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  1. Is it safe to run the R33 GT-R in 100% rwd mode if you have an HKS electronic torque split controller? We were thinking of doing som drifting with it, not just warming the tires at dragracing events.
  2. Hi. What functions can I access with the dagalogit that I can't access with just the handcontroller?
  3. JE Pistons Crower Conrods Fully balanced crank ATI crank damper N1 berings N1 oil pump HKS Cam pulleys Presicion PT70 custom built singleturbo kit (capabale of 850hp) 4" downpipe into 3,5" exhaust 3 Row intercooler 1000cc injectors SX Fuel pump and regulator Reytec ECU Tomei Head studs Ogura 3-plate clutch What power can I expect? Around the 600-mark? The car is a R32 GT-R
  4. Nope, have not seen what a Power FC can do with datalogit... not yet anyway It's for a R32 GT-R. It has forged pistons and rods and has a single turbo conversion, 960cc injectors and some other mods. Have never liked AFM's, it's only one more thing that can break. I want launch control and that it cuts ignition and not the fuel at the rev limit and lc.
  5. Is anyone here using the Reytec ECU from Tomei? I'm thinking of using it, but it seems like very few have tried it. I will not use Power FC because I want to ditch the AFM's and have som other functions that the Power FC D-jetro doesn't have.
  6. I've used a Malpassi adj fuelregulator i min old Opel Astra Turbo and would never in my life put it in my Skyline. I had some problems with mine. I used it for about 3 months and had to adjust it 5-6 times before I threw it out for an SX fuelregulator that worked perfectly.
  7. How much boost can we push out of my HKS 2530 turbos before it's just pumping hot air? On race fuel of course. Is anyone here using Tomei's Reytec ECU? I'm thinking about using it but haven't heard anything about it, if it's good or bad.
  8. They seem to work very well on rwd cars but how about on the GTR with 4wd?
  9. So we can't just use the Haltech? How come we need a piggy back to have the 4wd working? We want to throw out the afm's and factory ecu...
  10. Is anyone using Haltech E11V2 on their R32 GT-R and R33 GT-R? Does the 4wd work fine with it? Is there anything that won't work? Will there be any connections left on it for say, launch control, antilag, nitrous control? My friend and I was thinking of going for that in our GT-R's. Both have a Trust T78 and forged rods and pistons and some other goodies. Best Regards Fredrik Sweden
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