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  1. I haven't managed to go through the whole thread but; Indonesian: Ayam Goreng 99... Must have... 10/10...
  2. xxx32r


    My beloved...
  3. I might join in with you guys, ill try and drag my mate in his evo 10 and my other mates STI and possibly an S15...
  4. I wish i had the time to make it to this event, i read all 10 pages. Brought me to tears. My thoughts are with Eric and the family. I'll be making a donation - least i can do!
  5. You won't have (m)any issues taking an r33 sideways as standard, having the right work done to it will make it more predictable.
  6. Highly recommend JEM in Ingleburn. Honest guys. If you ever have any issues they will sort you out, kinda like a guarantee on work!
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