you trying to find weird noises?
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