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  1. Intermarque Automotive 17 Islington St, Collingwood VIC 3066 Phone: (03) 9428 4460 Dixon has been a great help and support with my V36. I don't know if he will look at your Stag or Elgrand however if I had one I would take it to him and the team there.
  2. V35_Paul where are these additional options? could you take a photo of the screen and identify where the options are and what option should be used.
  3. I wish you all the best luck. the prior models 06 and after 09 you could change however our models first gen v36's i am not aware of practical solution without having to spend $0,000. there has been some suggestions however I haven't seen a good solution yet. Don't get me wrong I am more then happy to be proven wrong!!
  4. Mine were the same when i got delivery, i pulled them off the airlines and soaked them overnight as they were full of gunk, then blew out all of the grit made sure they were clean and then put them back and they work a treat now. they are just held on by little clips that the unit sits in. try pulling them off the bonnet then clean them.
  5. I am also in Melbourne and do not have the expertise or Balls of Steel to do this myself.
  6. wow they look great! how much was postage?
  7. Schoonertaylor & westygoth, I have seen the bluetooth audo music streaming working for SOME people with their V36's however I have NEVER got my bluetooth audio music streaming to work. Various iPhone's only tested, no andrioid. I have basically given up as the bluethooth works for phone calls great, i have a workaround for the audio. I would be great if we could do a system software update or check what current version we are running and compare it against people like colin.ssc who has no issues? if could be a whole system that might have been updated? example we might be on version 1.01 and others might be on version 1.02 that fixed the bluetooth audio music issues. (I AM CLUTCHING TO STRAWS) If someone knows how to check what version we are running with our software?? might be a start.
  8. I have found that my 8GB compact flash card also didn't work but my 4GB card worked fine. Press the Disc button till you get to the CF option, cycle through the music box, cd, bluetooth, CF. copy the MP3's onto the CF card, the max number it can read is 250 items or something like that. the CF card needed to be in Fat 32 or something can't remember can check late tonight.
  9. I have been reading a bit about the Recent 2015 factory recall of Airbags from Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata. I have tried to find information about our imports however there is very little information available. I haven't found anything relating to 2006+ Skylines only items relating to 2008+ particular Infinity models on US sites. Would anyone know if a 2006 Skyline V36 350GT Sp sedan is effected by this problem? I have found info on the G35 Infiniti where its been recalled for their airbags http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1044795_infiniti-recalls-134215-2005-2007-g35s-for-faulty-airbag-deployment http://www.cars.com/recalls/infiniti/g35/2007/ As all of this information is for the infiniti not too sure if it effects the Skyline. I have not seen my airbag lights go on and I am thinking if i take it into Nissan Australia dealer they will tell me where to go! Appreciate any advice or points in the right direction. cheers, Matt.
  10. Thanks for that, will give it a whirl, don't really want a bodykit however its looking like an easier option.
  11. Some KIND person has put a rather LARGE dint into my rear bumper and has driven off leaving me with a soccer ball sized dint into the rear bumper. I have gone to my Mechanic, "Intermarque Automotive" in Collingwood who have been fantastic! and have been able to push the dint out however it's now not 100% and I am looking for a new replacement bumper if they exist. My colour code is "Crimson Red" from what i can tell however I was hoping someone can point me into the right direct to get a new bumper within Melbourne Australia or provide me with the Part code so I can search better online and source via Japan or USA. I found Nengun online who had a bumper with the part number 85022 however they couldn't confirm if it's for the sedan or coupe. If you could point me to websites or dealers that I should be looking into for replacement parts I would appreciate that. Any advice would be appreciated. Matt
  12. It's been a while, however i have the iPhone 6, i had the iPhone 5s, i had the iPhone 5 and several iPhone 4's and basically I was always able to get the audio working no issues but I have NEVER got the bluetooth Audio working to play music, i run a apple RCA cables into the glovebox video/audio input and stream Pandora or listen to iTunes via the AUX input of the system. I have the SP Bose system. I followed all of the guides and did everything i could do but never got music to stream via Bluetooth. Good luck apparently Android works no hassles however don't have one to play with.
  13. I would love the details also for the headlights also, i have been thinking about getting them imported from USA. if there is a local Melbourne option that would be great. Matt.
  14. Anyone know what OBD ii / CAN protocol is used for the PV36-VQ35HR Any of these? ISO15765-4 (CAN) , ISO14230-4 (KWP2000) , ISO9141-2 , J1850 VPW , J1850 PWM, 11Bit CAN, 29Bit CAN
  15. As the technology is getting smaller and more portable I was thinking of hooking up a ODB scanner to my 2006 V36 350GT SP skyline and outputting the values onto a iPad mini. I am trying to figure out what would be the best ODB Scanner to use? I have been told I need a wifi unit as the Bluetooth units won't talk to Apple as they speak different language. I had a odd warning that through net searching found out it was to do with the oil however would prefer to have a scan tool to help me with these warnings if they happen again. If anyone could point me in the right direction of an affordable unit that would be great. I have searched on here and basically I can see the one that you need a XP laptop for however I would like one to use with an iPad not laptop. thanks for any suggestions. I got a Vgate odb2 scanner that works a treat on the wife's Ford however hopeless with the skyline.