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  1. Dont people just put a breaker bar and socket on, then crank the engine for a second?
  2. That makes even less sense that the sheet isn't even for you. What is this chip you are talking about? Anyway, how much power do you think the car makes?
  3. Oh no. No print out, that means the car is no good for bench racing. That sucks mate.
  4. That's the traction control throttle body, the one with the cable is the actual throttle body.
  5. Fitting cams you never need to machine the cam tunnel, so don't talk yourself into thinking that is a cost you have to pay regardless. The machining for cams os clearance for the lobes, the tunnels are untouched. Fixing f**ked cam tunnels will cost a lot. Get a quote for that.
  6. Gearbox sounds f**ked. If you are lucky it is low fluid. Probably worn out
  7. They look nice. Do they take them completely apart when they paint them?
  8. That's not your block, but anyway that is part of the breather system . You can't just block it off.
  9. Just chipping to say I am blown away by your commitment to decide where to live based on your car. Hope it works out!
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