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  1. Injectors are in and tuned. Sitting at a nice 70% DC. They're 440's. Not 480 like most believe. I'm going to get something a bit bigger as the s15 injectors won't give me the headroom and power i want. Maybe some nismos or sti 555's
  2. Why only 450kw? More is needed.
  3. wish I knew that when I orders the permaseal t3 gaskets... o well. I just noticed I didn't have any photos of the new turbo in. Just a bit of a mockup of the intake and hot side from today's efforts. Will be finished off with new clamps, paint, silicone, stock heat shield etc once they get here.
  4. It was the only thing that was skimped on and you pick it out I just couldn't justify $50 for a dump gasket... They can't be too bad of a design as they squish flat? The perforated holes will probably link into a crack eventually i guess.
  5. So a few things have happened in the last few months. The turbo is an ATR43G3SAT from Hypergear. The install of these is pretty easy if you do your research and have all the things needed infront of you. The dump pipe is an xforce one which I die grinded the inlet to match the turbo. I got a new muffler which is 2.3" so it's pretty quiet when cruising around, and you can see at the kink there is a 3" electric valve cutout. Sounds unreal once it's opened. The engine bay is no where near done, but i thought i'd post a pic of some of the things i've done. Tuning this new turbo has been fun so far, It was a little bit concerning when i went on my first drive and it only made 13psi by 4.5k under wastegate pressure haha. A few logs and some tuning i am now able to make 8psi at 50% throttle at 2.8k which is more than enough usable boost, and my midrange has picked up significantly. Stock injectors have been holding up... not really. They're sitting around 120%DC. So i'll put in some 480cc i have from 2 jap sr20's. Once i think i have the tune perfect ill be going to see Johhny who will let me know if im on the money, I can't wait to go and see him.
  6. The Stagea ACT Club will be there!
  7. In. Keen to see this finished.
  8. About $500 for a belt I'm sure haha
  9. Paid sometime last week
  10. Aren't they ghecko coils re branded? Remember, most of those companies will refund money when you post positive reviews on websites, I delete quite a few off SAU alone... You really need to talk to people who have bought brand new of each brand to get an accurate review. A few years of use will also sway a review.
  11. Drugs?
  12. Sorry, circlip is the wrong terminology. Clip ring? I should stop theorizing, and just pull the box.
  13. Yes the shafts are pretty straight forward to remove. 33R shafts are the same, so the part number should be the same.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Interesting and funny it was just enough not to work, but bolt on fine. I think there may be a problem with the throwout bearing on this one. As there is a clip collar (circlip) that the fork bearing slips into and it is meant to hold them together? I haven't seen a gtr one before. My theory is, if the circlip is damaged the fork bearing will grab a little and then pull through.