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  1. Not promising anything. Welcome. What are the questions?
  2. Do you do the fronts like a real man with no spring compressors? Just rattle gun the tops off , they don't shoot fat at all. It is a bit fun. Then to assemble put in the car and lower it down to squish spring and do up the nut. Seriously, way less dodgy than using spring compressors. spring compressors suck.
  3. Only seems to be used by burnout and drag cars. Steering feel not on the radar, and unable to be thought about for burnout guys . They max out their brains quite quickly.
  4. Or beat it off. If I wasnt in lockdown I could help you beat it off.
  5. Steering wheels, and bosses, don't just pull off. You need a puller of some type.
  6. Sweet. What's the point of the mechanical gauge? Surely they are so outdated now, and you would really want a engine protection strategy based on fuel pressure.
  7. So you have spent heaps on sound proofing and now cutting big hole? Bloody cars
  8. Adelaide will be fine mate. But just incase my dick is also crossed .
  9. Nope. They are noisy engines man. Learn to love it!
  10. huh? if you dont have enough clearance you get the pistons machined. You dont buy new pistons or valves.
  11. Don't rebuild it for no reason mate. Do mods. Drive it.
  12. Nothing. It's just something else you will look at and buy but don't really need!
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