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  1. But new wiper inserts. Ones that aren't shit. I am a genius.
  2. Nope. The cushion has very little effect. A button clutch is going to be pretty much off or on and don't like slipping
  3. What makes you think it is a boost leak? What are the actual symptoms?
  4. But realistically they are dedicated drag cars. They just meet the fairly loose requirements to be called a street car.
  5. Random internet guesses aren't going to help you here. Get it on a a dyno or at least get a wideband.
  6. Maybe they would if you asked about an unsuitable model in a particular application. call npc. Tell them what you want. Call Jim Berry. Call acs
  7. Who knows. I don't think anyone has replaced a clutch before. I would not ever call or email clutch placed and ask them. They know nothing
  8. As above. But what do you want or buy? How are your intake temps? Tip mount intercooler seem like a poor idea.
  9. I'm in for maximum dose. No one is judging around here. Except for judging people for having no dose. What you really need is a heaps heavy turbine/comp wheel combo. Wonder how you would go mounting some extra weight off the back of the turbine and compressor nut to keep that bad boy spinning. actually that's a pretty good Idea that I need to bring to market. Dose nuts. Really long and heavy compressor nuts. None of this light weight crap. Lead, or that other heavy thing. I'm all over this. No one steal this idea ok guys.
  10. Really wonder whatt the word filter is up to there.....
  11. But really for dose you want a long inlet to the turbo. Wait for the resident dose master to arrive and pass on his wisdom.
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