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  1. i would doubt retorquing the bolts would fix the issue if that is the cause. i had a Nissan Patrol leak oil from between the head and block, cause was snapped head bolt from whoever the spastic was before me who messed with the head. you don't have to drain the oil to take the cam covers off, the oil lives in the sump, unless you filled the engine up with 20 liters of oil. i would go berserk with degreaser and an inspection camera and figure out exactly where the leak is. no way would a head come off unless i was 100%sure that is the issue.
  2. There are ignition only standalone Ecu's, that would be the reasonably obvious choice for ease of use.
  3. That is someone's bodgy attempt at separating oil from the blowby. It's not normal.
  4. Might have missed it, but what is the ecu situation in the car?
  5. what ecu is this running, where is the airflow meter if it has one?
  6. The noise is definitely normal. The grinding may be normal, hard to say from.your description. the clutches aren't designed to be street friendly as the main design goal, they are made to hold the power.
  7. First thing I would confirm is if the oil pressure switch is working. You say oil is not circulating, are you saying that just because of the light or is there also a noise?
  8. Videos not working for me. Your terminology is confusing.typically cranking and turning over mean the same thing. You mean it's not starting?but the engine turns over when cranking?or is the engine locked up.? It won't be the alternator, thy does nothing except for charge the batery
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