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  1. I asked on reddit.com/translator. Here's what they said: So (guessing a little bit) left to right : G4911AL523 (highest grade, luxury, grey) , G4911AL513 (high grade grey) , G4911AL503 (high grade grey) Now to see if stock exists.
  2. v35 floormats translation please? Hello! I'd like to replace my drivers side floor mat. There appears to be 3 different part numbers on http://nissan.epc-data.com/ - I'm just trying to figure out which one to get so it matches the other ones. I found a picture that appears to show 3 different floormats , but the captions are in Japanese (picture attached, captions circled) . Could someone please translate these for me? Thanks so much!
  3. Hi all, Long time lurker - just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good service places on the Northern Beaches (in Sydney)? Don't need anything fancy - just doing normal city driving with it. I had a good search through the forum but didn't see many recommendations. I've been taking it to Hills Motorsports in Hornsby and have been happy there, but the 2 hour round trip from home -> hornsby -> work in the city is a massive pain. Thanks alot!
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