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  1. Nah man, adjustments for facing head and block are a few degrees, one whole tooth is 16 from memory. One whole tooth is way too much
  2. It depends on the direction they are off if it may cause damage. A comp test with the cam timing wrong isn't very useful, a leak down test would be better. I would just set cams to correct position while crossing fingers and try starting it again. No real need to waste time testing when you could just fix it and see
  3. It really depends what you want the car for. If you are leaving it alone m35 any day.
  4. It's fixed. Move on. Bump from back is a result of moving knock sensor though
  5. Wow you actually did it! You f**king beat a v8 wow man high five. Wow again, thanks for sharing the incredible moment. How hot was the turbine housing?
  6. Still doesn't matter. The friction plates don't touch each other. It is odd their instructions are like that, but as you can see it isn't possible to align like that, and like have said it doesn't matter. Can't matter.
  7. F Should have put it in neutral before taking foot off the clutch.
  8. Don't buy f**ked car if you can't identify the fault and fix it yourself. At the very least you need to have an idea of the cost of fixing it. You wasted money on the oil change, so that was a bad start. What did tthink was wrong with iI when you bought it?
  9. Subaru is hardly a good example. They burn oil like crazy at the best of times
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