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  1. If you are in Adelaide I have a lathe, 5 minute job.
  2. Definitely looks like this spacers are too long
  3. It looks like the fact it could move up the rail is too high. Need to reduce the length of the spacers, assuming there are spacers. How much pressure did you apply for the leak test?
  4. How is a different oil pump drive or external pump drive going to stop harmonics?
  5. Can't tell shit from those photos aso what is happening except it is wrong. The last photo is sort of handy, take another one like that of the other bolts
  6. No way, a 30yr old key is wearing out? Wtf Nissan really dropped the ball here.
  7. Hmmm. You just set the gap to whatever you want with a very cheap tool.
  8. True. Their r34 to R33 iac adaptor also relies on needing a huge amount of sealant to work due to where one of the bolt lands.
  9. Thee is no limp mode and unplugging boost solenoid doesn't bother the ecu at all. What else did you do?
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