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  1. have you pulled it apart and cleaned it?
  2. 330 is huuuuge for an op6. Whats been done?
  3. you dont need water or oil lines with the 43 and 45 atr's. it just makes it a little easier to install with them. There is a bit of custom involved, as gts said. But nothing serious or hard. And depends how neat you want it... Get some more pipe, a 90deg bend and some random silicone joiners and you should find a nice combo. Get BB If you want better spool. I'm all in at around 3500 with journal with the atr43g3sat. Install process: FYI: You need around 60mm studs, not 40mm. Also there are easier ways to do the install than shown below.
  4. Trex

    What is the deal with extended pintle cap/tips? You'd think it wouldn't make much difference or any at all being port.
  5. Trex

    Cars still driving fine. Gearbox hasn't exploded into a million pieces as of yet. I've got some Sard injectors almost ready to go in, I just need to make another loom and do a little tuning. Then 20+psi. It does 0-100 in 5sec flat according to my logs, which isn't too bad for standard stall.
  6. Trex

    Thought I should post my findings. Changed the TPS, it was just a coincidence mine was wearing at the same time. It was my transient throttle turning on and off and not having the correct settings. It was injecting a lot of fuel and the o2 was trying to combat it. Causing an oscillation in the afr. All fixed now.
  7. Did you find a resolution to this? @AngryRB
  8. machines down? or workers? Usually a lack in workmanship is due to stock which is metal, so no. Qualified workers who know what they're doing and care about, yes. Yes the mani looks great, but thats all it will ever do if you cant fit fittings onto it.......................... Disgusting.
  9. Is that the oil feed line? how are you meant to get a fitting onto there? They're some tight bends.. Send it back. Tell them to get their shit together if they want to stay in business...
  10. And obviously a small boost leak with a maf car.
  11. sounds like boost cut to me, going off the info we have haha. Put the vac line from the actuator to the intercooler and see what happens.
  12. What exactly has the workshop tried? Strange problem
  13. Could be anything. pump tps ign wiring etc Start doing some tests and make a list
  14. You can use closed loop on most aftermarket ecu's... There is a mechanical problem, you are only going to mask the issue with a tune, until that issue gets worse. Take it to another workshop.