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  1. How's the auto holding up. How much better is it then the auto you had. What gears have you got in the diff. Does it driver better then before (cruising / power runs)
  2. Is there any videos of this supra Do you know what boost this was on
  3. has anyone heard of RVO automatics a few people have told me they biuld these autos has anyone had anything done by them
  4. 300zx tt auto ( re4ro3a ). Then change to RB bellhousing
  5. I'm going to get GZM Automotive to build it ( there in Melbourne), when I get around to it. I got to find an auto first
  6. The person how is going to build the auto, does a manual valve body with 4 gears on the shifter & also can do a trans brake as well if I want
  7. Has anyone connected a b&m shifter to one of these autos I'm planing to make it 4 speed on the shifter instead of 3
  8. Can't stop looking at the picture I wish I had the gt40r in my hands
  9. Read to unleash some furry on the strip
  10. Does anyone know if the RE4RO1A auto that is behind the rb25det in the r33 (also behind 300zx non turbo) Is this auto in any other skyline. I've been looking on eBay at the autos that are in r32's & r31 series 3 ,the pictures that people have look like the same autos Can any one confirm this is true
  11. Have you fired it up yet Can't wait to here what this beast will do
  12. One day when I get to that point in my build ,I'm shore my rear tyres are going to like that 5000rpm mark
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