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  1. machines down? or workers? Usually a lack in workmanship is due to stock which is metal, so no. Qualified workers who know what they're doing and care about, yes. Yes the mani looks great, but thats all it will ever do if you cant fit fittings onto it.......................... Disgusting.
  2. Is that the oil feed line? how are you meant to get a fitting onto there? They're some tight bends.. Send it back. Tell them to get their shit together if they want to stay in business...
  3. And obviously a small boost leak with a maf car.
  4. sounds like boost cut to me, going off the info we have haha. Put the vac line from the actuator to the intercooler and see what happens.
  5. What exactly has the workshop tried? Strange problem
  6. Could be anything. pump tps ign wiring etc Start doing some tests and make a list
  7. You can use closed loop on most aftermarket ecu's... There is a mechanical problem, you are only going to mask the issue with a tune, until that issue gets worse. Take it to another workshop.
  8. Haha I completely missed cell 67 - 72 - 113 - 172 - 220. The tps is dropping out. Very prevalent today on the logs as it's getting worse over time. I tested so many things in the last week. I tested the voltage and throttle position percentage about 5 times each with nothing out of the ordinary, or more so that it was so quick, intermittent and sporadic that it never stood out. The way we found out was watching the diagnostics window we could see the fuel cut go active and then noticed the tps was dropping out. So i now need a new tps.
  9. Thanks, I'm doing that this weekend. It has to be something related to fueling. I can't imagine it would skip a tooth, haha i hope not.
  10. I'm having a problem with a constant misfire at around 1700-2800rpm. Tried and Swapped; Unplugging tps Cas swap Plug gap 0.6 - 0.8 - 1.0 Swapping coilpacks with others fuel filter fuel pump injectors I've attached a log file and a video. I have zero idea where to go from here... This problem is only evident on idle and at constant throttle around the 1-5% throttle. 4-11-2017_1915idlefluctuations.csv Video.MOV
  11. Hey mate, please post your location and more information
  12. Fuel pump is dying. So i grounded the pump, and a new walbro is on it's way. Gearbox needs a shift kit and billet servo. The box is still tight, but not enjoying the 1-2-3. Heaps of stuff has been changed or removed, re did most of my wiring and tucked it away. Found the wastegate arm was getting loose because the bracket isn't strong enough, I'll make a new one. Found a huge boost leak and a few other problems which are now rectified. Johnny has been helping immensely on the tuning. He setup closed loop boost and adaptive tuning for safety, and did quite a lot of work on the ign and fuel table which has helped boost come on earlier and keep afrs more stable.
  13. Hahaha same as holding hands while driving. My love is never broken. I was given these flat plates for the turbo gaskets, threw them out and got a multilayer permaseal. Much better! Second is Tyler's, the white stag with 34 front above