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  1. Sorry for the delay guys.. The cops haven't told me exactly where in Lalor the plates were found. It's apparently still part of the investigation. *** Recent spotting of the plates this morning (well 1 plate, on the rear) - TPI 554 - on a silver 3 series BMW in Preston (Chifley Drive, heading towards Northland Shopping Centre). Cops are currently out there looking.
  2. *** UPDATE *** One of the plates - TPI 554 - was spotted in Fitzroy on a Toyota Chaser, and the other plate was recently found at a house in Lalor. The police said the people at the house didn't know anything about a stolen car (no surprises there).
  3. I had no idea it had been reported to the police until the next day.. I would've happily gone out there had the police notified me that it had been found. Those pics were taken by the person who found it, but they didn't know who the car belonged to.
  4. ***UPDATE*** Car was found in Epping, and was called in to Epping Police Monday morning. The police didn't call me, and didn't bother to go out to the car until Tuesday morning. By that time, it was gone So angry. Pics were taken of the car on Lyndarum Drive, Epping. I don't have much faith that it will be found now.. Car had a tow rope attached.
  5. Hi guys My R32 GTR was stolen from my folks place in Viewbank early this morning. If anyone has any information or has seen anything, please let me know or contact the Greensborough Police Station - 8432 0200 Was last heard at around 4AM on Lower Plenty Road. Gunmetal grey, R33 GTR wheels, looks clean and standard but is heavily modified with a single T78 turbo, NUR block, Apexi brakes, HKS suspension. Rego - TPI 554 Picture below -
  6. sup guys, just spoke to a guy regarding fixing my air con in my R32 GTR. When the Air Con is on, the car nearly stalls... and have read that this is because the compressor has seized. This guy quoted me $980 to fix it! This would include rebuilding my air con, flushing the system, re-gassing, etc. Have any of you guys had the same problem? If so, how much did it cost & who did you go through? Thanks in advance! -Shaun
  7. I have sent you en e-mail Freddy.
  8. Yeah, i remember when i had to drive to vic roads in burwood to get registered without insurance. As soon as i got the plates, i called up just cars and they insured me.
  9. Ha! I was bored @ work and was browsing for some cheap cars, and i stumbled across this VP Calais... read the long comments... classic! :lol: http://www.carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/...rch_distance=25
  10. I think that's expensive... in my earlier post i said "But, since then, i have yet to see one that cheap unless it's either an automatic, four door, or well over 100,000 k's". I've seen many auto R34's/four doors for about $20k, imported and that includes compliance.
  11. am i missing something here? I think you need to add a few years onto what you think a full license is...
  12. i got a quote for somthing similar minus the T wing from Jetspeed. They quoted me $1100 for rear bar, side skirts & front bar. $150 for fitting. But that's not painted.
  13. Here are a few examples of R34's through J-Spec imports - all with different stats http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=3227 http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=3379 http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=3322 http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=3290 http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=3228 http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=3224 good luck
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