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  1. Ben C34

    Spanners. You will need a spanners. Add them to the list
  2. Ben C34

    Code 21 is ignition related,, eg coils or coil loom.
  3. Ben C34

    I like where this is going....
  4. Click the link on the top of this page.....
  5. I will come around and chop your springs for a carton.
  6. Ben C34

    Yes and yes
  7. Ben C34

    Your pump is rooted or there is a short circuit
  8. That’s great news. Pretty amazing two issues at same time made it seem like something else!
  9. Ben C34

    Which is why you are wrong
  10. Ben C34

    Just cut the wastegate line like a boss
  11. Ben C34

    0 out of 10 difficult level. Have you looked at your turbo before?
  12. A no turbo rb25 doesn't make power or torque ever.
  13. Ben C34

    Sounds like a plan