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  1. Or would you post a different model so it will throw people off track? End of the day any alarm is only as good as the install, and even the best alarm ever isn't that good anyway.
  2. Regardless of aac the engine will always respond to throttle the same, not sure what you are on about here. No way will you notice a difference. I said when you touch the throttle you are onto the main timing map, doesn't matter if the air is all coming throigh the butterflies or some sneaking in via aac, the air is going into the engine and the spark is determined by main timing map... Idling at 12 is fine, so long as timing gun shows what ecu thinks all is good and nothing needs changing. No one gives a shit about rbb26 idle fuel economy.
  3. Don't worry about idling at 12 making it feel sluggish, as soon as you touch the throttle you are on the main timing map. Seems like a bit of confusion here, the cam trigger is just for the ecu to know what stroke the engine is on, its the crank trigger that is used for engine position. Mbt is that timing value that creates the most engine torque. No one ever sets the car to idle at Mbt so not sure why it was mentioned.
  4. I've lost all faith in your mechanical abilities. I'm out
  5. So that's going to be commanding 22 %, change the first number to 0 and all good, then adjust the axis values to more sensible values
  6. f**k knows. You can't read plugs that have been used in varying conditions. To get a proper read needs to be brand bew plugs, wide open pull, shut off straight away then read.
  7. Personally I would get a the correct block rather than use the adaptor. You should only use adaptors if you really have to, and considering there are still blocks around, and you haven’t done any work to this one , makes sense to change now.
  8. If someone documents and then puts online how they installed their alarm they are super dumb.
  9. That won’t be helped by adjusting the throttle pid settings, it will be your base throttle table referenced before closed loop takes over.
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