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  1. Thankyou I didn't think about that
  2. NISSAN R33 GTR 1997 series 3----------- $20,000 or swap. Ad and pics here http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1018917660
  3. This Ferrari looks like it has too much of everything, lines, angles etc. I would definetely take it if it were given to me but if I had the money and was going to buy a Ferrari it would be the F40 hands down. The F40 has character and the turbo lag we all love so much.
  4. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Now let me remove the VSPEC sticker
  5. Was talking bout your 33 not the 34, the 34 is the best presented 34 i've seen.
  6. The photo of the white GTS looks almost identical to my GTR with the white ENKEI rims, your GTR is starting to look too aggresive with the darker coloured rims and lower lip I think a colour coded lip would look far more stylish.
  7. Could you please check VIN-6U900BCNR33041092. Very much appreciated
  8. I've seen what happens if even a tiny piece of ceramic makes its way into your intake, a decent turbo rebuild kit with steel impellers will run between $400-$1000 for both if you can rebuild them yourself or you can assume like my friend did that being ceramic it couldn't hurt the engine if it goes to pieces and have a rebuild bill for over $6000 when it finally lets go.
  9. I would like to attend this event but Port Lincoln is too far away, does anyone know of any good tuners in the Eyre peninsula
  10. Member RJ06 had a R33 GTR airbox with snorkel for $250 about a month ago don't know if he is still trying to sell it. $250 is pretty steep if your only after part of it though.
  11. I havent had any knock problems that i'm aware of but I've only looked on the controller twice since i've had it, I live 5-6 hours from a tuner and work a 7 day roster so I havent had it tuned since i've had it but it feels like it is straining at the moment when I start to get above 5500rpms so I've been cautious over the last couple of months. I would appreciate any info on checking psi as the turbo set up is pretty new to me. I didnt start it for about 6 months straight and the battery was so flat it was thrown out, I am also wondering whether it is possible in a case like mine that the memory battery in the apex ecu could restore to default if no power was run through it for a long period of time like that.
  12. I'm not debating that Group A ended for good reason as I was wrong about the GTR's being banned, I was 9 years old at the time and remember little about the politics going on in the series. People can like supercars or live in the past as I am, I respect the fact you have a workshop with many nice cars and am not here to be a punk as I would kill for that lifestyle around cars even with the work involved. MAD02 your use of the word "fanbois"is mildly offensive and yet you don't realise you are a "fanbois"of using the word "fanbois".Good points though.
  13. I joined this site as I thought is was for Nissan GTS/GTR owners that I could share experiences/information with, had I known it was full of a bunch of hostile twonks that hate Group A and seemingly gtr's(maybe you forget without group A your Fords and Chevs may not be racing as supercars now) then I wouldn't have bothered. You all need to understand that a post count does not mean superiority and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have a Holden and a Nissan and at the end of the day my Holden isn't in the same league as my Nissan and could not even wipe the nissans ass. That is my opinion so eat it!
  14. yeah i hadn't considered attempting to tune it myself but I would like to know what pressure I'm currently running at as I havnt had it tuned since I bought it and forgot to ask to guy I bought it off what pressure it was at.
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